by Jeff Bowen


1Wow, The Great Outdoors!
9Harlem's a Scorcher!
17"Brush Up Your Shakespeare" and "We Open in Venice", usually
18Buck White star
19"I Can Cook ____"
20Yay! West Bengal's Capital!
22Boo! France's Capital!
28Sandy's doc
29Prop for Cookin'
31Eden of Wicked
34Who Are We Kidding?!
38Fictitious [title of show] play, ____ Death
39Val's assets (init.)
41Smee sound
43"Bustopher Jones" lyric: "____ am a bounder"
44"No" in 134-across
48Don't Stop the Music!
511776's Hall or Bartlett
52Nymph ____
54Kiley's Her First Roman role
56Rapper, 'Da Sneak
58Make Music, Inspiration!
60Aye Aye Aye!
62I'm Still Here...Damn It! star (init.)
63____ the Light
64R&H classic (acronym)
65Usual Tony network
67Piazza tune "Il Mondo ____ Vuoto"
68Michael Jackson adjective used in 90s headlines
70"Won't Ever Occur" internet shorthand
71By the Way, Kitty's Gone!
73Falsettos tune: "My Father's ____"
74Jelly's Last Jam tune "Good ____ New York"
75Burns or McArdle, for short
76Ebb lyric: "____ the first rate scorcerer..."
77On My Way, Cheesesteak Capital!
82US gold medalist, Malone-Wallace
84Michael Ball's Aspects of Love role
85Some Miss Saigon characters, perhaps
87Broken link message
88Sleep Tight, Gals!
93Sound J108 may make to J109
95Griddlebone sounds
96...Charlie Brown lyric: "This is an ____ tree. It's very little."
97Pre-CGI necessity
98Web shorthand for "Forget It!"
99Lippa Wild Party lyric: "She's a ____!"
100Muppet Movie sountrack writer (init.)
101Great Depression Leader!
104To This Place Where I Am!
106Schultz or Wendel of Cabaret
108Scenery builder's technique, perhaps
109Sweeney Todd, to some
110N. Forbush, e.g.
111Aye! Aye!
112Aye! Aye!
115Playbill.com access, perhaps (init.)
116Vacation swing
118Smith band prefix
120Maltby lyric: "From moose to ____ what my studies most reveal"
121Make ____
125Greetings, Ms. Parton!
127Martin Guerre tune
129Tin man need
130American Samoa village
132"Ladies hittin' the town" (acronym)
133Dublin District!
138What 49-down did
142Grease soundtrack label
143Contraceptive device
144Cy Coleman tune, "Stranded ____"
145Warning: Flashback!
146Silly Holy Ladies, And How!


1Get Up and Wail!
3'88 Quaid/Ryan film
4Island setting for Ragtime
5Singer Ocasek
6'73 Lynn Ahrens tune subject
7Popular 70s awareness training
8Intiman Playhouse city
9Linville's field shadow in Damn Yankees?
10Oh! What a Lovely War lyric "On Monday I'm taken by a ____"
11Hungry Tyke!
12Jekyll & Hyde lyric: "If I'm ____ will walk away"
13Mame opener "____ Today"
14Mary Poppins lyric: "Rules must be the ____"
15Currency in Berlin's "Let's Take an Old-Fashioned Walk"
16Pre-destruction Sounds!
21Agent need from a client
23Bat Boy lyric :"____! No, a van!
24Phone Co. conglomerate
25Pre-destruction sounds
27Jockeying for the Academy, slang
30____ Town
32Rad ending with gals or times?
33Rags song: "Penny ____"
34Deli ending for Tom Jones?
35Words after mis
36"You're the ____ in My Coffee"
40Phone Co. conglomerate
42Got Tu Go Disco star Irene
45Vaccaro quality
46Swope's camera need
47An Addition Item!
48Play higher-up
49Gypsy Arranger, Marvin
50Arkansas Neighbor!
52Actor burden and/or necessity
53Rosalind or Jane
54Awds. for Faith Hill
55Uhry lyric: "Let your breathin' ____"
57Kern tune: "Don't ____ Not to Sing"
59Romance/Romance lyric:"To be relaxing to the ____ degree"
61Exodus musical
65"Dropsy ____ Weather" from The Grass Harp
66Healthy Paris dweller in a 60s title
68102-downs in Hawaii cuisine
69Abdul cohort
71Tool for a lighting technician
72Felix or Oscar, e.g.
74Hooray, Yellow-Belly!
76"I'm a dreamer! A ____!", Do-Re-Mi lyric
77Singer Jacquelyn
78Bowles on tour
79'07 Broadway heroine
80Little Me tune, "____ Live Girl"
81Pre-Lev. reading for Tevye
82On My Way to Graceland!
83Nanette tune "Flappers ____"
86Ah, Guys! Ah, Dolls!
88Big River's Tony competition
89Shrek, e.g.
90'78 Tony winner, Carter
91Harold Arlen tune "____ Wind"
92Floyd Collins portrayer
93Bacharach's "____ Likes Basketball"
94Rex of The Fighting Cock
99Big Burnett number
101State ____
102Lennon music contributer
103Prop for Seurat
104Elizabeth Ashley's Florida birth city
105The Secret Garden lyric: "When naught ____ but duty"
107Like "Gotta Get a Gimmick"
109The Fantasticks song "I Can ____ It"
112Splendor or glory to Anatevkans
113Janney or Spratt
114Pajama Game song "____ There"
115Cut Follies song, "Pleasant Little ____"
117Film director, Edel
118Australian metal band or an alternate siren spelling
119Chocolate treat
122Usual container of 8 shows (abbr.)
124Ad meeting energy post-pans, perhaps
125____ Fever
126James Blake's Nickname!
128"You've Got Possibilities" belter
131Peter Allen role
134Not-for-Profit dot follower
135Neither partner
136Auberjonois' role on "Star Trek"
137A major, e.g.
139Tink's pal
140Charlotte of The Golden Apple
141Keyboard key near bcksp.

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