Solo Shows
by Jeff Bowen


1Sought-after evidences in a Tomlin solo show (with 54-down)
1830 Rock inhabitant
20The Sound of Music lyric:"Fellow____ may tell me I'm sweet"
21Haunting lake singer
22Evita lyric: "Real ____ down and silence"
23Joe in Carmen Jones
25Star of solo show Dress Casual
27Berlin song that could be this puzzle's title
30Dubarry ____ a Lady
31A Chorus Line solo in Spanish
33Bubblin' Brown Sugar tune :"His ____ on the Sparrow"
34"Sparks" locale in The Who's Tommy
37Lily type
39How Now, Dow Jones opening number
41Tim Rice lyric: "See my purse, I'm a poor ____."
45Brando, Baez or Bankhead, e.g.
46Fiddler lyric: "I've never seen him rest, yet on and ____ goes."
48Solo show starring 89-down
51Knot-tying org. for lads
52Comden/Green lyric: "Trilby found her voice, she doesn't need ____"
55Bath item for the Marquis de Sade
57Me's friend in a Chicago song
59Tenderloin or Kwamina CD issuer
60Star of The Year of Magical Thinking
65Certain diva trip
66"Politics and Poker" step before a bet
67Here to Moliere
68Play On! tune, "Love You ____"
71Design theme
74Mack & Mabel song, "Time ____ Everything"
78Manufacturer for Ben Strothman or Carol Rosegg, perhaps
80Common cola cohort?
81Titanic sleeping place
83Nick and Nora song that could be this puzzle's title
85Lady in the Dark lyric "And gloom can jump in the ____"
86It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman sound, perhaps
87Aeneas partner
88Noise/Funk's Duquesnay
89Solo show starring a "Soap" star
94Poseiden's son
95Hammerstein lyric: "All I ____ owe Ioway"
96Troubled isl.?
97Attain with strain
98Pauline Collins solo-show
101Orin's behavior in Little Shop of Horrors, e.g.
105Singer Paul
106La Plume de Ma Tante main man
107Porter lyric: "Out on a quiet spree, fighting vainly the old ____"
109Email destination?
110Fancy friend?
111Miner's find
114Cell phone/candy speech follower
117Drood lyric: "I was once your ____, then I met a man"
118Bat Boy tune
123Duvall film role
124LuPone's Anything Goes replacement
127Heathen! tune: "Sometimes it ____"
128"Do Not ____", as in a

Social Security card
131Pre-Tang Dynasty
133A One-Man Protest playwright
136Spy musical, ____ Hari
137Common theatrical installments of the early century (init.)
138Tracy Ullman solo show (with "The")
141Designer Otto
142Went, as in Urinetown
144Cyrano - The Musical costumer
145Vep and La Douce
148Obnoxious person (var.)
150Usual start to "La La"
152James Earl Jones solo show
155Spalding Gray solo show
160Tony and Oscar's friend?
161Like Oliver Twist
163Playwright need, perhaps
164Famous saxophonist
165Word repeated to Joseph
166Solo show for 60-across' sister


1Virtual person
2Bravo Giovanni song that could be this puzzle's title
3Person born the years of Hair, Pippin, or Company, perhaps (with 159-down)
4Composer Rorem
5Hairdresser activity
6Play doctor's find
7Thetas follower
8____ Off
9Spike TV, once
10Censored Scenes from King Kong star's more famous role
11The Great American Trailer Park Musical star
13Global Engineering Alliance (acr.)
14____ Stanley Gardner
15Transportation from the the Victoria Palace to the Adelphi, perhaps
16Hart lyric: "Zip! ____ eclectic."
18Tovah Feldshuh solo show
19Ferrell flick
24____ Will Rock You
26Fort ____
28Cats lyric: "Are you

lean like a ____?"
32Porter lyric: "So easy to idolize, all others ____"
34Studio 54, once
35Middle name of a film Dreamgirl
36Sprintze's big sister
38A New Brain star
40Cinderella to Florinda, et. al.
42Common moron starter
43"fifty-thou" - maker in a Closer Than Ever tune
44"No" to a 1776 castmember
47The Producers lyric: "...they say with ____ and just for luck they shout..."
49Somers of Grey Gardens
50Common action suffix
53Display feeling, as in acting
54See 1-across
57Bessie partner in a Linda Hopkins almost solo-show
58The Secret Garden lyric: "____ the windows as in it pours."
61Ti Ti Ti in F major
62The Saddle Rock in The Unsinkable Molly Brown, e.g.
63Brooklyn's Jacob ____ Park
641776 tune, "He Plays the ____"
65Sick audience member helpers
69Donnelly of Translations
70Boring theatre response
72F_ _ _ _ Latin, as in Rita Moreno
73Magic item in Sondheim's En Las Maderas?
75In a Greta Garbo-like manner
76Makes less hard
77Company lyric:"Bobby...Fella...Bobby...____...How have you been?
78Loesser lyric "____ I think of what you want in exchange"
84Ashman lyric: "A little ____ gonna clean up those zits"
89Freak star
90Actress Larsen of All Shook Up
91Hairspray setting's most common greeting
92Choreographer Tony
93Kipper-sharing spot for Mrs. Lovett
94Quickly (acronym)
99Al Dubin lyric: "Dance in the
____ while...Go into your dance"
100Promises, Promises song, "Whoever You ____ Love You"
102Caroline portrayer
103Grand Hotel song that could be this puzzle's title
104Fox News competitor
108Pers. Gulf country
112Act partner
113The Woman in White star
115Newley/Bricusse lyric, "Mother drives a glorious Russian ____"
116Two Gentlemen of Verona song: "To Whom ____ Concern Me"
118Bush ____ Bad
119LaChiusa Wild Party tune
121G.I. Entertainment, as in Over Here!
122The Grand Tour song, "I Belong ____"
123Sondheim lyric: "____ ordinary Sunday!"
124Outlet to move 125-down, perhaps
125kbyte's big brother
126Maureen sound in Rent
129Billy Elliot lyric: "____ puzzle, coo we're blood and muscle."
130Vegas Crawford musical
132Peaches partner
133Godspell tune, "____ for You"
134Kern song, "Life ____ the Wicked Stage"
135Captains Courageous role, perhaps (slang)
139Eyes opener in a Lucy Simon tune?
140Sebastian's twin in Your Own Thing
143Grandmother Tzeitel appeared in Tevye's
146Titanic lyric, "It's a ____ formality, there is no cause for condern."
147Duck ____
149Edna of The Incredibles
151This is the ____
1521983 Autobiographical musical
153Er, as in a forgotton line
154SSW opposite
156Chess lyric, "All right! I'll be glad to oblige, ____!"
157Alda/Molina play
158Humbug starter
159See 3-down
162It's a minor third from re

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