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Scavenger Hunt

Dec 29, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Here's something fun for you -- and a sneaky way for us to up the hits on "the [title of show] show".

Tell me where the following appear (the "previously on the [title of show] show sections dont' count):

Eligible episodes are: Episode 2 Pt.1, Episode 2 pt. 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and the Christmas Special. Click here to see all the episodes.

1. This hand lotion
2. This loaf of bread
3. This cup of coffee
4. This heart
5. This image
6. This pillow
7. This book
8. This book
9. This engine
10. This lens

Bonus: What 3 episodes does this guy appear in (not counting as a voice-over)?



Dec 28, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Heidi Blix is having a birthday! Aren't you glad she done got born? I sure am!

We love you, little sister!


the [title of show] show christmas show

Dec 26, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment



Dec 26, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment


Twas the day after xmas...

Dec 26, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
and I was checking out some old [tos] photos and here are some that stood out.

This one I think because it's the closest we'll get to looking like we're on The Hills.

This one because...well come on.

And this one because it's in line with our whole Oprah/Secret let's get to B'way thing we got going.

Shout out to Ben Strothmann for clicking the clicks. and happy day after baby jesus' birthday or to our international tossers Happy Boxing Day! Which, I'm not totally clear on what happens other than something about giving to the poor or the bank is closed, but if I had to guess it would involve this. Right? (PS Is that pre-teen Jeff and Hunter in that shot? Weird.)

So, Happy Boxing Day!


Nothing Makes a Merrier Christmas than...

Dec 25, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Binocular Soccer


Yule 2-Electric Boogaloo

Dec 22, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Oh yeah, and I like this picture too. It reminds me of being at my grandparents house in Virginia and reading Peanuts books with my brother. Good x-mas times.



Dec 22, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So hopefully you guys are heading home or are already home from school or work snugging in for Christmas next week. I ll prob get Susan this. Jeff this. Heidi this. And maybe a gift card for Larry here. Free parking!

So put on your Bock and Harnick and have fun shopping this weekend.

Here are some lyrics for you to get you started:

One day to Christmas
One day to Christmas
Not enough time to do our Christmas shopping
We're not the shopple who peeped in time
We're not the sheeple who popped in time
We're not the people who shopped in time
Shopped in time, not enough time
We are the people who always wait until it's much too late, OH!

One day to Christmas
One day to Christmas
How will we ever do our Christmas shopping?
Why did we ever delay so long, who can recall?
Some of the family may not get a Christmas gift at all!

Come on sheeple! Those lyrics are so f'ing awesome! This number is genius.
We're not the shopple who peeped in time So tight. I love She Loves Me.

Happy shopping.

And PS if you're stuck about what to give...there's always this.


Why not.

Dec 16, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
I say yes to this. Good work to tosser Andrew for bringing to our tostention. Just some belting for your Sunday morning coffee and bagel. Also I want Heidi in that dress ( you know the one I mean) when we open on Broadway.


Sometimes, You Just Don't Measure Up...

Dec 14, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
If you're like me, you love PROJECT RUNWAY.

Tonight, I found PROJECT RUNWAY CANADA on the YouTube. It's like the weird younger sibling of PROJECT RUNWAY. Instead of Heidi Klum, the Canadians are serving up Iman (to paraphrase Steve Martin, "Some people have a way with words...Iman no have way"). Canadian Tim Gunn is played by Philip Seymour Hoffman in CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR. And the editing is less than suspenseful. But, for all its flaws, I still enjoy seeing how the designers work through these challenges. So very entertaining.

Here...let me get you started:


Happy Holidays

Dec 11, 2007 by Jeff | 2 Comments
Katie built this for us and sent it on...

Thanks, Katie!


Just in Time for the Holidays!

Dec 11, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Did you know you can find oodles of Daily Show videos on the InterWeb? Score!

I've been looking for this video since I saw it's original broadcast in 2001. Genius...

This one, too. It's got some gems...

Clear you schedule and pop some corn...enjoy!


tos is watching.

Dec 07, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So to Leslie and Dereck...we are glad you are friends again. We love S. Silverman and Zac Efron too. We hope Cabaret goes well as well as your tos duet.

Your video blog entry is so [title of show]! And remember tossers, while you're watching us...we're watching you too!

Oh yes.


"the [title of show] show" - Episode 6

Dec 05, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment

View directly on Youtube if you're having start/stop issues.


Has Everyone Seen This?

Dec 05, 2007 by Susan | Add comment

[tos] hearts LMM 4 Ever!



Dec 04, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
This list will make more sense when you view Episode 6 of "the [title of show] show" -- going live in just a bit...

Chauve-Souris 1943
Bright Lights of 1944
Hairpin Harmony
Take a Bow
Blue Holiday
Memphis Bound
Concert Varieties
Mr. Strauss Goes to Boston
Yours is My Heart
Louisiana Lady
Caribbean Carnival
Heaven on Earth
Happy as Larry
Dance Me a Song
The Liar
The Barrier
Let's Make an Opera
Buttrio Square
Anna Russell's Little Show
At Home with Ethel Waters
Carnival in Flanders
Blues Ballads and Sing Songs
Hit the Trail
Almost Crazy
That Girl at the Bijou
Maria Golovin
Happy Town
New Faces of ‘62
Man in the Moon
Tambourines to Glory
Anyone Can Whistle
Cafe Crown
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Here’s Where I Belong
I’m Solomon
Trumpets of the Lord
Buck White
La Strada
Hard Job Being God
Ride the Winds
Man on the Moon
The Lieutenant
Musical Chairs
The Little Prince and the Aviator
The News
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Rollin’ on the TOBA


If I Wanted to See a Movie This Friday...

Dec 03, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment
I reckin' I'd hire myself an armoured bear...

Whose with me?



Dec 03, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Dedicated fan Jess Edelstein writes in with this letter..

Dear [title of show] bloggers,

I just spent the better part of the last couple weeks reading the blog from start to finish. June 2005 to November 2007. I can honestly say that I read every entry and comment, clicked on every picture/link, and watched all the YouTube videos that were still working. I feel rather accomplished. And by accomplished I mean tosser-wise and not academic-wise, as I spent many hours procrastinating writing papers and studying for tests by reading this blog. I also accomplished my goal of finishing before finals week so I can actually focus on school. Which I guess is a good thing, since my mind has been clogged with nothing but [title of show]-ness for a while now and I have a psych exam coming up. I suppose it's time to move aside monkeys and playbills to make room for Freud and neurons. Le sigh.

~Jesssssssss (Jeff and Hunter know me from Facebook…yay!)

PS I swear I'm not some crazy stalker person...the blog is just really entertaining! And when I start something, I like to finish it. So yeah...Keep on bloggin'…I adore you guys! :)

Thanks, Jess. I see no better way of spending time than reading this blog from beginning to the present. Get to it everyone, that's what the archives are for.


This Just In...

Nov 28, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Me throwing down with Hilary Swank.

Try as you might, Gina Gershon, but you can't stop the wrecking ball that is Susan Blackwell.

Word up to my boy Michael in Boston for sharing the love.



the [tos] show - promo

Nov 24, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment


Patch Winners and Challenge Answers

Nov 23, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
This one was a hard one, but congrats to the many, many folks who got 'em all right.

A. The Pie that Cradles the Glow = The Light in the Pi(a)zza
B. Inlet = Ba(b)y
C. Dove Murmur = Co(c)o
D. Paper Quantity Lasses = (D)reamgirls
E. Straightforward = Candid(e)
F. The Player Piggybacking Piglet's Pal = Fiddler on the Roo(f)
G. Me and the Family = The Kin(g) and I
H. Sloppy One's Sloop = S(h)ow Boat
I. Actin' Up Picnic Pest = A(i)n't Misbehavin'
J. One to Juanita = (J)uno
K. The Romantic British Toilet = The Loo(k) of Love
L. A Big Mama Drama = A C(l)ass Act
M. Sweetie and Sort = (M)ilk and Honey
N. Divine Drag = Wonderful Tow(n)
O. Pancreas Neighbor! = (O)liver!
P. The Enraged Ruler = The (P)irate Queen
Q. Pierre's Rue = Avenue (Q)
R. The Holder for Macintosh Hitting = The Apple T(r)ee
S. The Embarrassed Farming Tools = The Red (S)hoes
T. Stimpy Sidekick = Ren(t)
U. Wayland's Nylons = Ho(u)se of Flowers
V. The Rock n' Roll Speaker = The (V)amp
W. Small Sign = Little (W)omen
X. Mi-Do's Middleman = Re(x)
Y. The Aural Lady = Woman of the (Y)ear
Z. Is a Mr. Disney Speaking? = Do I hear a Walt(z)?

I picked three winners arbitrarily...
The patch winners are:

Scot Colford (who got them all right about an hour after I posted it)
Kevin in Boston
Frances Wolfe

email me your mailing addresses to

More puzzle fun soon!



Nov 22, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
I just wanted to take a sec and say that this has been a crazy year and I'm so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life.

I'm grateful for my [title of show] family - p.s. we're having turkey day together in about 3 hours! Can't wait! - You guys are my heart and I'm so lucky to love you.

I'm grateful for my new Mermaid family too. I'm grateful for that amazing job and to be on Broadway. I never forget that my dreams are coming true...

I'm grateful for my Family family. It's been a big year full of lots of loss and change and I love my family. I miss them. (My mom is with me in NY this year. Bonus...)

I'm grateful for my friends, old and new, who have saved my ass so hard core this year. I have the best friends on the planet. I am truly truly truly blessed.

I'm grateful for Olive in a way I can't even wrap my head around.

This year has been filled with newness and it has felt like the ground has been shifting under my feet almost every day. I'm so thankful to be making my way and to be standing on those feet even though things are shaky.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



Nov 22, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
It's been too, too long since my last blogging. But you gotta cut me some slack: mommy's got two jobs. Today is my first full day off in a long time. So, without any further ado, let's get to bloggin!

It's been such a whirlwind of adventures; it's hard to know where to start...

Things are going rill, rill good at my skit. We got some tasty reviews, sold out the run, extended the show, and sold out again. My fondness for my cast and crew continues to grow with each passing day (that last sentence sounds like something from a Ken Burns documentary). I feel very fortunate to be in a good play surrounded by grade-A people. Lucky, lucky.

Seth "Quotie Fingers" Rudetsky invited us to perform at his book release party at Ars Nova. Seth created a very casual, relaxed party environment (could you pass that Rugeleh up here onto the stage?). I hadn't sung DIE VAMPIRE DIE in public, I can't recall (though I do sing it in the shower on particularly spirited mornings). I was concerned about remembering all my words, but I'm so pleased to report that I felt pretty focused and free (always an accomplishment for me). I changed one of the vampire lines to "...or they might say that you can not sing good enough to sing on the same stage with Heidi Blickenstaff, Mary Testa and Andrea McArdle". Realness.

Other highlights included reading a short scene with Seth and Andrea Martin. She's perfect in every way and being on the same stage with her made me want to fly around the room like an un-knotted balloon. Jeepers!

The image that's burned on my retina (in a good way): Everybody sat on stage in rows of chairs throughout the whole show. We watched while others got up to read or sing. I was sitting directly behind Heidi (and next to Andrea McArdle) when Heidi sang A WAY BACK TO THEN. Heidi's outline was lit up by a spotlight, so her edges were glowing. Plus, she was definitely emanating sparks from within. Her performance was so alive and electric. Andrea McCardle's surprise at hearing herself referenced in song was priceless. Having a front row seat to that moment was pure joy. I was so happy to be there to witness! That's my girl!

(Note: Heidi didn't like this picture, but I love it! So I edited it down to the part that makes me the happiest. Let me know if you're okay with that, Heids.)

the [title of show] show
I know that many people have been jonesin for a new t[tos]s, but please be patient. I really think this one is going to be worth the wait. We've been having a BLAST writing and filming it. Holy guacamole. Good times.

I asked my husband to marry me in 2003. When we told our families of our pending nups, my (now) sister-in-law Paula said she would make us a quilt to celebrate the momentous occasion. Guess what, monkeys!! We got the quilt!! And it's a beaut!!

The process was really fun. First, Paula had me visit a quilting supply store (a whole new world) and pick out fabrics that I liked. Then she and a team of elves worked their magic for a few years. I love monkeys and vintage textiles and retro color schemes, and she did an amazing job of incorporating our weirdo taste into something beautiful and cohesive. Somehow she stewed it all together and nailed it.

Here it is!

It makes me feel like this!

Thank you, Paula, for creating something so thoughtfully and lovingly constructed. We love sleeping with our new quilt!! It reminds me of a passage from a poem my friend Marita read at our wedding.

But the dark secret of the ones long married,
A pleasure never mentioned to the young,
Is the sweet heat made from two bodies in a bed
Curled together on a winter night,
The smell of the other always in the quilt,
The hand set quietly on the other's flank
That carries news from another world
Light-years away from the one inside
That you always thought you inhabited alone.
The heat in that hand could melt a stone.
---from Wedding Poem by Bill Holm

Great work, Bill Holm! Great work, Paula!!

In closing, I want to say that I'm thankful for so much. The food, the shelter, the clothing. The beautiful Autumn. All the kick-ass adventures. My beautiful husband, friends, family, colleagues and collaborators. And the cornucopia that is my glorious, endlessly-surprising life.

Susan B.

PS: I just remembered another thing I'm thankful for: Jonathan Groff came to see my show last night then walked me across town to meet my friends for a pancake supper. Now I'm gonna get under our quilt, turn on the TV and watch him sing on the M&M float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This anecdote has everything: pancakes, friends, Jonathan Groff, M&Ms, our quilt, TV and a parade. My life can't get any better. For all of this, I give thanks!


Do you hear the people sing?

Nov 21, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So from the [tos]mail file we've gotten this:

I am going thru withdrawl, when are we going to have another episode of [title of show] show? I heart you guys and want you to make it on the great white way :)

from Chris. And from funky 464 from myspace, this:

I want t[tos]s, peas. And carrots.
Maybe we should go on strike like the writers and stagehands.

We hear you peeps and you ll be happy to know that we have been putting together a wing ding of an episode for you tossers. Hopefully you guys will like and it's full of excellent things. Like the T day turkey, it's taking a while to cook, but also like the T day turkey it will hopefully be moist and delicious and you ll be able to make sandwiches with it the day after.

We hear your pleas and are cookin'.




Nov 20, 2007 by Larry | Add comment
While we were rehearsing for Seth's fantastic book party, Susan brought out a "Tossary" which was a great little booklet that Hunter and Jeff published for our run at the Vineyard. It defines words and explains a lot of the references in the show. Later that evening, while talking with Jen Tepper, our intern, I realized that there are terms that could be added to the "Tossary" - words we tossers use frequently that are not in the script of the show. One such word is "Chun."

I came to know the word "chun" during our time at the O'Neil Center. Susan asked her husband Steve if we could borrow some instruments to develop "Change It, Don't Change It" while we were at the O'Neil Center. This little suitcase contained, among other things, a cowbell, a woodblock, a slide whistle and a salt shaker filled with brown rice (which acted like a kind of maraca). She said the suitcase contained chuns and that's what I've always called them. Those of you who pay close attention to the show know that during "Change it, Don't Change it" I play the salt shaker chun.

Steve told me that he and Susan like to make up words. Originally he and Susan used "chun" to substitute for the word "tune". Soon after its use broadened to include things that you can accompany a tune with. Thus, I play a chun in [title of show].

So that's your answer, Jen. Perhaps Susan or Hunter or Jeff or Heidi or Michael will be able to add some more insight to the derivation of the word, but that's what I know..



Nov 19, 2007 by Heidi | 2 Comments
Last night, the entire [tos] posse was invited to help Seth Rudetsky celebrate the launch of his new awesome book, Broadway Nights, by helping read a chapter here and there and singing 3 of the hits from [title of show].

Little back story... I was originally asked to sing A Way Back To Then, but I was ishy about it because I knew that Andrea McArdle was going to be a part of the evening as well. Now, for those of you that know [tos], and more specifically know A Way Back To Then, you know that as a child, I, along with about a zillion other young girls and soon-to-be-gay young boys, was OBSESSED with the Annie recording. I listened to it over and over and over and over and over and over and over, and it was the first time that I had that connection with who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I was probably 8. I would later play Annie in California for the better part of me being 10. Dream come true...

ANYWAY, so of course, Jeffy found a way of completely exploiting my very personal personal life and he turned it into fodder for the 11 o'clock number in [title of show]. But come on, we all know it's not just MY story...

Cut to last night. It was Seth's big night to celebrate the release of his awesome new book. (We're so proud of you Seth!) But I knew Andrea was going to be there and I was making poo in my pants just considering singing A Way Back To Then in front of her.

I talked it out with a good friend of mine who convinced me to suck it up and enjoy the moment and I decided, poopie pants be dammed, I was going to go for it.

Holy shit on toast. That. Moment. Was. Challenging.

So there I am, standing at the mic with Larry playing the intro to the song. Andrea McArdle is standing right behind me, and I'm literally shaking and I can't get my breath under me. I start to sing and I'm a mess. I'm emotional. I'm almost crying. I barely squeak out "hearing Andrea McArdle sing from the Hi-Fi in the den. I've been waiting my whole life to find a way back to then". It came out, but it was more rawness than anything else. I took a pause, and tried to touch down into how I wanted the rest of the song to go. I wanted to knock it out of the park. For Seth. For Andrea. For my [tos] peeps. For me. I took a deep breath, got my shit together and sang the rest of the song with the reigns back in my hands. Mind over matter, People. I killed my Annie vampire. That red-headed bitch... She was a tough one. Leapin' Lizzards!

But in the end, I was proud that I got through it. I'm sure I've sung that song better, but I'm not sure I've ever sung it realer... I hugged Andrea on my way back to my seat, she was very gracious (and probably a little freaked out?) and I sat there very satisfied that I climbed another mountain.

And then the icing on the cake was Seth making Andrea sing Maybe as the finale to the evening. I just sobbed. What do you do when your dreams come true? I promise I'm not being a stupid ass hole. Seriously. That's totally what happened last night. I sang for the girl who first gave me a glimmer of what I was to become. Surreal.


Thank you Seth.



Nov 19, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Two of our favorite things: youtube and the Muppets. Add a dash of funk and stir. Thanks to my pal Timmy for sending.


Proud of Jeff.

Nov 16, 2007 by Hunter | 2 Comments
So Monday night we had the good fortune to celebrate composer/lyricist Jeff Bowen here in NYC at Scott Alan's New Voices Series. Thanks to Scott for having us, to the great singers who rocked Jeff's songs and esp to all the tossers who came out to see the big show.

We were totes proud of Jeff. I know it will be the first of many events to show off how kick ass he is. I also know that Jeff is reading this and going, "Ugh, not too much of this on the blog!" while he eats a bowl of soggy peanut butter puffins. He can be a modest violet. To that I say suck it. You rae talented and your [tos] family is proud of you.

So is he.


Was there ever a cat so clever?

Nov 14, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
This just in to me. Wow. The good news is I can now play Mr. M! Cats, not just a dance show people. Open your minds.


Seth Rudetsky's Book Release

Nov 14, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Hey [tos]sers,

Just a heads up that we'll be appearing at Seth's Book Release at Ars Nova on Sunday 11/18 - which is a benefit for the Actors Fund. The lineup includes: among others, Andreas Martin and McArdle. Hunter and I will be reading some of the book with Seth and then I think the ladies are going to join us later for a [tos] tune on stage with Lars.

Tickets will go in a hot minute so go get 'em now.


This Just In

Nov 13, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment

Thanks, Tom Reynolds.

Heidi, I want you to learn the song: "I'm so happy 'cause I'm a gummy bear, Gummy Bear!"


[tos] on nice.

Nov 13, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
Riunite commercial? Anyone? No one? So in the is latest tosmail bag we got this from tosser Corrie:

Dear [title of show]
I was recently discussing with one of my friends [title of show] and we came upon the idea of [title of show] (on ice). It would be an amazing show. I would see it! so you should definitely consider doing this. Bring it to your fan's see how they react. It is a wonderful Idea, And I thank you for taking the time to consider it.

Then out of the mailbag fell this cyber letter:

i'm not sure if you got the message from my friend corrie, but we were thinking that it would be awesome if you guys made a [title of show] ice show. and no matter what she says, it was totally my idea. anyways, i've been sending you all my good vibes. i get your podcast and watch the [title of show] show. title of show is the most amazing piece. . of art that this generation has seen. if i can, i'm going to write my college essay on title of show and its universal appeal. i wish you all prosperous futures, and one that might include ice =].


Firstly and tosly, thanks for the kind words about the show. We take it all to heart and to hear what we've created moves and affects you guys is truly amazing to us. I want a copy of that essay and I hope it gets an A++. Remember kids stay in drugs and don't do school. Wait a sec....?

Secondly,[title of show] on ice is an excellent idea. I can't comment on who came up with what, you guys will have to thumb wrestle that one out yourselves, but I like to think it was a collaboration of two great minds. We are absolutely taking time to consider it and I am bringin' it to the fans as you suggested. There are many things to consider. None of us can skate so that will take some time, and we will have to find the right arenas. We prob will have to have our costumer Chase Tyler come up with thermal versions of our clothes but I do smell a leg warmer and that excites me. I'm not sure what end of the rink we'll put Larry but he can drive the zamboni in between numbers.

In truth your idea isn't that far fetched. See.

And if we're lucky [tos] on Ice Live! might look a little something like this:

(I know, I know the 6:27 seems long, but open a Fresca, sip and take the ride. So much to take in.)

Things to note:
1. Everything.
2. Why does the Princess sound like Mae West?
3. Jeff and I would have to enter [tos] on Ice Live! like Mario and Luigi.
4. A lot of fire power from the brothers. Those turtles don't stand a chance. I thought in the game you just konked them non-violently. I don't remember blowing them to bits.
5. Susan has a huge crush on Jason Batemen.
6. Christopher Hewett doesn't list this credit.

Thanks Corrie and Trenton. We'll shoot for Broadway but the ice may not be far behind!


Patch Challenge

Nov 11, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Here's your latest challenge:

The following titles are not the names of any real musical. However, a missing letter can make all the difference in making the show legit.

To solve each of the cryptic titles below, translate the title and then add a missing letter. The missing letters are represented A-Z below. For example:

i. A Happy Honker
The letter "i." is missing from the final answer above. "A Happy Honker" translates to "A Joyful Nose" and when the "i" is added to the word "nose", you get "noise".
i. A Happy Honker = A Joyful Nose + "i" = A Joyful Noise

1. If the words "the", "and" or "a" appear in the fake title, they will appear in the real title as well (Though not necessarily in the word order they appear in the fake title).
2. The number of words in the fake title are not necessarily the number of words in the real title.

A. The Pie that Cradles the Glow
B. Inlet
C. Dove Murmur
D. Paper Quantity Lasses
E. Straightforward
F. The Player Piggybacking Piglet's Pal
G. Me and the Family
H. Sloppy One's Sloop
I. Actin' Up Picnic Pest
J. One to Juanita
K. The Romantic British Toilet
L. A Big Mama Drama
M. Sweetie and Sort
N. Divine Drag
O. Pancreas Neighbor!
P. The Enraged Ruler
Q. Pierre's Rue
R. The Holder for Macintosh Hitting
S. The Embarrassed Farming Tools
T. Stimpy Sidekick
U. Wayland's Nylons
V. The Rock n' Roll Speaker
W. Small Sign
X. Mi-Do's Middleman
Y. The Aural Lady
Z. Is a Mr. Disney Speaking?


At the Ballet

Nov 08, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
I went to see A Chorus Line last night and got to take the ride again. The production is in pretty fantastic shape. There's nothing that I can say about the piece itself that hasn't been said a million times. I was particularly loving the work of Will Taylor (Bobby) and Krysta Rodriguez (Bebe) who were keepin' it real for me -- and of course, Mr. Berresse who is still as simutaneously generous and commanding (and real) as he was a year ago.

Here's a little treat for die-hards if you've never seen it. Holy crap, Kay Cole...


Audio [tos]cast 2: Electric Boogaloo

Nov 08, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
Hey tossers! They next installment of the audio [tos]cast is up and running. Enjoy. Share. Cher.

audio [tos]cast 2


I Want To Live Forever

Nov 06, 2007 by Larry | 2 Comments
Three days a week I play for a class at La Guardia High School - the "Fame" high school, if you will. (Named after Fiorello La Guardia, the subject of a musical by those geniuses Bock and Harnick). I love working there because it is thrilling to see people discover aspects of musical theatre for the first time. I work with Junior drama students. Most of these people, for one reason or another, have labled themselves "not singers". I find it great fun to introduce the concept of head voice to the young women and suddenly one of the students starts to sing like Rebecca Luker (well not exactly like la Luker but potentially). It's also great fun to work with a guy whose voice changed like a half an hour ago. He's singing a scale all on one note. I get to figure out how to re-aquaint him with the concept of matching pitches. By the end of the semester, after some tears and lots of embarrassed laughter, a new self-concept is born. That's what I call fun...

Last week two girls were singing "What Kind of Girl is She?". I was worried that the song might not work so well outside of context of the show. When they sang it for the class, the actresses couldn't stop laughing and the class couldn't stop laughing... It was totall deja vu for me because I remember the day that Jeff wrote that song. He asked Heidi and Susan to go away and make a list of things that "Susan" and "Heidi" might say to each other. Jeff took the list and made it into a song. When I heard "She might try to have my baby" we all couldn't stop laughing. I guess we are all still pretty much high school girls.



Nov 06, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
I didn't realize that Child-safety could jump the shark too.

Thanks RB for the link.


Before I forget...

Nov 05, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
I just wanted to blog about Mermaid's first preview on Saturday night.

Anybody remember Geoffrey Rush's quote from Shakespeare In Love?

Philip Henslowe: Mr. Fennyman, allow me to explain about the theatre business. The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.
Hugh Fennyman: So what do we do?
Philip Henslowe: Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well.
Hugh Fennyman: How?
Philip Henslowe: I don't know. It's a mystery.

Well, that's kinda what happened. Not that I'm a pessimist, but I just really had no idea how it was all going to work. And then it did. Mysteriously... And it was totally fun.

But here's the super-fun-[tos]-related part. After the show, it was a mob scene at the stage door. (I know they were all waiting for Ariel and Ursula, but for some reason the rest of us got thrown into the autograph-signing-mix.) As I was signing my name on some child's playbill, I heard someone shout, "Heidi!!! You're part of it all!" I was stunned. I looked up to see where my [tos] fan was and I saw the whole pack of them, nerdily waiting at the back of the mob. When I got through the line of mer-nerds, I found my [tos]-nerds and we had a moment. It was bananas. They were so sweet and we took pictures and talked about mer-[tos]-ness, and then I walked home and thought about how lucky I am to be doing what I love to do and to have people come see it and enjoy it.

I like my life.


Saturday morning Carol.

Nov 03, 2007 by Hunter | 2 Comments
I think this is a good way to start your Sat morning, since it's sort of like a cartoon. There's a lot happening here, so pour a bowl of Alphabits or Rice Chex (or Puffins Susan and Jeff) and enjoy. Groovy.


Child Stars

Nov 02, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
It was Katie who introduced us to Von Smith about a year ago. Today she introduces us to..

Holy confidence.
Hunter, how can we incorporate those mic tosses into [tos].
And for God sakes, someone call Neil Patel and tell him we want bubbles on our set.

Remember when this was considered child talent?

P.S. I'm assuming that train is on the way to Fire Island.


Halloween Costumes...

Nov 01, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
These are my two favorite Halloween costumes that I saw this year..

Melody went as the "Air-Freshener Vampire" -- nice work, Melody.

This one leaves me speechless - courtesy of pal, Steve K at DC Comics.


title of boo!

Nov 01, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Happy Halloween! Hope you weren't too a-skeered and didn't eat too much candy! I've eaten too many reese's's spelled peeses right? Good. AMC is running part 5 (6?) of the Halloween series right now entitled The Curse of Michael Myers. Things I'm learning:

1. You can't kill Michael Myers.
2. Dr. Loomis has spent years trying to understand and tame MM.
3. Don't touch MM as he is "pure evil."
4. Don't move to Haddonfield because MM is always coming back to kill again.
5. MM will break free form any prison/asylum/cell/cage/basement/pizza box/whatever.
6. Paul Rudd is in this movie.
7. I sometimes mute this movie because I get a-skeered.
8. MM is always behind you and he's scary and slow but he will catch up and when he gets you he lifts you in the air so your feet twitch. That's his thing.
9. Even when MM is loose, the teens will still find time to "do it."
10. You can't kill Michael Myers.

This movie blows. Boo and Boo.


The Golden Pony Poops Yet Again!

Oct 30, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
You're all familiar with the Golden Pony Program, right?

"The [title of show] GOLDEN PONY program: Mention your likes, desires or wishes in [title of show] and the [title of show] Golden Pony will poop it out for you. Just don't squeeze the Golden Pony too might kick you in the head like poor Clara at Light in the Piazza. Then you'll end up retarded. But you'll also end up with a super-hot Aaron Lazar husband. So the moral ahead and squeeze the stuffing out of the Golden Pony...if it gets tired of crapping out adventures and gifts and famous admirers, it can sleep when it's dead."

Last night, through my associative powers, the Golden Pony wandered over to the opening night of SPEECH & DEBATE. If you've seen the play, you know that Mary Rodgers is mentioned several times during the course of the show. Our playwright, Stephen Karam clearly has a thing for Miss Mary. I recall at the first rehearsal, Stephen mentioned how thrilled he would be if she ever came to see SPEECH & DEBATE.

So, a few weeks ago, our friend Bill Gaden (of the Rodgers & Hammerstein organization) came to see SPEECH & DEBATE. Bill enjoyed the play and thought Mary would get a big kick out of it. Afterwards, over dinner, Bill and I hatched a plan to get Mary Rodgers to opening night. Due to Bill's positioning and powers of persuasion, within 48 hours, Mary and her husband Hank had accepted the invitation!

Then we went into secret ops mode. The Roundabout Underground space is tiny, and we knew that Stephen Karam would recognize Mary Rodgers on sight. We created a series of elaborate diversions to keep Stephen from seeing Mary in the audience before the show. Special thanks to Director Jason Moore, Producer Robyn Goodman, Company Manager Nick Caccavo, Artistic Director Todd Haimes and Press Rep Jessica Johnson for keeping Stephen distracted in the laundry room. Good jorb, you crafty bitches.

Amazingly, we pulled it off! The look on Stephen Karam's face was priceless when we said, "Stephen Karam, we'd like you to meet Mary Rodgers..."

Check it out!

We-couldnt-have-done-it-without-you thanks to Bill Gaden of R&H. And, if you're reading this, Mary Rodgers, thank you for being so game and lovely. Clearly, you've made a young boy's dreams come true.

Salad days.


P.S.: I was so happy to have my [tos] peeps there last night. Thanks for coming, doodles. It meant a lot to me. And thanks for my presengee. It's the best!!


This is All I Have to Say Today...

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Happy Opening Swassie!

Oct 29, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
So last night I had the genuine pleasure of seeing our very own Lady Blackwell on her final preview of her mistress play, Speech and Debate.

Susan is fantastic and plays not just one character, but TWO! That's two. Two. TWO characters for the price of one! And she really is terrific. She's up there so relaxed and at ease, just talking like a real human being. I was proud. I'm so used to her being her monkey self on stage with me, it's so fun and exciting to see her do big girl parts. She also sports a particularly kicky wig that is super specific and awesome. Please, do yourself a favor and go see this show. And the even better news is that the show is really great. Super-smart writing by Stephen Karam. Such creative and specific direction by Jason Moore. And the 3 youngsters that Susan shares the stage with are really, really special. And bravo to the Roundabout Underground for opening a teeny tiny space that is giving this kind of stuff a place to play. I had such a great time. Nice work Sooze.

So happy opening tonight. All the [title of show] kids will toast you at the party tonight. Have fun and know that you are loved...


"the [title of show] show" - Episode 5

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The Gayest Moon

Oct 26, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Say, did any of you sho-mos see the moon last night? Walking home from the theatre, I turned onto my street and lots of people were standing still looking up into the the sky. I stopped, too, and this is what I saw.

There was an actual rainbow around the moon! Have you ever seen anything like that?!! I never done did seen anything like that.

Scientists call it a lunar corona. They say it is produced when moon light refracts through ice crystals.

Or when the moon is rilly, rilly gay.


New Voices at the Duplex

Oct 26, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Hey tossers...

Here's a fancy gig we have coming up. The Duplex is on the teeny tiny side so make haste with your reservations...


Get your soap on!

Oct 23, 2007 by Benjamin | 1 Comment
So a little while back I shot some episodes on "One Life To Live" and I think they start airing in the next couple of days. For the OLTL fans out there - SPOILER ALERT: Marcie finally stops driving (and talking to her son in the rear-view mirror) and lands at a 'cabaret' where I help her out with her predicament. I'm the bar owner and a performer in the cabaret's show and, apart from my opening conversation with Marcie, I spend most of the time looking like this. Tasty huh? The character's name was Harvey Dewitt, but the [tos] cast helped me out with a better name from their copious list of possible drag names that they all carry around in their PDAs (I'm not kidding). My drag name was Alma Children.

It wasn't my first time on a soap. When I was 18 I was an extra on a soap in Australia called "Home and Away" and Danni Minogue (Kylie's lil sister) rolled into town as a "punk". In one scene, I was one of the punk kids at school - grey mohair sweater, tight black jeans, Raybans and hair in palm trees. They had to retake another scene because I stood directly in front of her when she surprised everyone by walking into the clubhouse dressed all pretty. I didn't do it on purpose...

But being a principal character and having a dressing room and lines and stuff was a totally different experience. It was like having sex for the first time: basically a pleasurable experience but with a certain amount of anxiety, and I certainly didn't do everything the way that I had imagined I would. It all happens so ridonculously fast! You know that scene in Tootsie where she's trying to talk to Dabney Coleman about kissing Dr. Van Horn, but everything is such a rush that there isn't time? THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT'S LIKE. No retakes for line fluffs or continuity - nobody cares. Just muddle through with the cameras rolling. We should probably have a competition for how many times I get caught looking at the camera or somewhere else equally inappropriate.

All of my scenes were with Kathy Brier from Hairspray and Andre Ward from Xanadu on Broadway and let me tell you - they are both good times! 7:30am calls, heels, eyelashes, restrictive underwear, a 13 hour shoot and all.

Here's what I think you should do. Take the next week off work - tell your boss you have a kidney infection or something - and watch some soap. Particularly OLTL. If you can't take time off work then do what that awesome secretary with the lilac polyester blouse does in Tootsie and plug your mono earpiece into your mini TV you've got hidden in the file drawer in your desk to watch. Then go to the chat boards and get buzz going about that awesome drag queen character, Harvey, and how they need to bring that one back. I think daytime needs more men in dresses. You know that deep in your heart of hearts you do too.


All Kinds of Stuff including Patch Challenge Winners

Oct 23, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
So, I'm back from my week vacation from NYC. Lots of adventures in Central America with a stop (of course) to Disney World so I could ride rides and pin trade. I am only collecting rides and attraction pins -- and especially looking for retired or closed attractions. I am mainly obsessed with trying to collect all of the "Remember When" pins from this series. Right now I have none.

Kerry Butler if you are reading this -- and I know you are...when can I come over to see yours and Joey's pin collection?!

I decided to choose 3 winners from the last challenge because it was so effin' hard:
They are:

Joel - SNL Media!
Tom Robson
John Porcaro

Send me your addresses boys and Susan'll send you your patch.

Apologies for misspelling Anjelica Huston's last name. All of you got it right anyway. The answers are:

1. Jersey T
2. Eye Itch
3. Sardine
4. Up Get Up
5. Sabbath
6. Crayola
7. Houston
8. Radiant
9. In Idaho
10. Sidearm
11. The Bozo
12. Stay Off
13. Use A Lot
14. Publish
15. Eat Wise
16. Roberto
17. Slab Top
18. Tribute
19. A Week Or
20. Rio Rita

Left side show: Jesus Christ Superstar
Right side show: The Phantom of the Opera
Middle revue: Side By Side By A L Webber

The new challenge is coming soon.


I'll bring all your dreams alive...

Oct 22, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So went to go see Xanadu at the Helen Hayes. Totally ridiculous and fun. Go and check out our bf Cheyenne (come on) who is funny and cute and singing his face off, and rock out with Kerry Butler who is adorable and f'ing funny. Seriously you guys she made me laugh out loud. Now as many of you tossers know, Kerry was in [tos] rockin' a celeb voice message. So I guess when we open on Broadway this year she ll be nominated for a Tony as best actress AND best featured actress. Word. So props to Cheyenne and Kerry for bringing back a lot of ELO memories. My bro and I loved some ELO! Many hours were spent rocking out to that Xanadu album in our playroom. Many well spent hours. And remember this?

In the [title of show] movie there is totally gonna be an animated 80s section! Totally.


blog meet blog.

Oct 22, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So got the chance to meet the joshes in midtown. Two cuties who write an excellent blog about all things josh. They did an interview with our Michael B and I was roud to make the blog myself. Shout out from the tos blog to the josh blog.

Josh and Josh.

Okay back to Dancing With the Stars cause that's how I roll.


Audio [tos]casts going LIVE on i-tunes.

Oct 20, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Hey tossers. I know, I know. "Episode #5 of the [title of show] show!" they shouted. It's a comin'. Still in the oven, but almost done. We got them day jobs but it'll be a good one.

In the means, rock our new audio [tos]casts. Just more [tos] fun. Subscribe. Tell your neighbors. The host is the awesome radio personality Brittany Brown and our producer is Matt "I can do it all" Vogel of Welcome Matt Productions. We've got more in the can and will have special guests as well as stories, fun facts, info, cut songs, explanations, questions answered, and pics galore, so enjoy.


...or press here or search i-tunes for "title of show."

Then download us and carry us in your pocket on your pod. Subway listening for you urbanites. On the stair master. At the lunch table or even lying in bed giving you awesome [tos] dreams.

So we've got a stage show, You Tube webisodes, and now audio [tos]casts. We're also thinking of building a [tos] stealth blimp. Endless tossibilities!


Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

Oct 19, 2007 by Benjamin | Add comment
I have absolutely no idea why this came to my attention...

That's Charlie Todd, an improv teacher at Upright Citizen's Brigade, leading the pack. Good work fellas.


Purple toenails

Oct 17, 2007 by Courtney | Add comment
Last night while eating candy and watching The Biggest Loser, I painted my toenails purple. As I sit here today and enjoy the shininess of them, I am thinking about how when I get dressed and wander the streets of NY today, no one will know that my toenails are purple. I have always found that fascinating, even as a little one. I used to wear really funky socks all the time in middle school and high school, but no one ever knew because they were hidden under my shoes and jeans. It just makes you think, people. What funky shit are people hiding under their conservative outer layer.


Patch Challenge!

Oct 14, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Here's your latest patch challenge:

All of the answers below have seven letters total (7); though some may be a combination of two or more words (2, 5), they will always total seven letters. When you're finished, the first letters reading down and the last letters reading down will spell two different shows. The center letter reading down will read the name of a hypothetical revue.

For example:

The first column down spells "RENT", the last column spells "RAGS" and the middle spells a kind of theatre division: "LORT".

1. Casual shirt opener? (6,1)
2. What Visene may relieve (3,4)
3. The first kind of fish mentioned in The Who's Tommy (7)
4. Repetitive "Sexual Healing" background lyrics: "Get ____ ..." (2,3,2)"
5. Prayer for Tevye (7)
6. Marker and chalk company (7)
7. Actress Anjelica (7)
8. Keith Haring musical: ____ Baby (7)
9. State Fair lyric: "I think I'll start an O ______" (2,5)
10. Type of pitcher (7)
11. "____ Show"; children's show with a clown host (3,4)
12. Sign warning: "____ the Premises!" (4,3)
13. Over-employ (3,1,3)
14. To issue or make known (7)
15. To consume a brand of potato chips? (3,4)
16. Actor Begnini who played Pinocchio (7)
17. Kind of table surface (4,3)
18. Honor (7) **
19. Song & Dance lyric: "I will see you in ____ two" (1,4,2)
20. Abbott & Costello film based on a 1929 musical (3,4)

Please send me your numbered answers 1-20 and make sure you type your name with the email. To send me answers, just click on my name at the header of this blog entry.
Good luck.

** I updated #18 on 10/15


Where's Susan?

Oct 13, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Sorry it's been a while sing I last blooged. It's been very difficult to find spare time lately. I've been doing the triple duty (job-job during the day, SPEECH & DEBATE on evenings and weekends, shooting "the [title of show] show" late at night). PLUS, the Internet has been down at home. So, that's where I've been. I know...excuses, excuses. Quit judging me, judgey.

My part in SPEECH & DEBATE is wee, so I have some pretty healthy downtime during the show. In fact, I'm writing this from backstage right now. Plus, I'm wearing a wig as I type. Sexy.

You know I love my [tos] peeps. That will never change. But recently, I've found myself falling hard for my SPEECH & DEBATE peeps. How could I not...I mean, just look at them:

Jason Fuchs fuchsing about. Isn't he cute? He's got those sweet little Milk Dud eyes. (Say, what happened to Milk Duds? Those were grood.)

Sarah Steele generally being adorbz. Did you ever see that movie SPANGLISH? That's my li'l Sarah. Her character is a total weirdo and so is she. Love love love.

Gideon Glick rocking the human pretzel on my Equity cot. (Hey, SPRING AWAKENING fans...Jealous much?)

Director Jason Moore, who has a quick, witty brain and a certain corn-fed, free-range farm-boy hotness about him. (Did David Bell write that last sentence?)

Playwright Stephen Karam, who has big swimmy eyes and (superbonus) totes buffness. A writer with a rocking bod?! COME ON! What more do you need??!! Plus, Stephen is clearly highly intelligent...

There's only four of us in this play, and I'm definitely the gramma of the group. Clearly I was cast in order to bring maturity and mentorship to the proceedings. For instance, earlier today I spanked Sarah with a hairbrush while I sang her the theme song to Reading Rainbow. Gravitas.

Despite our age differences, I find my colleagues to be completely delightful. Plus, I think it's a pretty darn interesting show, very of-the-moment and worthwhile. Admittedly, I have absolutely no objectivity.

Come see us if you get a chance!


Life Can Take You Places

Oct 13, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
In response to my question below, "Where in the eff is Jana Schneider these days?" -- John in Boston sent this along:

A Fall From Grace

What a fascinating article. Surely someone will develop her story into a screenplay.


Too good to respond in the comments section

Oct 13, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
WHAT!!!!!!! 80s and Drood. This is the best video present ever Jeff thank you! Thank you! I was totally into Drood back in the day. I came up with my high school to see shows and sat in the front row and lost my mind. Upon listening now it has some flaws but I was just enthralled and still think the score is so fun and rocked. (This video helps me know how hard it rocked.) I thought it was thrilling! Betty Buckster come on! And the "ensemble"! Come on! Donna Murphy, Rob Marshall Juy Kuhn, Laurent Giroux. (I got to work with Laurent who is amazing! Pippin! Dancin'! He did Piazza tour so see it all comes full circle with Patti and Laurent!) Anyhoo the show was totally kick ass. I stayed after and had all of them sign my playbill. Then I used to listen to the tape over and over and over and over and over. I thought the orchestrations on Moonfall were da bomb. I dont kow why this show struck me but it did. Every time I'm watching Shakes in the park, I just think how awesome it would have been to see the show there.

Do you think there was any cocaine on the set of this video? Again I say it the 80s and Drood. Yes.

PS My audience voted for Rosa Bud.


How in the Hell Have I Never Seen This???!!

Oct 12, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
This one goes out to my collaborator and bestest pal, Hunter:

Favorite moments:

1. John Herrera and Howard McGillin's period mullets.
2. Betty's unequaledearnestness.
3. Rock n Roll Patti Cohenhour!
4. Jana Schneider's Lotte Lenya wig
5. Cleo Laine doing what Cleo Laine does best...being Cleo Laine.
6. Did Rupert Holmes not notice all the dry ice in his coffee?
7. Neville attacking him with a bunch of killer boxes.
8. Rupert Holmes' glasses are totally back in style.
9. I miss George Rose.
10. I love that they get pissed off because its 10 after 10pm. Is that supposed to be late? Christ the show didn't come down until 11pm 6 nights of the week.

I think Drood was the first cast album that I bought on CD - or rather, my mom bought it for me wondering what the hell I would want with a cd that featured an illustration of a very girlish looking man on its cover. I was a little obsessed with the show when I was in high school. I had a I wanna-be-him showbiz crush on John Herrera (no, not Howard McGillin like the rest of the boys - I was more into him when he was Billy Crocker). Betty Buckley is still a hot box of amazing to me. Where the eff is Jana Schneider these days. Cleo Laine always frightened me a bit and I had a total spazzout fan breakdown when Michael introduced me to Patti Cohenour backstage at Piazza. We had many talks at many parties and Piazza picnics and whatnot and every time I was in a conversation with her (and we had many) the background voices in my head were going: "Oh my God, you're talking to Rosa Bud! Oh my God, you're talking to Rosa Bud! Oh my God, you're talking to Rosa Bud! Oh my God, you're talking to Rosa Bud! Oh my God, you're talking to Rosa Bud and Mary Jane in Big River and the freakin' first matinee Christine!"

I might have played Neville Landless in college. I felt much closer to John Herrera after that. Lin-Manuel, if you're reading this - and I know you are, please know that I was too shy to introduce myself to him at your opening and I was even shyer asking you to do it for me.

Thanks to Michael Mooney out at Paper Mill who brought my attention to the madness of this video.

Was the whole cast of Drood left-handed?


Head's Up

Oct 11, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Just wanted to give folks a head's up that episode 5 isn't coming out this week, so don't think we're on some set schedule or anything. We're right on time with filming, but we're all in double (and some triple) duty right now, so getting us all together at the same time to film is quite a challenge. Blick and Bell are in rehearsals for their respective colorful shows and Susan's in previews right now for her play at the Roundabout, so be sure to check that out - she's rockin' it out with Spring Awakening's Gideon Glick.

There will be an audio feature with some great prod shots coming out this weekend. Enjoy that while we continue to shoot a very special episode 5.


The rain in Spain.

Oct 10, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Larry and Michael B. often gave us notes on diction during the run of the show. Perhaps this is why. Enjoyable.


Q & A Starring Susan Blackwell

Oct 10, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment



Oct 08, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Don't give up. There's choreography near the end...



Oct 08, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Come on who doesn't want to watch this on a crisp Monday morning. Kristen Wiig is a genius and makes me laugh out loud.

And, my friend Barrett sent me this link with the original commercial that inspired this parody. Good work. I like seeing the source.

Happy Monday. Gold.


NAMT times

Oct 07, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Hey tossers, so a quick update. Been rehearsing this week for a new musical that will get a reading at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre. The festival in the city features 6 new shows. I ll be rocking the Break Up Notebook: The Lesbian Musical. I ll be playing a lesbian. Not really, but the piece is cool and music/lyrics are written by Lori Scarlett. Lori and I met when I did Side Show at the Cleveland Playhouse. She rocked some matinee Daisy to my Buddy. She's awesome and I am thrilled to be a part of her work. If you want to check out her show or any others I think you can come to New World Stages or as we like to say Ye Olde Dodger Stages and line up to see if there are any empty spaces. It's industry only but word on the street is they may let a few folks in. Maybe? Here's the link and another. If you're not near NYC. I ll give ya a report on the festival. I like seeing these new works come to life. Also tosser Courtney B is rocking a piece by David Austin.

In other news don't fear. The [tos] players and crackpot team is cookin up more from the [title of show] show. More webtimes and fun comin'!

Also our gal Susan is previewing in her fancy NYC play. So check her out. I can't wait to see the show and meet Gideon Glick and have him sign my Spring Awakening Playbill. Oh, and I want to support Susan too.(btw when I typed SA, a commercial for the show came on the TV during SNL...spooky.)

Weekend Update on. Gotta go!


the [tos] show FAQs

Oct 04, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions regarding "the [title of show] show":

1. Did Jeff really make the tossibility board?
Answer: Yes.

2. Is that Bernadette Peters behind Jeff in the opening credits of the show?
Answer: Yes. That is why Jeff is freaking out and looks cross-eyed.

3. Are their outtakes?
Answer: There are plenty.

4. Is an episode shot all in one day?
Answer: Are you high? These things take a lot of days.

5. Are you really going out of town?
Answer: Yes

6. Where can I get some [title of show] mittens?
Answer: From your mind. You need to make them mittens yourself and wear them with pride.

7. Did Susan really have cue cards for "What is [title of show]?" or is she just a brilliant actress?
Answer: Yes x 2

8. Was there alcohol is them shot y'all did at the Mariott?
Answer: No. The cast of [tos] is a bunch of pussies.

9. Are they going to be topless in The Little Mermaid?
Answer: Yes.

10. Do you guys really know Michael Arden?
Answer: Yes. Calm down.

11. Is Hunter married to a lady?
Answer: No.


Hi Bitches

Oct 03, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
Just wanted to say hi and blog about nothing really.

I'm back in town after being gone all summer working on Mermaid. Now we're back in rehearsal after a couple of weeks off and I'm sweaty and sore and trying to keep up with the youngsters as we learn new choreography that's kicking my not-as-young-as-I-used-to-be ass. But I'm loving it too... I'm gonna be in a Broadway show!!!

But, I do want to give a shout out to Michael Berresse and all of the rest of us who built [title of show] for not putting in any strenuous dancing in our skit while still managing to make what I think is a pretty damn good way to spend 90 minutes. Susan always says that if she could do the whole show in a wheelchair she would vote for that. That's a little lazy I think, but I get where she's coming from, as tonight I will be spending some quality time soaking in the tub with some epsom salts... Charlie horse anyone?


"the [title of show] show" - Episode 4

Sep 30, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
"There's a Monkey in My Playbill"


Bet On It!

Sep 30, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
I'm a little bit in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda from IN THE HEIGHTS.

Because he's obsessed with things like this:

Because he'll take the time away from writing his Broadway show to record/film/edit things like this:

And he still has time left over to do things like this:


Camp Writing and Wendy's

Sep 29, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So Jeff and Hunter took a few days to sneak off to a quiet retreat in the Hudson Valley to write. It was so nice to have a quiet place to think and create. We are working on all kinds of fun stuff to entertain you tossers, but we were without the interweb up there so apologies for being a little behind with bloggin' and fan mail.

In addition to writing, other highlights of Camp Writing include finding a DVD of a high school production of Joseph at our host's house. Jeff and I watched that from start to finish. We both enjoy a little Joseph and I say out loud that we know every word people. The production had six gals play the narrator...spread the wealth...and the kids rocked. We talked about how moved we still are at high school productions and in all honesty when watching something so kick ass and pure like that, well, I 'll take it over some of the fare on the White Way. I know it's apples and oranges, but I'm talking about the purity of approach.

It's basically what we try to do with [tos]...recreate that feeling we had when we went to rehearsal for shows in high school and college. When we were doing it because we loved it and you just couldn't wait for the bell to ring so you could change into your rehearsal clothes and work on whatever scene or song was on the schedule for that day. I loved Saturday rehearsals too. Debbie Bisno, and Jeff Edgerton (that's right peeps..I was in high school with fancy producer Debbie Bisno, Broadway's Jeff E. and Davis Kirby too..ibdb those suckers!) Anyhoo, we'd pile into a car and have lunch at Wendy's blaring some REM and Weber and Tears for Fears and Sondheim. Having a full Saturday, esp in the fall working on the play with your friends felt like it couldn't get any better.

"Then the mundane sets in..."

So time passes and life happens and that feeling goes away. But being a part of [tos], writing in the fall with Jeff, filming the [title of show] show with my friends. Kinda of feels like we should swing by Wendy's.

"And there you are right in the middle of what you love with the craziest of company, you're having a kick ass time and being who you wanted to be in this world."

So shout out to everbody all back in school with notebooks and sweaters and getting ready to open the fall production at your school. Holla at me and let me know what's about to open or what's cooking in your thespian troupe. (Yes I was on state council. Word.) And have a Frosty for us after practice today.


Staying Classy in The Corporate World

Sep 29, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Peter Y at Blue Man made an interesting observation while surfing the web recently... Seems that the coporate logo for Trillian from Cerulean Studios was inspired by a very classy [tos] photo.


[tos] Ephemera

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Hey [tos] collectors,

For those of you who are acquiring souvenirs to remind you of all the little morsels that are talked about in our show, here's a nice one for ya...

That's right, while surfing eBay, I stumbled across the very Brooklyn promo CD which is discussed in Hunter's first phone call message in [tos]. Get it while it's hot. This puppy is hard as hell to find.

Good luck, bidders.


King of Kong

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Last night, we saw a fantastic film. You know I love documentaries, right? This one is a classic:

I highly recommend you see this in the theatre if you can. Like HANDS ON A HARD BODY, it's a great group experience.

This segment isn't actually in the movie. It's an out-take. Is this your latest character, Jack Plotnick?

*Spoiler Alert*
This scene blew my mind. Underdog Steve Weibe is in his garage playing Donkey Kong, about to acheive the all-time high score and set a world record...

Catch it while you can!


Save a Prayer

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Our bestie Tom Schultheis just sent me this.

But who cares, Susan Blackwell?

I'll tell you who cares...

*I personally have in my possession a vintage DD tour jacket (tags still attached), two DD board games (one opened for playing, one sealed for saving), a DD purse and a heart-covered diary that chronicled my fictional relationship with the band.
*When I was younger, my friend Kris Blanton and I would spend entire school days writing long letters to each other in character--she would write as Nick Rhodes and I would reply as John Taylor. Thank you, public education.
*Every night, when I was falling asleep, I would play the B side of Rio on my record player (that's right, kiddies...gramma played it on the phonograph).
*My sister Julie swears that one day she discovered me crying in our bedroom. When she asked me why, I told her it had been announced that Duran Duran was breaking up. I have absolutely no recollection of this.

Jeff "Duranimal" Bowen and I went to see them at Madison Square Garden a while back. I scored seats on the floor, but I was a little sick, so my memories of the event are a bit fuzzy.

So, Jeff, Duran Duran is coming to Broadway.

I'll meet you there.


Blog for the Sake of Blogging

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This is just a quick blog to have a blog entry.

Gotta run uptown to shoot the latest "Tossibility Board" scene for the upcoming episode of the [tos] show! Bigger blogs later.

Is anyone reading the book "Hero?"

Where are my toscohorts?


Winner of Patch Challenge

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Since I got so many submissions, I decided to pick TWO winners for the patch this week. The winners of the challenge are....Drumroll....pulling them out of my Tarzan hat.....

Winner 1
Winner 2

Nice work, fellas.

In other news, Hunter and I went to watch the Lincoln Center taping of [title of show] today. I'm such a nerd for the Performing Arts Library. While HB and I were waiting to go in to watch our tape, I was doing some research on the musical Man on the Moon by Papa John Phillips. It was a mid-70s flop that ran for 5 performances. Anyone got any stories to tell about that one? Or where I can lay my hands on a recording of it? Also, our awesome new [title of show] assistant, Jennifer Tepper and I are obsessed with a musical called A Reel American Hero that closed in previews in 1981 at the Rialto theatre. I did some research on that today as well and apparently it was a loose Reagan biomusical that they cancelled immediately following the attempted assassination in March. Hunter said of the situation..."a butterfly flaps it wings..." But, enough nerdy sidenotes!

Anyway, the video was fun to watch. We took lots of notes cause what?? Looks like we got some writin' to do. It was fun when they asked us why we wanted to view it and our answer was a cocky..."we wrote it." The folks at the desk were super helpful and very pleasant which is always as nice thing.

Hey, Happy Peace Day!


It Acutally Happened!

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Well, I did it! I done birthed a show... and boy are my arms tired. Yep, the sun rose on "The Angle of the Sun" on Monday night. It's been a thrilling ride. First I have to say that Amanda Watkins is a phenom. I'm not sure what a phenom is, but if it's a good thing - she is it. Putting together a new musical is hard enough but when it is a two-person musical and you are the lead character and you sing about ten songs in the course of the evening (not to mention all the scenes between the songs - for me the book is generally just breather to prepare the audience for the next song). Seriously, Amanda never blew her top in rehearsal and she always found artful ways of nudging me and Rachel (Lampert, writer of the book and lyrics) in new and better directions. I think she is wonderful in the show.

Her partner in the show is Jesse Bush who originated the role in Ithaca. He is really great too. He has to play four different guys without any prosthetics or funny wigs. One friend of mine who shall remain nameless (initials TB) really loved the Boston accent of the character of Andy and it made him just a little bit hot to listen to... That should be on the ad "...featuring a really hot Boston accent."

The Festival is a crazy experience - so many things coming together at once - but I highly recommend it. Get involved any way you can - go see a show, volunteer, give money, marry a person in the festival and have their baby.

I want to say that it was amazing to have the [title of show] company come to opening night of the show to support me. Writing a show is hard' y'all. Opening night I couldn't stand to watch it. I was NERVOUS! So I went back by the stage manager's booth and laid down on the floor and listened to it go by. In the course of 5 minutes I alternated between thinking Rachel and I were the worst hacks in the world to considering maybe we had something worthwhile to offer... and then back to hackdom. Can you imagine how hard it would be if you were starring in the show you had written? Here you are trying to act and sing and create a character and at the same time trying not to wonder if what you have done is any good. I keep gaining more and more respect for what Hunter and Jeff have accomplished (and are still accomplishing) with this little ditty we all love called [the angle of the title of the sun show].


Why's Wicked Wednesday.

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So why not a little edited mix of Defying Gravity? I don't know if this is legal or what, but I love that someone sat down and took the time to do this and I like watching it. Maybe you need to hear this on hump day at school...or in your cubicle. Crank it I say. Your boss probably loves Eden...or maybe he or she is a Julia fan.

I can only hope that someday there will be a mega-mix of the Tony Award song with like ten different Hunters. Looking forward to that.

Happy Wicked Wednesday.

Shiz U.


Larry day!

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So it's a big day for our tosser Larry as his musical The Angle of the Sun opens tonight here in New York City!

Congrats Lars! We are supes proud of you and celebrate your accomplishments! If you're in the hood, get them tickets quick for Larry's big show, that bad by will sell out!

It's also the opening night for our pals and alma mater NYMF! Happy first day of NYMF. Support the NYMF, if it weren't for them where would this guy be? Also pick up a NYMF program for a sassy intro by yours truly Jeff and Hunter. We were honored to say a few words. And by a few, I think they made us cut out like 150 words to fit on the page. We have a lot to say. But it was cool to get a chance to do that. Happy NYMF.

Uh oh gotta run! Mo'Nique is on TV doing comedy in a woman's prison. Pop the corn.

Break a Leg Larry!


Down Under.

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This in from international tosser Tim from Oz:

Hi-ho from Oz! I love the album guys, and I highly reccomend getting behind Internet radio stations, because if I hadn't heard some songs from the album on I would never have found out about what is such a totally awesome musical, and would hence not be in the current ownership-ness of the album that I am.

Keep up the good work! I can't wait for [tos] to make its way Downunder!

So first off thanks for kind words Tim! And word to the internet radio. I did a little research based on Tim's tip and found this.

Good stuff and word to any internet station pumping out the [tos] tunes! On the AccuBroadway site seeing us listed between Throroughly Modern Millie and Tommy kind of blows my mind. Part of it all. Sometimes it all feels like a dream. Note to you all: use this sentence as a reminder to keep creating what you are creating. You may get in between Thoroughly Modern Millie and Tommy and feel feelings. Keep writing. (Alfred Drake is singing Oh, What a Beautiful the overture for My Favorite Year! Fun! With rockstar Evan Pappas. Twenty Million People gives me the goose pimples...thrilling opening! Good work R&H and F&A!)

And speaking of Millie:

How kick ass is Sutton Foster! I like this number.

So that's a little musical fun for your Monday.

Thanks again Tim! Hope we do make it down under! Of course we have a soft spot because our very own Benjamin hails from Oz..and we heart him hard.


Patch Quiz!

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Hey Tossers -
Sorry for dangling that patch carrot in front of your faces last week and not putting up a quiz sooner. A reminder that the winner of the quiz gets two awesome [tos] patches to iron on to their favorite apparel -- one with the logo, and one that says "[shirt]".

To make things fair, since not everyone can see this the moment I post it, I'll give all of you until the end of the week. I'll take all the correct answers and put 'em in a hat to pick a winner.

Similar to the last challenge, all of these questions have one-word answers. After you've answered them all, unscramble the the first letter of each of the answers to reveal a one-word, seldom-mounted 60s musical.

1. What musical is the musical Timbuktu! based on?
2. What actress is married to her fellow Legally Blonde costar?
3. What song opens the musical, The Full Monty?
4. What musical has seen both of its Broadway revivals run longer than its initial production?
5. What Broadway musical was Stubby Kaye's last?
6. What musical was the third of three one-word titled musicals that Patti LuPone starred in back-to-back-to-back on Broadway?
7. What role does Larry play in [title of show]?
8. What early 70s musical featured real-life mother and daughter performers?
9. What musical did the star of King of Hearts write the book for in 2005?
10. What musical is the first to be sung after Wild and Wonderful in the song "Monkeys & Playbills"?

Play baw!


Grood Work!

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I've seem some shows lately that I want to recommend to you, gentle reader.

Currently playing at Playwrights Horizons, this beautifully-written, tender play is rilly RILLY grood. It features Jeremy Shamos as a priest searching for connection. [title of show] has a talent boner for Jeremy Shamos, but if that doesn't mean anything to you, the play also features Lois Smith and The West Wing's Janel Maloney. I got a bad case of show envy watching this--if I can figure out the instructions to my mail order time machine, I'm gonna go back in time and audition for it.

We made our way down to the South Street Seaport to visit the Spiegeltent. Whitey had seen Absinthe last week, and had fallen in love with the singer, Paul Capsis. It was thrilling to be there to see Paul's solo show. He seems to literally be channeling Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Janis Joplin, etc. The range, power and nuance of his voice kept it from becoming kitsch. There was a moment when I actually got chills because of what I was seeing...I honestly can't recall having that response to a show...ever. Superbonus: He looks like the lovechild of Patti LuPone and Paul Stanley. He can span their vocal ranges, too.

Absinthe runs for a few more weeks, but I'm guessing that Paul will turn up on the Joe's Pub schedule soon. Catch it when you can. It's high quality goods.

Have you guys seen anything good lately?


The Dan Band

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I enjoy The Dan Band. They were great in OLD SCHOOL. The harmonies and choreo are always tight. Tasty.


"the [title of show] show" - Episode 3

Sep 14, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment


Video Submissions

Sep 14, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Just wanted to say superthanks to all of the amazing videos that people submitted. They are all soooo different and so excititing and they make us all giggle and cry...then cry and giggle. We had intended to use them this week for the new episode of the [toscast], but because so many rocked our world, we want to wait and do something more specialler with them.

Meanwhile, head's up Episode 3 entitled "It's an Original Musical" is coming at you later today. Get ready!



Sep 13, 2007 by Hunter | 3 Comments
So should I have posted this? I've asked myself that question over and over, but I am just going to get on the pop culture wagon and post. Somehow it feels shallow next to the most recent blogs, but the [tos] blog is a complex living, breathing thing people.

This is bananas. Apologies in advance. Bless the internet. And Heidi, for goodness sake...leave Britney alone. You too Benjamin and Court.



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Each morning, when I am finishing my morning ablutions, as I'm putting on my wedding band and wristwatch, I like to take a moment to bask in the warm glow of my gratitudinals.

In honor of September 11th, I want to express the following out loud.

I am so happy and grateful that I am alive and healthy.
I am so happy and grateful for my funny, wonderful husband and our funny, wonderful relationship.
I am so happy and grateful for my family.
I am so happy and grateful for my chosen family (my friends).
I am so happy and grateful that my friends make me laugh out loud regularly.
I am so happy and grateful for getting the opportunity to create work that I love with people that I love.
I am so happy and grateful that I live in a time that allows me to have choices about my life.
I am so happy and grateful for my home.
I am so happy and grateful for getting to live in such a stimulating city.
I am so happy and grateful for gainful employment and financial solvency.
I am so happy and grateful for every moment of my life that has led up to this

If you're reading this, I'm grateful for you, too.



Sep 11, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Fans, friends, family, well...all tossers. Today always has such mixed emotions for us all. Not just for us New Yorkers...but for everyone.


We all have a different memory, emotion,experience.

What I do like to do today is remember. Honor. Reflect.

I am also grateful for a peaceful and quiet moment to type out loud how grateful I am for my friends and family.

It's a good day I think to touch base with all your main peeps. Say what you really feel. Because we can.

Lastly, I wanted to post (or re-post) a piece that we at [tos] like a great deal. If I recall, Susan put it up on Sept. 11th before. It is a piece called exhibit 13 that was created by the amazing artists at Blue Man Group. We have discussed before how it is both beautiful and respectful and well done, so if you have a moment... remember.


From fan Lauren:

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This arrived in my inbox today and it cracked me up...

So I was on wikipedia. Because that is what I do with my spare time. Go on wikipedia. And I decide to check out the [tos] wikipage. And then I click on your name. And then I'm like HAY I'M GOING TO EDIT THIS. So I do. And they didn't like it. But whatever. And that's all I said and they were like "That is of no relevance. Betch." And I am actually very bored which is the only reason that I am actually telling you this.
Oh and here's the screen shot:
Uhm, yeah, you're awesome. And that's pretty much it.

Thanks Lauren. tossers like you help to boost our ego, which in turn makes us put out more work so that we can be flattered some more.

Wikipedia is tricky. You can't get away with much on there. I saw this listing the other day and it cracked me up at how many "citation needed"s there are. Kingwiki doesn't like opinions.

Then I went to look at the "Citation Needed" page which redirects a user to the page for Citation -- and at the end of the Content section there is a "citation needed"! ON the citation page! That's so [title of show].


Pretend blog

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Jeff's pretend blog prompted me to spend some time on the word "pretend." When I googled, this pic came up. Sure. I'm also interested in this. I guess this is fun, but as we tossers are trying to pay some bills in the ole office jobs, part of me would include a tiny certificate that says "I'm dying inside" and a button that says " I'd rather be creating art 24/7." Just some suggestions. But I do like what I think is a jelly doughnut? Maybe?

I like the idea of pretend. I would spend hours and hours as a kid pretending with Weebles and Fisher Price people. In third grade, we had that awesome paper that was half lines to write a story and half blank space to draw a pic on. I drew a picture of Santa Clause falling out of the chimney. I titled my story "Santa's Bumbly Christmas." I thought this was an awesome title. We could read our stories in front of the class, so I raised my hand to read my story. Only one problem. I hadn't written one. I had drawn the pic, had the title, and I guess I figured I could improv or wing it. I just loved my title. "Santa's Bumbly Christmas!" Come on! That's an awesome title! Anyway, I started making up a story and only got a couple of lines out. I crashed and burned and Mrs Alford wisely asked me to sit down. Oh well. I still believe in that title. Too bad we couldn't just pitch ideas like tv pilots in grade school. I would have made an "A."

We would pretend in title of show every night. Pretend it ws the first time we met Heidi. Pretend lots of things were happening for the first time. I liked that. I liked sharing that show with a new audience each night and what I didn't have to pretend was loving being on stage with my friends and getting to share something that I was so proud of.

I also don't have to pretend that I think this is awesome. Because it is. Awesome, that is.


Sep 07, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
This is a pretend blog so i can bump down the simpson pic to get to the search engine.

i'll delete this blog entry soon.


[title of show] has been Simpsonized!

Sep 05, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment
Have you seen the SimpsonizeMe website?

It's off the chain.

The other night, we had fun Simpsonizing ourselves. Then the brilliant Jeff Bowen deluxed us in photoshop.


(But make sure you don't get too distracted...we need your videos, people!!)


Who The Hell Is Heidi?

Sep 05, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Hey, Tositas!

[title of show] wants you...on video.

Send us a video file (youtube, ichat video, Quicktime, Windows Media, mpg, etc.) that's 2 minutes or less with your take on [title of show]. It can be you, you and your best friends, your dog, your hand puppets, your theatre company, your theatre company's get the idea.

Here's some sentence starters to get your video rolling:

*[title of show] is...
*The characters in [title of show] are...
*My favorite part of [title of show] is...
*The adjectives I would use to describe [title of show] are...
*[title of show] makes me feel...
*I want [title of show] to go to Broadway because...

Legal junk: If you send us your video, it becomes our property. We can use it (or not) as we see fit, and you can't sue us.

Due date: September 10

The best way to send it to us is by going to and uploading it, then sending us the link. It's easy and doesn't require you signing up for anything. Once you've uploaded, send the link to

PS: This is not [tos] gone wild. Keep your tube tops on.



Sep 04, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
Does everyone have a visual on Sean Palmer? If not, here you go and you're welcome.

Sean is not only super cute and super smart and super funny and super talented, but he also happens to have one of the nicest asses gracing The Great White Way. (Michael Berresse is also in that club...) Dammit! I would also like to say that this is my second time being a mother figure to Sean on stage. (First time being him as Almonzo to my Caroline Ingalls in Prairie.) What's that all about? Susan, I'm feeling old too. All I have to say is that we better do [title of show] soon, or we're all going to be too old to play ourselves.

Another shout out goes to [tos] friend, Blackwell-family-friend, and fellow off-Broadway alum, Tyler Maynard. At one point before we had understudy auditions for [tos], Tyler was being considered to stand-by for all four of us. (He's that versitile people...) Tyler plays Flotsom in my Disney play, and he's so good that Sherie Scott wants him dead... Nobody slithers around while belting his ass off like Tyler. We always laugh backstage that it wasn't so long ago that we were celebrated downtown ar-teests, and now we're ... well... just look. I think we look like male figure skaters maybe in a splashy Vegas Siegfried and Roy show... In all seriousness, this whole Mermaid thing is really great and I couldn't be more grateful for the j. o. b. And I never get sick of seeing what it's like to put a show on Broadway with a seemingly endless budget.

...Little different than [title of show].


End of Summer Blog

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Can you believe it's already September? Jeff, Hunter and I went for a walk the other night and the air felt like Back-to-School. We could practically smell our new Mead notebooks and Dixon Ticonderogas. Happy-sad.

You know you're getting older when one or more of the following happens:

A. Your Back-to-School days are over

B. You attend your 20th high school reunion

C. You get cast as a judge on LAW & ORDER

4. All occur in the same week

That right, you filthy punks: Mommy's getting old.

Full disclosure, counselors: I shot an upcoming episode of LAW & ORDER. Lots of changes happening over there. The courtroom's getting younger and sexier and Judge Susan is presiding over the season premiere.


Most of the time, filming makes me crazy nervous, but there were lots of nice people around who made the experience more funner (...funnerer?). My old friend Elizabeth Marvel was playing the defense attorney and my new friend Marin Ireland was playing the accused. We filmed for 1/2 a day and ate lunch together before Marin finally admitted to me that she was a total tosser! (She then raced upstate to work on this cool project with ANON director Melissa Kievman...fancy.)

Other cool perks included meeting the new EADA played by Linus Roache. Now that Sam Waterston has been promoted, Linus is rocking the courtroom and he was great fun. Also on set: Michael McKean. He's on my short-shortlist of people I idolize, but I couldn't bring myself to tell him that. I wanted to crawl up his butt, but instead I kept my cool and a respectful distance. Though I did talk to him long enough for this exchange to occur:

SB (sitting in judge chair): Hi, Michael. I'm Susan.
MM (sitting on witness stand): Do we know each other? Have we worked together before?
SB: No.
MM: You remind me of someone I know.
SB: Somebody awesome?

This also occurred during the first rehearsal of a scene at 7am:

Assistant Director Stu: A-team rehearsal up.
Director Alan Coulter: And...action.
Attorney Elizabeth Marvel: Some line about something legal.
Judge Susan: Something snotty to Executive Defense Attorney Linus Roache.
EADA Linus Roache: Some complicated line about some legal thing that Susan barely understands, even after hearing it 23 times.
Attorney Elizabeth Marvel: Something that contradicts what Linus just said.
Judge Susan: Something judgey to refute what Elizabeth just said.
TBD Character: Something surprising that I can't reveal here!
Judge Susan: Quiet, quiet! Officers, remove that man...The rest of you, be ready for trial.

(Pause. Pause.)

Judge Susan: KLUNG-KLUNG
All present: Laughter
Judge Susan: It's a new season, kids. Anything can happen. What if, at the end of this scene, Linus just takes to the camera and says...KLUNG-KLUNG? Just an idea...


Order in the court (gavel gavel gavel).


Between shoot days for L&O, I scampered back to Ohio for Bethel High School's Class of '87 20th Reunion!

The highlight of this trip was reconnecting with my best friend from high school, Jerry Pierce. Jerry and I were inseparable during high school. We were even on the cheerleading squad together (more on that another time)! We lost track of each other when Jerry went into the military and I went to theatre school. Seeing him again, spending time with his awesome wife and beautiful kids (!!!) was like finding something dear you thought you'd misplaced forever. I thought I might have lost that treasure for good. Turns out it had just rolled behind the couch. Lucky me!

I went to a very small, rural high school (87 people in our graduating class). Most of those people have remained in the area to live their lives and raise their families. They found my life as amazing and foreign as I found theirs. I had a great time catching up with Mike Labosky. Mike and I never really hung out in high school (even though we were in all the same classes). His standard high school look included a John Deere ball cap, plaid flannal shirt, jeans, manure-covered work boots, a tin of Skoal in his back pocket and a dip cup. I had a great time talking with Mike and comparing our lives. Now, Mike is married, has a great family and his own tool & die shop behind his house. Husband, father, business owner, Harley enthusiast...Mike Labosky is all these things. Plus, he's barely set foot out of Miami County, Ohio. Near the end of our conversation, Mike said that when [title of show] goes to Broadway, he's going to come to NYC to see it.

So, now we have to go to Broadway. If only for Mike Labosky.


Once L&O was shot, and the class of '87 had reunited, Whitey and I took a hella end-of-Summer roadtrip to Oregon and Washington!

In Ashland, we visited our friends Rex & Miriam who are currently rocking the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ashland is an adorable little town with pretty vistas, kicky shopping and delicious restaurants. (Sidebar, counselors: the best Arnold Palmer can be found at the Dragonfly...they make it with Passion Fruit tea...not to be missed.) We saw three shows during our visit: AS YOU LIKE IT (starring Miriam as Rosalind), TRACY'S TIGER (a new musical featuring Miriam) and ON THE RAZZLE (starring Rex in the Cornelius Hackl-ish role).

All the shows were fun, but it was especially exciting to see Miriam in AS YOU LIKE IT. We had done a production in graduate school at the University of Minnesota (she played Celia, I played Rosalind). We cemented our friendship doing that show, so to see her play Rosalind in this big, professional production was like cranking up the memory machine. So fun, exciting and nostalgic.


We then shwizzed up the Oregon Coast and visited the Lynch family. You'll recall that Jim wrote the book THE HIGHEST TIDE, which now has been published in many languages and has been optioned for a film. The movie rights to "The Highest Tide" went to actor/director Fisher Stevens, who first came upon the novel while performing the audio book. Cool, huh?

I want to give a special shout out to SuperTosser Grace Lynch, who gave up her bedroom for us during our visit. I want to wish Grace the best as she starts at her new high school this week. Remember, Grace: Freshman matter what them Seniors try to tell you.


Then, Whitey and I motored up to Seattle for a short visit. We saw all sorts of neat things there.

All in all, it was a beautiful trip but it all went by too too fast.

Now I'm back and gearing up for Autumn, rehearsals at the Roundabout and more [tos]cast fun…

End of summer, tossers...

It's happy-sad.


Quiz Answers

Sep 03, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Here are the answers to last week's quiz courtesy of Paul Broussard who has an awesome radio show called Stage & Screen at WTUL out of New Orleans -- tune your Louisiana dial to 91.5 FM every Sunday from 10 AM to 12 Noon:

1. PIPPIN was Irene Ryan's only Broadway show

2. Nancy Opel made her Broadway debut in EVITA

3. "Chavaleh" follows "Far From the Home I Love" in FIDDLER

4. Roger Bart won a Tony Award for playing Snoopy

5. RAGS opened and closed in August (never open your Broadway musical in August, especially at the Hellinger...that's a recipe for flop if I ever saw one) --- J.B. says: unless the name of your show is Hairspray

6. RUNAWAYS was the first musical post-CHORUS LINE to transfer to Broadway. I don't think THREEPENNY OPERA counts because it never played downtown.

7. Jeffy (that's you) calls out KWAMINA in "Original Musical"

8. RENT was the last musical to win the Pulitzer Prize (though ANNA IN THE TROPICS sounds like a teriffic title of a is not a musical)

9. Rosie O'. stepped into SEUSSICAL

10. It was red and YELLOW and green and brown
And scarlet and black and ocher and peach,
And ruby and olive and violet and fawn,
And lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve,
And cream and crimson and silver and rose,
And azure and lemon and russet and grey,
And purple and white and pink
and orange and BLUE!!

It could say...a coat of many colours.


And the answer is "SKYSCRAPER"
which opened Paul's radio show this past week. He says that one of his personal
favorites was the 10th song he played that week. I looked it up to see the Paul was referring to an awesome song called "What Kind of Girl is She?"

Thanks, Paul.
Keep spinning the tunes and tryin' to win [tos] patches!



Sep 02, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
So the winner of last week's puzzle challenge is:

Jeff from Syracuse!
Close second was John in Boston and Paul B in N'orlins. Paul B sent me virtual cupcakes for my birthday and that's a winner in my book.

So here's the deal - Winners of the puzzles are going to start getting a prize! What? You heard me. Jeff, send me your address (if you're cool wif dat) and we'll ship you out a prize...
Winners like Jeff will receive [tos]patches!

These are super cool iron-ons that will spice up anyone's shownerd wardrobe! Put them on a hat, on sox, on dancebelts, on wristbands, or onto anything you can iron. The "[shirt]" patch works best on a shirt, we hear -- but by all means don't let the "Appropriate Label Vampire" control your creative decision.

Supplies are limited so when you see a challenge that says you can win patches - you need to take it seriously and buckle down if you want to be the envy of all of your friends. (Your friends with a very specific hobby/interest).


Attention: Old Springs Pikers

Sep 02, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
I like the band Old Springs Pike. Their live shows make my booty bounce.

I remember seeing MTV's John Norris there when we saw them at ARS Nova. I guess he decided to do a piece on them. Arqueete sent in a link to the resultant three-parter. Thanks, Arqueete!



Read a Book. Vampires.

Sep 01, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So back a bit, I posted the BET "Read A Book" video. This evening I am watching the creators on CNN discuss their work, along with parents, etc. Seems it has become quite the controversy. Fascinating to watch the discussion about satire, use of language, what is appropriate, what is "right" for kids, for anybody. I surfed the web and found countless articles and blogs about this piece. Full disclosure I am not black nor do I have kids. I don't have that perspective at all, but as I sit here and watch two artists try to explain satire and what they were commenting on with the video, education, hip hop culture, BET videos, I can't help but to think about Susan singing about Vampires. I like this piece. I think it is funny. I also respect that parents don't want their kids to watch this. However, I do like to see artists push the envelope, make people think, and kill vampires. Will I have my kids watch this? When they are teeny no, but when they are older, I hope they are as smart and bright and funny and creative as the guys making this. Just my two cents.


Labor Day

Sep 01, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Hey tossers. Hope you guys are digging episode 2. It's been an interesting venture creatively. We are having fun. Learning a lot. Seeing new video vampires and trying to kill them working in a new medium. Lots more to come!

Hope your Labor day involves sleeping, eating and not a lot of labor. Wanted to share this tune with you.

Labor Day.

The lovely and talented Maddy Wyatt sings a beautiful tune which I think is a propos. Just go over to the right and click on Labor Day. And while you're myspacing swing by here too playas.


the [title of show] show - Episode 2

Aug 31, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
She's a two-parter:




This is Happening Now, Broseph...

Aug 30, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
They say it might sell out early.

So if you need to see me in the prestigious dual role of Teacher/Reporter, get your tickies now!!

PS: Sorry I've been so blog-absent. I've been doing lots of stuff and will catch up with y'all soon...



Aug 30, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So today is a special [tos] day. It's Jeff's b-day! He turns 21 and we are gonna get so f-ed up. WOOOOOOO! Okay, he's a few years over 21 but anyhoo...Happy b-day Jeff!

Let's see with whom Jeffy shares his day:

1797 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, author (Frankenstein)
1898 Shirley Booth, actress (Hazel)
1908 Fred MacMurray, actor (My Three Sons, The Shaggy Dog)
1918 Ted Williams, baseball player
1919 Kitty Wells, country music singer (It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels)
1925 Laurent de Brunhoff, author (Babar)
1930 Warren Buffett, business man
1941 Ben Jones, actor/ congressman (Cooter from The Dukes of Hazzard)
1943 Jean-Clause Killy, 1968 Olympics 3 medals gold for alpine skier
1947 Peggy Lipton, actress (Mod Squad)
1948 Lewis Black, actor/ comedian (The Daily Show)
1951 Timothy Bottoms, actor (Paper Chase, George W. Bush performer)
1972 Cameron Diaz, actress (Fiona from Shrek, Charlie's Angels)
1982 Andy Roddick, tennis player

Good stuff.

I love you Jeff. Have a great day. When we get rich and famous, I'm having these guys make your cake.



Aug 26, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
I wanted to thank some folks who wrote in with answers to the question of what songs are shorter than their own reprise...

Arqueete mentioned "You and I" - depending on what version of Chess you are doing. Another good one was by K.D. who pointed out that "Legally Blonde" is shorter than it's reprise. AND I myself was listening to the cast album of Cleavage the other day and the song "Only Love" is shorter than its reprise.

Here's a little puzzle for you:

Answer the following ten trivia questions. Then, take the first letter of each of the one-word answers and unscramble them to find the name of a long-forgotten musical...

1. What's the only Broadway musical that "The Beverly Hillbillies" star Irene Ryan appeared in?
2. In What show did Nancy Opel make her Broadway debut?
3. What song follows "Far From the Home I Love" in Fiddler on the Roof?
4. What role did Roger Bart win a Tony Award for in 1999?
5. What month did Rags open (and close) in in 1986?
6. After A Chorus Line, what was the next musical to be moved from The Public Theatre to Broadway?
7. What show does Jeff call out as being an original musical in "An Original Musical"?
8. What was the last musical to win The Pulitzer Prize?
9. What musical did Rosie O'Donnell step into in 2001?
10. What color is mentioned between red and green in the lyrics of "Joseph's Coat"?

Play baw!


blog slackin'

Aug 25, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Hey tossers. Sorry there's been some blog slackin'. But it's not been without good reason. We are working hard on the next episode of the [title of show] show and trying to pimp it up some. The hamster that runs on the wheel that works our camera apparently got sick eating too much corm. That set us back a bit, but we promise on our sick corm-filled hamster that episode 2: electric boogaloo will hit the webwaves this coming Friday. Prepare.


West Side Story of Self-Confidence

Aug 21, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
Just in case you've never seen this...

and Part2:

Thanks to Melanie - who's the most recent tosser to pass this along to us.

Now if only she gets inspired to make this happen!


Daisy Props

Aug 20, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Just wanted to give props to aleildaisy for answering my question so quickly last week about Tuesday Weld and Jesus. Indeed the song that includes those two names is "Aint Got No (Reprise)" from Hair. Lots of folks wrote in pretty quickly with that answer.
"Aint Got No" is probably one of the only songs where its reprise is longer than its first version.

Can anyone think of any others?


For your consideration.

Aug 16, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Okay. A little something for Friday. There's some language, so make sure your boss is passing right by your cubicle when you play this. This makes me laugh out loud. Happy Friday mutha-fuckas.


Unison turns in second.

Aug 15, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Jeff this video also has healing powers. If those turns in second don't magically heal your arm...well, I don't know what will.



What the fuck Debbie Allen?

Aug 15, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
In honor of Jeff's arm in a sling, I felt the need to post this gem from '82. It doesn't get anymore '82 than this! Sometimes I don't know whether to mock a performer or thank them. After her number is some Texaco ad bs and an NBC promo. You can let it roll to pass the office cubicle time, or end with Debbie. Lord knows she's more than enough.


slings and arrows

Aug 14, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
so i'm upstate and wrapped in a sling because i had a little accident on a tubing adventure. and i have to iron an arrow shirt to wear tomorrow to a bday dinner for michael b. the sling isn't a big deal, i just needed a snappy title for this blog entry and slings and arrows is catchy. has it been used before? prolly. everything is stolen these days, right? where are your caps, jeffrey?

in other news, thanks for all the feedback on the the toscast. i think we're all a bit apprehensive about blogging because of the new adventures ahead of us. who wants to read the day-in-day-out nonsense again if you're expecting refreshing funness and happenings. well folks, even big-time stars have to do laundry and water their tomato plants...well, maybe not brad and angelina, but some of the stars that are right under them on the totem tuesday weld and jesus.

anyone know what theatre tune mentions tuesday weld and jesus? fastest on the reply (click on my name above) wins! and remember you don't win anything except the fact that you've won.



the [title of show] show - pilot episode

Aug 12, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
view it here or on it's own special page.

we're nervous. please be nice with your feedback. we got a long road ahead of us...

we'll get it up on itunes soon so you can watch us on the subway, but we're gonna get a couple more episodes under our belt first so that the folks at mac know that we're totally legit.
don't panic because you don't see susan and heidi. they'll be making appearances too. as will all the other tos family members - and some special showbiz celebs.


Ahhhh, 4 people singing 1-part harmony...

Aug 12, 2007 by Jeff | 2 Comments

Perpetual unison is the deepest form of torture to Heidi. How in the hell can anyone make it through that whole song without just a hint of harmony??? And falling off-pitch is not really considered harmony...well it is, but it's not clean harmony.



Aug 11, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
I brought this jello salad...for the Blog B-Q. Is anybody here? It was last week? Oh my. I got my dates wrong. Really? Last Saturday? But what do with all of this?


For your consideration.

Aug 08, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
I love me big bro for many reasons but one is e-mails like this.

Not sure why this is stuck in my head, but check out the similarities in the chorus between Amy Winehouse and Easy Reader. Early show with Easy Reader as more Hendrix hippie than Shaft soul brother – enjoy:


Good work bro.

I think Ive blogged on this before, but my bro and I loved that whole PBS post school powerhouse lineup of Sesame Street, Mr Rogers' Neighborhood, The Electric Company...and eventually this show. I still want to be in an audition and have someone sing the theme from 3-2-1 Contact for their 16 bars. That and Eye of the Tiger. If you sing both for me, you'll probably get a callback...mainly because I want to hear those songs again. But where was I? Oh yes...after school PBS. Those shows just made me feel comfortable. And I'm talking I was watching them in like 5th and 6th grade. I think I wasn't supposed to be watching Sesame Street at that age, but I've never been one to play by the rules and that shit was funny. We could all stand to brush up on our alphabet, and I dare you to watch Super Grover and not smile. See I told ya.

A lot of times people ask us about our influences as artists, I would have to include all of these shows in my DNA. From this guy (that pic just rocked my bro's world) to this guy.

Maybe Amy Winehouse was influenced too.


Opinions/Buttholes, Part 2

Aug 07, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
You'll recall that I reached out to all you beautiful people seeking help selecting my new headshots. These were the choices:

Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D
Option E
Option F
Option G
Option H
Option I
Option J
Option K
Option L
Option M

Thank you to everyone who voted. Here's a random sampling of the responses:

Jaime: “I spent two years working as an assistant at a talent agency, where a good deal of my soul was frittered away stapling headshots to resumes, and more of it spent opening submissions with the agents and seeing how they reacted to the pics, so I consider myself kinda good at this. Not to mention it's one of my favorite things to do, helping people pick headshots. If I could make my living as a headshot consultant, I totally would. So, the picture that, to me, is the clear, hands-down winner: A.”

Kerry: “As a dedicated blog reader and professional photographer, I thought that I would throw my hat into the ring and vote for A.”

Larry: “I don't know what you all are talking about. B is obviously the best choice.”

Robb from Florida: “I am voting for B and K. And I am not talkin' Burger King or British Knights shoes…Oh, yea...Do I win anything?”

(You’ve already won, Robb…the opportunity to stare at my face.)

Paul: “D & E. D because you have really good teeth and I think good think good teeth are an asset. E because it’s like D without teeth.”

Cody Sears (a 19-year-old from Canada): “…I find Option E to be, dare i say it, rousing. (I dared, i so did)”.

(Coo-coo-ca-choo, Cody Sears.)

Ann Harada: “I like Options A and E…but what the fuck do I know? But hey, you asked.”

Michael: “Hard to choose, but I'd say E or F. Not usually a fan of the 'crawling away from the scene of the accident' pose, but it works for ya!”

Krissy from Norway: “Options F and K.”

(After probing, I learned that Krissy’s people invented the paper clip and cheese slicer, that Krissy loves musicals and she lives by a frickin’ fjord! Word to your fjord, Krissy!! Word!!!)

Dan: “F, by a long shot”

Susan M: “The one I liked the best was F. It was just breathtaking!”

Harris: “F is NOT my fave.”

Eric ( “I vote for Option G. I think it's you doing your Strong Woman Number.”

Marita: “I'm a traditionalist I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE H. H is the one for me!”

Roxane: “Clearly, Option I is a first choice, but also like Option H.”

Hunter: “No questions. "I". It's the most versatile, commercial and legit, and your eyes say so much. It will work on both coasts too.”

Eric: “Me likey F and J....yesh.”

John in Boston (who I noticed was writing from his work…stick it to the man, John) preferred K. He also sent a picture of his pup Scooter whose headshot beats mine paws down…get it?…paws!?…cause he’s a dawg!!?

Patrick: “Is Option M a production pic from a musical I don't know about?”

(Yes…it’s called STAY CLASSY. They just announced it on next year’s Mufti season. Hunter's starring as Classy Egg #1. You can be my date to go see it.)

Paul also added: “If you think your photos might need any retouching, here's a good service”.

At first it seemed like the results were all over the map. Then a trend started to take shape.

So, by a landslide, I'd like to present my new headshot!

(Just kidding, y'all. For reals, this is it. Thanks to everyone who participated in my little focus group. It really helped!!)

Enough cliche actor nonsense...

Seriously, though, meet me at the Equity lounge in 45 minutes...I'll be the one wearing a sequin ball cap, reading Backstage and crabbing loudly about NOT being seen for the Jinglebell Dinner Theatre's EPAs.



Larry's BBQ Blog #3 - New Game

Aug 05, 2007 by Larry | Add comment
Hey, I thought it was BBQ weekend - Saturday AND Sunday. I guess I was wrong. However I still have one more blog to munch on.

I am always amazed at all the games that Jeffrey has devised and so I thought I might try to contribute something. I'm calling it the Amanda Bynes game. I just recently saw Hairspray, (the movie of the musical of the movie) and although there was a lot of energy up there, I'm sorry to say I didn't love it. My favorite activity was watching how many facial expressions Amanda Bynes could accomplish in a short amount of time. There is one scene when she and Tracy are leaving a classroom and Tracy is having some sort of conversation with someone else - Penny is not really in the scene at all - and Amanda Bynes is in the background acting up a storm, throwing more faces-per-minute than any actress I've seen: concern, surprise, disdain, existential angst. So I thought we could develop a game to find the actor or actress who give us the most facial expressions per second. I've not really thought it through more than that... Dang, Jeff, making up games is hard.

I'm sorry to rag on Amanda because she is in one of the teen movies that Hunter and I have been known to watch: What A Girl Wants. It includes a kind of [title of show] line in it - "Why would you want to fit in when you were born to stand out?" But she better lower her faces-per-minute ratio or she won't have any left when it comes time for her "Where Are They Now?" show in E entertainment....

That's it. Happy BBQ.


Holy Molar

Aug 05, 2007 by Courtney | 1 Comment
Friends, I am sorry I missed the BBQ yesterday, but technically I couldn't eat because I have a horrible toothache and a fever, and what fun is a BBQ if you can't gnaw fried chicken off the bone? I have been reduced to mild soup, life-saver mints and drinking out of a straw (which I hate). I came online to read the blog today and consequently felt guilt that I hadn't been a better [tos]ser...but I was pretty grumpy yesterday and had no funness to expel.
Today is a new day, however, and I decided I would share this little story about my time in Oklahoma City, since you don't really need your teeth to type or to live in Oklahoma City (as it turns out).
I was in OKC for the month of June and wanted to really "experience the city", which is HUGE, and if you haven't been, is a few blocks of low-rise buildings, residential areas and lots of chain stores and fast food. I lived in the residential area in a gated apartment complex, and one of my first nights there I decided to take a walk to go get myself dinner. The gate, however, only opened from the inside out by car sensor. This should have been my first clue to not attempt a stroll but I thought, hey, I am a NYer, I don't need to drive everywhere! I spent about twenty minutes jumping up and down and running over the area with the sensor, trying to open the gate. I was about to give up when a PT Cruiser politely drove through the sensor and opened the gate for me. I walked out behind him and escaped (all the while pondering what good that gate did since I ran through it and in the time it took to close behind me, so could have about 20 armed robbers). I began my walk. About a minute into my journey I realized there were no sidewalks. Didn't anyone walk in the Great Plains? By halfway to my destination, I was deeply regretting my decision to be a pioneer. This is what Columbus must have felt like when he too was exploring uncharted territory. I didn't want to give up, so I decided to go to the first place I saw. Sonic. I had heard a lot about Sonic, but where I grew up in Jersey there were none. I arrived there battered and war torn from my brave travel and was so excited to finally eat. I walked up to the door and pulled and to my surprise it was locked. There were people inside and they looked at me bewildered.
"Are you open?" I asked.
"Yes ma'am," the women replied, "but hon, this is a drive-thru."



Aug 05, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
is not only the day after the rocking is my Aunt Bootie's birthday! What a weekend. Happy b-day to my aunt . I love you Bootie.


Video Flashback - Part 2

Aug 05, 2007 by Jeff | 2 Comments


Did I miss the watermelon?

Aug 04, 2007 by Benjamin | 1 Comment
I'm sorry I'm SO late. I had rehearsal and then had a haircut before the matinee, then a grocery trip to a faraway supermarket before grabbing something to eat before the evening show and then I left my laptop somewhere which is important because there is only 4 square feet in this entire town that has wireless internet, then I couldn't remember the password...BUT GODDAMIT I'M HERE NOW.

Actually the evening show is still going on, and I've snuck into the company manager's office to write this - don't tell anyone, k? - but all I could think was that I'd be the only one who didn't attend the blog bbq, and under circumstances like that, who cares about watching the show for the sixth time this week?

Which is all a really longwinded way of saying that I got that job up at Goodspeed. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell anyone yet, but I have a contract and a rehearsal schedule so what they hey. I'm taking over the leading role of con man Harrison Floy in 'High Button Shoes' at the Goodspeed Opera House on August 14th. Very exciting for me. I can say that now. At the start of the week I was just crapping myself but now that I've seen it I know I can do it, so I've stopped crapping and started getting excited about it. Come see it! It's a good time.

I'm taking over from a young chap named Stephen Bienskie who's heading back to NYC to do a little gig called 'Silence! The Musical'. Wait. Don't we know someone in that caper? Could that be the very same 'Silence! The Musical' penned by our very own Hunter Bell? This show biz world is THIS big, folks (hold your fingers really close together).

Okay the show's over and I have to get off this computer before I get locked inside a very old and spooky looking theatre. Seriously it's like the Addams Family house, but painted white. Spooky with a capital ssssssss. And, Jeff, if we were having games at this bbq I would offer this competition: a prize to the first person who can tell us which current Broadway show mentions 'High Button Shoes'.

Pass me a bottle of Off. They breed bugs big in Connecticut.



Aug 04, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So my bro called and suggested we celebrate the Blog-B-Q by posting this.
Yes. Me likey.


Larry's BBQ Blog #2

Aug 04, 2007 by Larry | Add comment
So this week we held auditions for "The Angle of the Sun". Auditions are really strange for everyone involved. Having coached a lot of singers, I know that there is a huge amount of drama that actors have to go through to get the audition, let alone actually show up and reveal something that sets them apart from all the other people who show up. It make me overly...

You know, I was going to say something profound about this business of show but I keep getting distracted by "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" starring the pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan which is on ABC as I'm writing this. I can't believe that I am a grown man and can still find something to identify with in a movie for teenage girls. But try as I might to fight it, my interest in girls in high school keeps showing up. That is what I share with Hunter Bell - inside we are teenage girls.

Anyway, we held auditions this week. I can't reveal the cast yet because offers have gone out and we have to wait to see if the tens of dollars that we are offering these two incredible actors will be enough... The minute that it's official, I'll let you know.

Look, this blog just isn't going to happen. I have to find out if the Lindsey Lohan character gets to go to the final concert of the band Sid Arthur (even though I know that she WILL get to the concert)... Later.


Video Flashback - Part 1

Aug 04, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment



Aug 04, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Dear [tos] blog bbq,
I am writing to express my disgust at one of your bbq entries, "Let's check the totes board!" First of all, this was to be a blog bbq day. How did it become a telethon? That doesn't make any sense! Also your use of a picture of a kid in a wheelchair is beneath you guys. I read this blog to find out about The Little Mermaid and for discussions about art and collaboration, not for you to make fun of hard working god fearing Americans who raise money for sick kids. Why would you do that [tos]? Why? And the final straw is this talk of a rusty trombone? Filth. Pure filth. And why is there a wikipedia page dedicated to that phrase? I won't be returning to this blog good sirs. Oh, and don't think for a minute that printing some ironic self-referential fictional letter excuses your poor taste and unfunny jokes. It doesn't. It just proves you don't take this seriously at all.

Vampire Mcvampire

PS It's "God"...not "god." See you hell.


Let's check the totes board!

Aug 04, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
This blog bbq-a-thon is crazy! There have been so many amazing days this summer, Live Earth...Princess Di's concert at Wembley (when P.Diddy kept shouting we love you! we miss you Diana, I thought yes. Speak-sing for her memory. There was not a more fitting tribute.) And now, today 4/7/07 [tos]blog bbq. Let's check the total boards. So many of you have written us and called with your donations and we have raised over tewnty million dollars for [tos] kids. (and when I say so many of you, I mean we've received no calls or donations as there really is no telethon and I m pretty sure it's illegal to solicit money...except for sexual favors. That's why the tos cast will be giving rusty trombones all day for 24 hours at some point in the future. We care that much! We're gonna keep fighting the fight. Coming up please welcome to the bbq blog-a-thon stage...

these people! Yes.



Aug 04, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
I feel like the family picnic planner who was more focused on getting everyone to show up than preparing delicious blog food for the people.

All I got is a picture of my real-live family picnic in Baltimore in the summer of 1972. I was a year old and not in the photograph.
From left to right, the adults in the back:
Uncle Jerry, Aunt Mary, Aunt Ella, Mom, Pop-pop (Wilbert), Aunt Nancy and Mom-mom (Violet)
Kids in front (all cousins):
Sherri, Sandy (holding Billy Bowen) with cousin Bonnie, Todd, Ronnie, Loretta, Russell, and Bobby.

Most likely my dad is holding me while taking the picture. Or I was napping.



Aug 04, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
(or The Birth of the Death of the Vampires)
by Susan Blackwell


Asclepias (milkweed) is a genus of herbaceous perennial, dicotyledonous plants that contains over 140 known species. Milkweeds are an important nectar source for bees and other nectar seeking insects, and a larval food source for monarch butterflies.

Milkweed is a common folk remedy used for removing warts. Milkweed sap is applied directly to the wart several times daily until the wart falls off.

Species in the Asclepias genus grow their seeds in pods. These seedpods contain soft filaments known as either silk or floss. The filaments are attached to individual seeds. When the seedpod ripens, the seeds are blown by the wind, each carried by several filaments.



Since the night we wrote DIE VAMPIRE DIE at Hunter's kitchen table, we've gotten much feedback about its restorative effects. Many people have asked about the genesis of the song.

In 2002, Hunter and I took a writing workshop with an artist named Lynda Barry. If you don't know Lynda's work, I recommend that you check out her stuff. She's a total rockstar of a human being and artist. You may recognize her name because I mention it (excitedly) in the show, or because many of Matt Groening's books are dedicated to her. You may know her book THE GOOD TIMES ARE KILLING ME (which is also a play), ONE HUNDRED DEMONS, the novel CRUDDY or her fantastic recorded stories. If you have any interest in writing, we highly recommend that you take her Writing the Unthinkable workshop. If you're like us, Lynda Barry will rock your ass eight ways to Sunday. If you have ever toyed with the idea of writing (or have made your living writing), we can not recommend this course highly enough. But sign up fills up fast!

So, Hunter and I took Lynda's writing workshop at the Omega Institute. Here's the quote from the course description that lured us in:

“When people try to write stories they tend to drag the stories behind them,” says writer and cartoonist Lynda Barry. “They think the story and question it and try to arrange it into something understandable, which is no fun at all! It makes a person feel exhausted and cranky. The best way to write is to let the image pull you. You should be water-skiing behind it, not dragging it like a barge. Writing should take you for a ride.

Can you diggit, Monkeys?!!

The process that Lynda teaches is so rich and, in many ways, very straightforward: Through a series of exercises, she relaxes her students into clearing their minds, slowing down and letting the writing (or doodling or painting or song) bubble up from within, then flow into their hand and onto the page. (It's less hooky-spooky than I'm making it sound). She gave us practical tools to get out our own way and release the impulse to control and judge the creative process. She learned this process from her art teacher at Evergreen State, Marilyn Frasca. Lynda shares it with her students and, in turn, invites them to pass it along to the world.

When she's teaching, Lynda has a stack of cards and materials that she spreads out at the front of the room. Each card contains a thought or concept or phrase that she may incorporate into her lessons. One of Lynda's concepts that rocked our bottoms was the notion of identifying and killing your vampires. (My therapist calls it "cognitive reframing". I call it "my life's work".)

We learned so much from Lynda Barry that we have incorporated into our ongoing creative conversations. [title of show] continues some of those conversations onstage as an extension of our lives offstage. So, when Jeff and Hunter began writing [title of show], they asked if I'd like to write a song based on the beloved concept of killing our vampires. Forever fashioned of rhinestones and ham, we decided a presentational, girl-group theme would be fun. And thus, the song DIE VAMPIRE DIE was born.


Every so often, we receive emails like following. Receiving them makes me happier than I can express. It’s thrilling to know that something you’ve written has had a vampire-killing, wart-thwarting effect.

From: Molly
Subject: Vampires

Hey [title of show]!

I never got an opportunity to see the show, but I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love this truly unique cast recording you have created. It is especially inspiring to listen to (Particularly "Die Vampire, Die") in the month of November, as I was participating in a competition called National Novel Writing Month, in which you create a 50,000 word novel in 30 days (last year I only got to 20,000, but I wrote it about the difficulties someone was going through to write a novel in one month. Haha.) I'm so glad I stumbled upon the CD. Good luck in everything in you future and your present, and again, thank you.



From: Betsy
Subject: Glad I caught the show when I could!

I'm in the middle of my long-untouched SF novel, thanks to your
spectacular motivator. *Die Vampires, Die* is sheer genius.

Anyway, thanks again!

Back to the novel.




From: Jeff

I just woke up singing the Vampire song. Swear to God.

Jeff Marx


So, just when you think your life can’t get any better…this email just about made my head a’splode with molten goodness. I couldn’t be more pleased to be referenced in this context. Please take a few minutes and listen to his speech.

From: David
Subject: Rabblerousing

Hello there. My name's David Levithan, and I borrowed your metaphor. To explain: I'm a writer and editor of books for teens (think, Judy Blume for gay boys). I'm published by Knopf, I travel around a lot. A few weeks ago, I was speaking at a teen literature conference in Australia and found out that while the teen lit community in the US is pretty progressive when it comes to LGBT stories, Australia was surprisingly behind the times -- I was the first out gay male author who'd ever spoken to them, and I was hearing all the things I most hate to hear from librarians and teachers and publishers ("I just don't think we can carry a gay book in our library... people would be so upset... it's so controversial.") So I reached for a metaphor, found your vampires, and rabbleroused. The Centre for Youth Literature has put up my speech. I just wanted to give you guys a chance to see the inadvertent inspiration you provided. I honestly had people come up to me after the speech and say, "Yes, I need to kill the vampires"! I know most people don't think of musicals or teen novels as being frontline agents of social change, but the truth is, they can be. If there's anything I can do to repay you for the borrowing of the metaphor, definitely let me know.

Thanks again.




To: Lynda Barry
From: [title of show]
Subject: Milkweed

I am so happy to tell you that we took the packet of seeds you gave us and grew a milkweed!

Which attracted the butterflies.

And got rid of our warts!

Then the pod burst open and those fluffy flosses got picked up by the wind and traveled all over the map. Some of them even made it to Australia!

Thank you for giving us the seeds…

Susan Blackwell


2-Show Blog

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Like Hunter, or was it Jeffy, said, I have two mermaid shows today, so I gotta make this short and sweet...

Larry!!! You were in Colorado and I didn't even know it? What the hell... And you got to ride in first class??!! What prompted that? Was it because your previous flight got cancelled and they were throwing you a bone, or did you find the right flight attendant to flirt with? I need details... First class always rocks my world. All one times I've ridden in it...

Olive woke me up at 7am this morning to take me for a walk. That's early people. Especially if you're show trash. She's bossy. After I shook off the sleepys, we went out into the beautiful Denver day and we played ball in the park. That's a fun thing to do first thing in the morning... I like my dog.

The show is evolving every day and it's amazing being in on the process of getting a big Disney show off the ground. I'm constantly amazed by the bravery of our creative team. They are cutting and adding and changing and sculpting things in such a fearless way. They have a vision, and dammit, they're gonna get there...

When you're making a new show, it's so weird how you might have a beautiful song or an expensive, glorious costume or set piece, and in spite of it's beautiful-expensive-gloriousness, it has to be cut. I've lived through this process with [title of show], Meet John Doe, and now The Little Mermaid, and it never ceases to amaze me how much courage it takes to throw something out that has taken literally hours and hours of creative mojo, not to mention lotsa money, to put on a stage. But you gotta cut it sometimes people. With Mermaid, it's just on such a huge scale, it makes my palms sweat a little bit...

I feel like this blog is rambly... I'm just not that focused 'cause I got lots going on today. So I'm gonna go do it.

I'm looking forward to all the bloggin' I'll blog again later if I can... Have fun bloggers!


Larrys BBQ Blog #1 - Colorado

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I have decided to try to kick off the Saturday BBQ Blog. I think one way to atone for my lack of blogging is to show my enthusiasm on this special day. However, I have so much to say to get you guys caught up that I will blog quite a few times today. The first thing I want to blog about is my vacation to Colorado. So first I'll give you this. It was really beautiful up there and we stayed in a series of cabins, I stayed in this one. Here's the real one. It was very relaxing. I got to read the entire Harry Potter book. We got to see a lot of moose, I mean moose. Then one night around the campfire, my sister-in-law asked about the future of [title of show]. I said that we didn't know but there might be something good in our future. Just then my nephew started singing "Blank Paper" in a perfect imitation of Hunter. Seems that my brother and his sons know every bit of [title of show]. And they aren't big musical theatre fans. When I was with Phantom or Cats, they had no interest. But [tos] has struck a chord with them. That was fun. And then I would go back to my cabin and sleep underneath this. On my way to the airport I found out that my flight home had been cancelled so I had to wait in the Denver airport for seven hours where I read the new Fannie Flagg book. I recommend all Fannie Flagg's books. Then I got to fly home first class and watch "Blades of Glory" and "Premonition". All in all it was a great vacation. And now, here's a random picture of my neice, she's the one on the left. Bye until my next blog. Subject: My show at NYMF.



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Just a little something to kick off your weekend. And by kick I mean Donna M. can kick. This video is one of the gayer things I've seen in a while and I live in NYC and I saw Patti in Gypsy. My kingdom for footage of the rehearsal. Let it roll til the end for a costume surprise. And crank it so the person in the cubicle next to you can enjoy some Styne!
I give you Chita, Ann R, and Donna. Live. Work.


[tos] After Dark

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This is one of those blog entries where I'm just going to start typing and see where it takes me. It is 1:22 am and as often is the case, I am trying to write. Quieter at night. I have just watched my half hour of Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2. I think if you look up guilty pleasure anywhere, that will come up. I'm pretty sure no one else is watching but from 12-3 am every night they just serve up raw footage of the Big Brother house guests. No challenges, nothing just them dudes sittin' around eating and plotting or brushing their teeth. I am riveted. Just on in the background. I like all that reality crap and I know as a writer I should not. But, if I'm totally honest (and I know they are on TV and "real" behavior is relative) but sometimes watching human behavior even under nutty extreme TV conditions interests me more than sitcoms. I know what's going to happen on a lot of sitcoms but I never know who's going to brush their teeth first in the Big Brother house! Or fix a glass of water. Crazy! Now don't get me wrong I love a good sitcom. Lately, The Office, 30 Rock, Extras, even that sweet candy known as Entourage, but sometimes in the completely edited and fabricated unreality of reality shows there pops out a moment of real. I am embarrassed but I watched a shitty show called Age of Love. Of course I'm not proud, but it balances me out after doing Lerner and Loewe. Anyhoo, some girl was afraid to fly to meet the Aussie bachelor's family down under and I was fascinated to watch this. Is it good TV? Not really. Better than The Mary Tyler Moore Show? As if! But it was just like four seconds of a real emotion. [tos] sort of was about a lot of things, but part of why I love it the seemingly mundane on a stage. I remember writing the phrase a lot "it seems like nothing is happening, but actually everything is happening." I think of a moment in Light in the Piazza when V. Clark was on the phone. Granted there were high stakes and she was abroad, but I just loved the stillness, the seemingly simple action of a phone call home, but so much tension and so much going on inside. I always loved that our director MBerresse was constantly telling us to strip away, strip away, trust. Trust that we are interesting enough on stage as ourselves and human beings. Now we do need some kick ass tunes from J Bizzle, but I love in [tos] when it feels like people are just talking, really talking to one another. This blog may be late night and rambly and I may read it over morning coffe and wonder if Big Brother 8, Piazza, and [tos] are connected at all. I think me point is human beings just being themselves can be fascinating to watch. Or maybe there is no point. Uh oh gotta run, somebody's making a sandwich on Big Brother After Dark.

PS After we open on Broadway, I plan to pitch to Showtime 2 [tos] After Dark. We will all live together and sit in a hot tub and vote each other out. Ooo! That reminds me that once we played the Survivor board game which kind of sucks, but you have to vote people out. We voted Jeff out first. There was no real reason, but he was not pleased. Jeff I'm sorry I voted you out when we played the Survivor board game. Also Heidi and I have an alliance formed for when we are on cable and we may vote you out again. Oops.


The Day Before Bloggin'.

Aug 02, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
Hey [tossers] so yes I have been blog remiss or as the French call it "blogmiss". Nous nos bloggmisson, vous vous blogmissez, ils se blogmissent. Reflexive people, reflexive. So last week I spent the week in the basement of St Peter's church at the mighty York Theatre. (Side note: So when you click on basement and get that ghost picture, I know that shit may be doctored, I know it's fake but that makes me feel a-skeered and tingly even if it is a fake ass doctored up ghost photo, or what the french call ghostoto...nous nous gostoton...) Where was I? Oh yeah I was at the York.
So, fun [tos] fact, you may not know that when we performed [tos] at Ars Nova with all the hipsters, we rehearsed at the York. Literally in their green room. Awesome. So there I was returning to the York. Now before we get into the show, I love the friggin' York and Musicals in Mufti series. They just announced the fall line up. What I love is that they do some obscure shit. And, since they don't have to worry about filling City Center, they can do Kelly, Rex and Bajour. I like that. And with something like The Day Before Spring, well no one else is taking the time to dig that up and put it on. So cool to get these rare gems. Are some of them clunky? Sure. Are some awesome? Sure. But what the York is doing is just making sure they get heard again. Huzza for the York.

The Day Before Spring is a Lerner and Loewe piece that ran 167 performances at the National Theatre(now the Nederlander where Rent rocks). For 1945 it was a sassy tale of a woman who returns to her ten year reunion with her husband and reconnects with a hottie who she almost ran off with ten years earlier and who wrote a romantic novel about her.The book is surprisingly candid and adult for that time period. I got to play Gerald Barker a dry British man-Friday kind of guy. He was originally played by Tom Helmore who was a British actor. In my modest research...ibdb, imdb,wikipedia, and Peter Filichia's Diary (PS you guys do read his diary don't you? If you don't get out of your taco shell and read and learn...I love that column!) Where was I? Oh yes...finding out that Tom Helmore stood by for Rex Harrison and I sort of remembered him from Vertigo. Anyhoo, I had to dust off the British accent, put on some spectacles and a bowler hat and act. Also in the skit with me was the sassy and talented Amanda Watkins. I ve known Amanda since high school so it was fun to actually finally get to work with her. I thought she was so cool back in school because she was cast as Cassie in the first International Thespian Society (when it was in Muncie) all american A Chorus Line production. Basically in my mind it was the equivalent of winning high school theatre American Idol. Kids from high schools all over America tried out to be in the all star cast and Amanda got Cassie!?!? Come on. I thought that was awesome. Day Before Spring's cutie leading men were Ed Watts (recognize the sassy gal on the couch? That's our Heidi. The pic is from when she and Ed did Girl in the Frame Up at Goodspeed. I know Heidi prob hates that pic, and will make me take it down...but Heidi, it had Ed as a sexy fireman and you were there too so it was toscentric...can I keep it up? please) and Richard Todd Adams who is funny and talented and makes me laugh backstage. The entire cast was great. Our director David Armstrong and Jim Morgan and the whole gang at the York do such a nice job of gathering up nice talented people. And the deal with Mufti (yes that word makes me giggle too) is that you throw the show together in a week, you share a tiny dressing room, so you have to be there for the room for ego.
The best part of the week? In one of the talkbacks, a woman raised her hand and said she was at the original production in '45 and brought her playbill!!!! I know. Amazing. She was beaming and said she had such fond memories of the show and that it was so risque for the time. Since there is no recording and the book is not published, she said she had waited 60 years to hear these songs and words. That's all I needed to hear. Worthwhile people.
I wonder if in 60 years one of you will raise your hand (your robot hand of course) at the space-mufti series and say you remember seeing [tos]? I can only hope.


Opinions are like Buttholes...

Aug 01, 2007 by Susan | 4 Comments
Everybodies got a paper bag full of 'em, deep-fried and lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

To that end, I'd like to invite each of you to help me choose my new headshot. They were taken by Deborah Lopez, who I think is a slammin' photographer. She also turned me on to bushel baskets full of excellent new music. More on that later...

Write me at and give me your top two picks. Voting ends this Sunday at midnight.

(And, believe me: I know how gross it is for an actor to ask anyone who will listen to provide an opinion about their headshot. It's vile. That being said, the nominees are...)

Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D
Option E
Option F
Option G
Option H
Option I
Option J
Option K
Option L
Option M

Rock the Vote, bitches!


90.1 FM

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Hi gang. If any of you shownerds needs some excitement in your lives tomorrow morning at 10amEST, tune into 90.1FM online for Marvelous Party with your host Brittany Brown. Choose your connection speed at the top of their homepage and click on it.

She and I will be talking about and playing a very specific kind of showtune. You may even hear a [tos] selection!


Blog Cook-Out and Potluck this Saturday!

Jul 31, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
I challenge my fellow tossmates to a blog-off. Meet me here, this Saturday August 4th for an all-out everyone blogs bar-b-que. That goes for Courtney and Benjamin, too! AND Larry - who is totally having an affair with his show, The Angle of the Sun. She ain't prettier than us she's a whore. I'm just sayin'. Heidi, I know you have 2 shows, but who do you love or them? Only you can decide.

If you don't bring a delicious blog-filled casserole dish to the all-day blog-a-thon this Saturday, you are officially frowned upon. That's right, frowned upon.

No hiding, Courtney!


Hunter's in Mufti

Jul 28, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Happy previews, Heidi!

For all you tossers in town this weekend, you can check out Hunter giving you full British accent in "The Day Before Spring" at musicals in Mufti at the York. Shows through Sunday night. Bring your tos cast album and he'll sign it for you at the stage door - promise!


Big Fish

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I like comparing and contrasting [tos] with all the other shows I've had affairs with, and I think Mermaid might be the most radically opposite.

So, last night was our first Mermaid preview. It was super fun, but so different than our first [tos] preview.

Imagine this...

What if [title of show] played in a sold-out, 2000 seat theatre and every paying customer in the joint knew every lyric to every song.

What if little kids came dressed as Heidi, Susan, Hunter, Jeffy, or Larry in their tiaras and mermaid tails? (Or in our case, jeans and sandwich boards...?)

What if all five of us had to wear unitards, full fishy face makeup, and mer-blades? (Susan would still of course go barefoot...)

What if there was no cussing?

There are about a million more differences, but what felt the same was at the end when we were bowing and singing, "Now they can walk, now they can run, now they can play all day in the sun, etc." and I felt that amazing connection with the audience. They went bananas. That part was super fun and I'm looking forward to doing it again tonight. Come see me.


Wikiclicks Winner

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Hello and congrats Jeff Batemen for winning the latest challenge:

From [tos] to Matter-Eater Lad and back to [tos] in a 12 step program:

From [tos] to:
> New York City > Time Warner > DC Comics > List of DC Comics Characters > List of DC Comics Characters:M > Matter-Eater Lad > 1963 > Vanessa L. Williams > Broadway Theatre > Avenue Q > Vineyard Theatre > Title of Show

New challenge coming soon!


Stop the world, I want to belt my ass off.

Jul 24, 2007 by Hunter | 2 Comments
Who knows what messrs. Bricusse and Newly would think, but I am posting this as a guilty pleasure. I put it in that category of like "pledge drive" shows on PBS. Three tenors, irish step dancing, stuff I kind of hate but find myself watching...John Tesh at Red Rock..that kind of shit. So this as you prob know is Regine Valeasquez some crazy famous singer from the Phillipines...I haven't been keeping up with their top 20, but if I had, I would have known her I guess. I recommend playing this video, fast-forwarding to where you have like 1:20 left...rock the key change, then just hang in there. I don't know if it is right or wrong or both. Shades of the musical Bkl'yn (or was it Brk'lyn or BKLYN whatever) came to mind. International soap operas came to mind. Press on nails came to mind. A part of me is like this is nuts...and it's awesome. Play.


I miss Heidi

Jul 24, 2007 by Jeff | 3 Comments
Because I have access to the main files of the blog, I was able to get into Heidi's folder and download the picture that she had to remove below. It's a good pic - you'll just have to wait to see her in it in the flesh when you go see The Little Mermaid. Seeing her in a new environment and knowing that there were a bunch of new Broadway friends just out of camera shot made me miss her. Here's a never-before published production photo by Carol Rosegg of me, Susan and Hunter's favorite part of the show. It's just the three of us getting to sit on stage listening to Heidi sing "A Way Back to Then". Pretend that we are looking all the way west to Denver.

Come home soon.



Jul 23, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
If you look down at my entry yesterday, you'll notice that I took the Carlotta picture of me and Olive out. I replaced it with what perhaps inspired my incredible wig. I went to dinner last night with one of the higher ups, and told him that I put a picture of me in the wig on the [tos] blog, and he very politely told me to watch my ass...

SO for those of you that got to see that little piece of Disney magic yesterday, lucky you, and remember it fondly, as it goes back in the vault until the shiny souvenir program comes out for you to purchase for $400.00. Here's something to tide you over.


Top Secret

Jul 22, 2007 by Heidi | 2 Comments
OK. I have two pictures for you...

The first picture is of me n' Olive on the plane with our new Mermaid friends Pryce and Meredith. Here it is. Olive was pretty darn good on the flight, but Denver has since been a challenge for her. She got a thorn stuck in her paw and we had to go to the vet to get them to dig it out. There was blood involved, but she was a trooper. I just gave her her antibiotic in a ball of cheese, so life could be worse. She's gonna live. She's just gotta stop licking it or you know what coming... Humiliating.

The second picture I could lose my job over... No seriously, don't show this to anybody. This is just for us [tos]sers. This is me as Carlotta. How about that hair!!!??? Olive sure doesn't look too thrilled about it. She took one look at me in that wig and had to smell me to make sure I was the right mamma-lady. OK, I'm not really going to lose my job for showing that to you, but it is amazing how tight lipped the Disney folks are about design details. All I will say is that the show looks like a million dollars. Or maybe multiple millions. When we first saw it from the house, we all gasped. It is unbelievably gorgeous.

Denver is hot and fun. I have a wicked tan and Olive is happy as a clam. She likes the rivers and the rocks. (That's where she got the thorn so we gotta be careful...) Being in a place likes this makes you want to throw away all your black clothes and invest in some camping gear. Seriously, the mountains are inspiring. I love it here. It's hot, but it's dry. Come visit me.



Jul 19, 2007 by Jeff | 2 Comments
Ah, if only we had an ensemble in our show...and Tony Perkins...


Calling All Bootleggers!

Jul 18, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Did anyone get a bootleg recording of the NYCLU benefit on Monday night? If so, I would love a copy of our piece. Part of our recording got a little muckled.

If you've got access to a recording, please contact me at

If no recording exists, please propagate the myth that it was the greatest thing that ever happened in a theatre ever.




Jul 16, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Where to begin?! It's SUMMER! I'm all flip flops and crop tops. My Internet went down a few weeks ago and I fell off the blog log. Now it's restored (for the moment) and I've got so much catching up to do. Here's a little what's what:

Went to visit family and friends in beautiful Ohio. My niece Mary fancies herself something of a chicken whisperer. She showed me how she is teaching their baby chickens to fly. This kid is fearless. I heard that after I left, she named one of the red chickens Aunt Susan. I'm honored.

I got to see TAKE ME OUT at my hometown theatre, The Human Race. Full frontal in Dayton, Ohio, people!! My friend Brian McKnight was playing accountant Mason Marzac and he was lovely. It was so much fun to visit that theatre! I worked there as a youngin' and those people (Marsha Hanna, Scott Stoney, Kevin Moore and Michael Lippert) molded my squishy young mind. My heart is soft-spotted for them.

I visited my friend Nicole's store Preen Apothecary in it's new location. She's moved into a bigger, fancier new space, and there are so many beautiful things to see and smell and poke with your fingers. Go on and visit Preen at 2508 Far Hills Avenue, deep in the heart of Oakwood! Tell Nicole I sent you.

4th of July
We visited our friends in New London and Fishers Island. Our friend (and New Londoner) Preston Whiteway was recently named Executive Director of the O'Neill Center and (get this) THAT BITCH IS 25 YEARS OLD!! I told him that I don't think I knew how to wipe my butt when I was 25. But there he is, running the show like a rock star. Here's what it looked like when I overthrew his regime and began calling the shots from behind his desk at the O'Neill. Here's what it looks like when you have breakfast with Preston and Whitey at the Broken Yolk. Come on! All that youth and business acumen PLUS he's a door bell!! We're so proud of you, Preston! Thanks for letting us sleep in your bed and rub our butts on your towels!!

(On the ferry to Fishers Island, we saw this here dawg. Unfortunately, I did not see this. Or this.)

We got back in the city just in time to catch 110 IN THE SHADE at The Roundabout. We felt like badasses because we got to sit in the same row with these people (who, again I say, couldn't be nicer). I love THE RAINMAKER, but I had never seen the musical before. I wish I could watch the last 15 minutes of that over and over again...that is good stuff. PS: Tosser Steve Kazee is the Eddie Vedder of Starbucks. What a voice!! PPS: Thanks to David Solomon for them phat seats.

Now I’m back, and Hunter, Larry and I are preparing for our performance tonight! Come see us if you can!


Just Because I think She's a Genius...

Jul 15, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
From High Anxiety:

From Sesame Street. Watch this one twice. Watch the left performance first and then secondly, the AMAZING listening skills of the Madeline on the right.

"Flames" from Clue:The Movie :


Human Art Videos

Jul 14, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
What's going on in Japan? What is this crazy TV show? A performance art competition??! Check it out...

Meanwhile, in Switzerland...

Makes me ask myself what I got done today...


Wikiclick 4 Winners and Your #5 Challenge...

Jul 14, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
holy giant 7-way tie. I think I got all of you here ---
Congrats to Jack L., Keely, Jeff H., Cristin, Paul B., John from Atlanta, and Jaime for getting there in 8 clicks. Nicely done, gang.

Here's a sample from Jaime's win: MacGillivray's Warbler > United States > New Mexico > Roswell UFO incident > Martin Sheen > Broadway > Avenue Q > Vineyard Theatre > [title of show]

Tho not one of the quickest routes, I'm giving a special citation to Christy S, who I believe is the first (I could be wrong) to get to [tos] from the Tavern on the Green page: MacGillivray's Warbler > United States > New Mexico > Roswell UFO Incident > July 8 > Kevin Bacon > New York City > Central Park > Tavern On The Green > title of show

Also, Jeff H. was a winner on last week's but he sent his submission through the myspace page and I didn't get in time. To submit your answers, just click on my name at the top of this blog entry and I'll get it that way. you'll get an error message when you do, but never fear - i'll get it.

And to Berry at the Golden Apple box office - thanks for joinin' in on the game: Hope you're staying cool in sunny Fla...y'know The Golden Apple is my favorite musical, don'tcha? That's why it's the first one mentioned in "Monkeys and Playbills".

Here's Wikiclicks challenge 4:
Remember gang, the start page does not count as a wikiclick.

Start at the page for [title of show], find your way to Matter-Eater Lad and then get back to [title of show] without reclicking any pages that you've been on.

Play baw!



Jul 13, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
My Internet has been restored! And my cable TV! (I thought I was gonna lose it.) I've got so much to tell you, but let me start with this:

Hunter, Larry and I are performing on Monday, July 16th at a benefit for the NYCLU. We'll be doing our "My First Time" piece, which we enjoy immensely. Plus, look at that line-up! Are you kidding me?!!

Information can be found here.

Come see us if you can!



Jul 11, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
I'm kind of obsessed with this. If anybody has any info on the two ladies rocking it out next to Gwen, please share. And then we will share. I could get on a soapbox about how awesome Fosse was and how crazy it is that these moves fit seemlessly to "Mexican Breakfast" number as well as modern hip hop, but I ll spare you my thesis and just let you rock the shit out! Gwen was shakin' that thang before Beyonce was a glint in her mom's eye. Just saying.


Wonder Woman for President.

Jul 11, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
This has been on my radar for a bit. Friends have sent it in as well as some tossers. With the heat index soaring, and NYC melting, and me trying to keep Jeff's tomato plants alive while he's away for a day, this seemed like the right time for drag queens. Now some of you might be thinking, "Hunter, it's waaaaay too hot for drag queens!" And maybe you're right. Or maybe, just maybe you're at your cubicle, side-stepping your day job's restrictions on your computer preparing to see one of the greatest entrances ever.

Enjoy. And I suggest sipping a Susan B. summer fav...the Arnold Palmer while you marvel.



Jul 07, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Congrats to Patrick who made it with only 10 clicks. There were so so so many of you at only 11 clicks, but he squeaked it out.

brandywine > amish > pennslyvania > list of prominent people from pennslyvania > chubby checker > the twist > 1962 > broadway > avenue q > vineyard theatre > title of show

And to answer a couple FAQs: 1. Don't count the first page as a click. 2. When there is a list of things (like List of Musicals) and you have to click to get to the second page of a link (e.g. Musicals M-Z) - this is unfortunately another click.

We have to establish rules, people - otherwise it's total chaos!

You got till next friday for this one:

Start at MacGillivray's Warbler, stop off at the >Roswell UFO Incident and get your asses to [title of show].


Doug Rocks.

Jul 04, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Maybe I've been trapped in a cave Jeff. Maybe a team of hungry bears guarded the door. Caves have doors Jeff! And hungry bears don't let you blog...despite what you learned in scouts. You don't know me Jeff. Okay, maybe Jeff does know me. I've been blog lazy, otherwise known as blogazy. I had a small field trip out to Papermill to see my friend Barrett in Pirates! a sassy Nell Benjamin updated version of G&S's Pirates of Penzance. I thought the production kicked ass. Barrett rocked and the whole evening was funny and smart. So good job and Arrrrggg!

In other news, I wanted to share the link to an interview with our pal Doug Aibel. We love him, and he pretty much is one of the kindest, smartest, coolest, cats on this big blue marble. So, enjoy this.

Happy 4th indeed, and note that Tony Danza, Bebe Neuwirth, and Little Richard are performing on PBS's 4th celebration. One can only hope at the same time. While I enjoy all of these performers, any under-rehearsed outdoor event could give us this, and years of Youtube enjoyment.

Careful with them sparklers!


Happy Fourth

Jul 04, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Where are the tossers you ask? Why no blogs from your favorite [tos] stars? Well in all fairness I should let you know about what's going on with them... Here's the rundown on their whereabouts:

Susan - Internet has been down (she is in hell because of this) and she's travelling this week.
Heidi - Packed her rollerskates and headed out to Denver for Undersea adventures, so it'll be a few before she gets her internet all set up.
Larry - He's having an affair with a new musical that's going to be in the festival this year.
Courtney - She's all actressy and "in character" as Ado Annie in Oklahoma doing Oklahoma! and they ain't got no internet in turn-of-the-century western Amurrica, ya idjits.
Benjamin - He's shy and it takes a lot of encouragement to get him to blog. Fair Dinkum.
Hunter - He's reading this right now and knows that there's nothing stopping him from blogging. And now he's going to be mad at me for calling him out on it. Y'know what, Hunter? I don't care. Bring it! And by bring it, I mean can you bring a bottle of seltzer to my house tonight to watch the fireworks on the roof?

Happy Independence Day!



Jul 03, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Surely someone got their ass kicked for making these fellas do this back in '85. I think my brother memorized all the words. I don't doubt that Hunter's bro Deaton knew all the words as well...

See if you can make it all the way through without pressing "stop" simply because your discomfort got the best of you.

P.S. I'm going to rhyme "trouble" and "shuffle" in a new [tos] song.


Wickiclicks 2 winners! and Wickiclicks 3 Challenge -

Jun 30, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
It's 4-way tie between:

Lindsay, Lucy, Paul B in N'orlins, and Jeff H. All of them got to [tos] in 5 clicks via the same route:

whatchamcallit > 1978 > John Tartaglia > Avenue Q > Vinyard Theater > [title of show]

Here's your new challenge (with a twist):

Fishish at [title of show]'s page and start at the page for Brandywine tomato (one of the cultivars I'm growing on my fire escape right now).
The only requirement is that somewhere along your path, you must also hit the page for Chubby Checker's "The Twist".

Please don't get fired from your job doing these. Due date for submissions is next Friday. That'll give you something to do while you're at your aunt's house not wanting to participate in the backyard activities involving kids with sparklers and drunk uncles (or "druncles").


Warning: Moon....Standby: Moon....Go: Moon

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Last night I was Hunter's date to Romeo and Juliet at the Delacorte. For those of you who have not seen Shakespeare in the park and you live in NYC - what are you waiting for? It really is one of the top ten greatest things about New York. I suppose you'll pressure me to come up with the other 9, so I'll have to get to work on that.

This is pretty remarkable production of R&J with some top-notch acting. But the most amazing thing about it is that nature is part of the show. The breeze picks up at any random moment. Hunter and I were laughing about how the breeze happened exactly on 3 scene shifts in a row. We were wondering if mother nature was perhaps the Production Stage Mangager. Then during the whole balcony scene with all the refences to the moon - Romeo and Juliet are looking up and refering to the ACTUAL waxing moon just overhead. So amazing. Ya can't do that inside the Minskoff.

Consider this my official proposal for The Public to mount a revival of The Golden Apple in the park. Can you imagine if they got a real hot air balloon to fly over the audience and land on the freakin' stage!? And come on, the "Departure to Rhododendron" act 1 finale could have a real boat that shoves off into the duck pond behind the stage! And in "Doomed, Doomed, Doomed" they could launch an actual rocket! The show practically directs itself! Christopher Gattelli, if you're reading this -- get to work on making this happen!

Let this inspire you:

Stay on for the outtakes at the end.


She cain't say no.

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So if you aren't doing anything tonight, maybe you can fly to Oklahoma to see our tosser Courtney who is very fancy and opening in a big production of Oklahoma! She will be rocking out as Ado Annie and reports are that she is tearing it up! Good work Courtney. Wish we could all be there.

While on the Oklahoma! subject, I want you all to check out this read. I loved this book. Partly because I am a nerdle, and partly because it was like a little time-machine that reminded me that Oklahoma! didn't just pop out this hit. They had struggles and fights and worried producers. The show opens with an old woman churning butter people! So we may view a show like this as old fashioned but what R&H were trying to do in those shows rocked. Them two were smart and crazy and pushing the envelope. So while you're enjoying Knocked Up and Transformers, pick that book up for a summer read. Me likey.

In other news, Jeff and I are off to Central Park tonight to check out R&J. One of my favorite things about living in NYC is free Shakes in the park. Even if the show blows a little, it's free! And on certain nights with a big moon, a nice summer breeze, and all different kinds of people there watching, there have been moments of perfection for me. Not necessarily because of what's happening onstage, but because of what Papp created and what still lives on. Making it possible for everyone to experience live theatre. Me likey.

Break a Leg Court!


Wickiclicks 2

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All right kiddies your next Wickiclick challenge is harder and has one rule...

Start at the page for Whatchamacallit and find your way to [title of show].

Restrictions: You can not use a disambiguation link at the top of a page.

You have until Friday at midnight to come up with the shortest route. Play baw!



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Totally losing it is hysterical to me:


I Have a Douchebag on Line Three For You

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Thanks for passing this on, Tom. Good Stuff.


Wikiclicks Winner to Challenge #1

Jun 17, 2007 by Jeff | 3 Comments
We got a shit load of responses to the Wikiclicks game. Many were quite hysterical including Susan's brother John who's first attempt was 8 clicks and I'm loving his path:

New York Yankees > Harry Frazee > No, No Nanette > Musical comedy > Off-Broadway > Altar Boyz > NYMF > [tos]

Harry Frazee to No No Nanette is awesome.

Several folks including Shelli and Max and came in second with a 6-steps pathway.

But the Winner is Sam who made it from Cal Ripken, Jr. to [title of show] in just 5 clicks!

New York Yankees > Damn Yankees > Kiss Me, Kate > Michael Berresse > [title of show]

Arqueete and some of her co-workers played their own version of the game starting with the page for "Angel". Here were the results:

Angels > Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints > Jesus > The Da-Vinci Code > Hans Zimmer > Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End > Keith Richards > Billie Holiday > Louis Armstrong > Hello Dolly! (film) > Tony Award > Off Broadway > Spring Awakening > Spring Awakening (musical) > Eugene O'Neill Theatre > Broadway (New York City) > Broadway
theatre > A Chorus Line > Michael Berresse > [title of show]

Thanks for playing. Congrats to Sam. New challenge soon.


Happy Fathers Day, Fred Blackwell!

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I have an excellent dad. His name is Fred Blackwell.

Here he is:
Fred Blackwell Then
Fred Blackwell Now

In addition to his other gifts, my father is a writer who will not be convinced of his talents. I think he's the total bomb! In honor of Fathers Day, I'd like to share one of his poems.

The Fall
by Fred Blackwell

In the warm, dry sun of late September
The full ripe crops of harvest look to Fall
The Walnut, bared, stands undressed for slumber
It yawns and stretches out its limbs so tall
Where still some green husked nuts cling to the tree
Unwilling travelers, they refuse to go
Till patient gravity has set them free
Then they come singing to the mold below
And with a hop, skip, jump roll silent—hiding
Lest by December’s snows they all be gone
Some gathered, some wasted and some biding
To spring to life anew come Summer’s song

In silence I sit, mid shadows, watching
From my white roofed twilight porch of years
And I feel my soul pulled down, still resisting
The fell, relentless gravity of tears
I ask, “Why cling so to this tree of life?
Both frightened and unwilling to go down?”
Best, like the falling seed give up the strife
To lose one’s grip and plummet to the ground
And with a cry, gasp, flop—roll silent—sighing
Shuck off one’s husk and seek that joy sublime
That habit teaches comes by our dying
As we spring forth in endless Summertime

Thoughtful I sit, observing this day die
Mid emeralds, rubies, silver, gold and brass
Waft from the door a fresh baked apple pie
A singing bird, the smell of new mown grass
A friend’s happy hello, the sound of life
The laugh and squeal of children at their play
Then from the kitchen door comes my sweet wife
We’ll share the pink washed sky of ending day
I’ve known more good than ever I’ve known strife
I’ve had more joy then ever suffered woe
It’s not from fear that I cling to this life
But life holds me and will not let me go

I love you, dad!


Go see this.

Jun 17, 2007 by Heidi | 1 Comment
Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.00. Go directly to this.

And if it's not playing where you live, buy the soundtrack on ITunes.

I mean it.


Ok, how can I ignore

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From a myspace fan...

To whom it may concern:
I am contacting you in hopes that you will join forces with fellow tossers everywhere in crusading to bring our beloved Heidi and Larry back to the [title of show] blog. While we respect the fact that they are busy being superstars other places- we, the [tos] fans, feel as if our needs are being neglected and pushed aside for bigger and better things. We need our vivacious belter and skilled musical director to fill the void that has grown in our hearts. We miss the witty banter, the meaningless videos, and the shared memories.
To act on this cause, I have taken it upon myself to spread a petition around the myspace community. If you would like to take part in this petition and add your name to the list of folks hoping to bring these two bitches back- just respond to this message with simply stating your name and/or a reason why you miss Heidi and Larry.
Thank you for your time.

OK, before this gets out of hand, I thought I would stop the madness and reach out and blog for gosh sakes.

It's true. I have been Under The Sea lately and I've been a little preoccupied with learning how to not fall on my ass in Heelys, (that are now officially named Mer-Blades by the way - get it?), but I've been wanting to blog so bad it hurts. I swear. It's just a little complicated... Hunter and I had a conversation about this the other day, and we agreed that It's a little tricky using the [title of show] blog to talk about other lovers we're sleeping with. Am I right ladies? You get my point. When you're doing a new show, it has a tendency to eat you alive and you have nothing else to talk about. I hate those people, but I have to face that I'm one of them right now. AND, there's a lot of really tantalizing shit I could tell you about, but this just isn't the right forum. Not this place. Not this blog. We'll have to put it on stage in [tos] version 10.0 where even more Broadway dirty laundry is aired.

Here's what I can tell you. I'm having a really great time in a big new splashy show, but I always miss my [tos] family. The new folks I'm working with are really wonderful both on and off stage, but I always miss my [tos] family. I get to wear the most beautiful costumes and have shoes that are cobbled for my very own ugly feet, but I always miss my [tos] family. It's so weird. I ran into Larry and Michael (Berresse) today at Vynl Diner on my lunch break, and the second I saw them I felt like I could breathe again. I was so relieved. Maybe that's just how you feel when you get around people you love and trust, but I feel like it's more than that. There really is something to our little tribe. There's something very magical about that chemistry. There's no need to impress the brass, 'cause in our world, the brass is... us. We know each other pretty frickin' well. We know our strengths and our foibles. We know how to push each others buttons and how to protect each other from the dirtiest vampires. I feel so lucky to know that I've experienced that at least once in my career, where art and friendship met and made a beautiful baby.

So, there's no need to start a petition people. I'm here! But thanks for caring. That felt good...

There. Larry, you're up.


By Popular Demand

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This has been emailed to me by five different people. It makes me laugh and cringe and then laugh again. The people have spoken. It must be posted.



Jun 15, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
So it's Friday, you're ready for the weekend, you're doing your morning [tos] blog check, you prolly need to see...


Come on. When I look at that, I know deep down that it's all gonna be okay.

Good work on the Cal Ripken, Jr. Wikiclick competition. A lot of you are submitting through myspace and we are receiving your entries. Good jorb. Keep 'em coming.


Myspace Rachel...

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So Rachel from myspace if you read this blog, I am answering your request. The myspace rules says we aren't friends and that [tos] cannot send you mail so answering your ? here. Check out the FAQ section for info on how to get "Secondary Characters" sheet music. I hope you guys rock that duet out. And see [tossers], we do tend to our fan mail. It may take a moment or two but we try to get to ya. So, send away peeps...send away!


Six Degrees of [title of show] or Wikiclicks!

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Here's a game I think I invented. I say, "I think" because surely someone else has thought of it and or plays it with himself or friends... It involves our good friend, Wikipedia. Some of you may recall my blog entry from earlier this year about Wiki and how easy and fun it is to jump around with all the groovy links.

So here's how you play. Pick anything/anyone/any place from history, etc and you and your co-worker log on at the same time and using only your mouse -- and never the search tool, log in and try to get from Subject A to [title of show]. You can also subsitute [tos] for whatever you want, but for now, let's just use [title of show]'s page.

Here's an example of each page change...

Tonight I was reading about the Flash comic book villain, Captaing Boomerang.
I clicked to his son's page, the second Captain Boomerang.
I clicked to young Cap's girlfriend, Supergirl.
I clicked to Superman from Supergir's page.
I clicked to the musical, It's a Bird, It's a Plane It's Superman.
I clicked to Cheyenne Jackson who just did a reading of that.
I clicked to Altar Boyz.
I clicked to the New York Musical Theatre Festival.
I clicked to [title of show].

Try it at home or on the clock while you're at work so you'll get paid to play!

I present the following challenge. I'll give everyone until midnight on Saturday to tell me how quickly and how they got from Cal Ripken, Jr. to [title of show] in Wikiclicks. I just invented that word, so if it catches on - you heard it hear first!!

Play Ball!


In honor.

Jun 14, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
[title of show] would like to dim the lights on the blog for a very special person and champion of our show.

Sadly, Amy Sullivan, executive director of the O'Neill Center, passed away Sunday. We were so fortunate to get the chance to be with her as we developed our little show at the O'Neill. She showed such kindness, generosity, support and enthusiasm,not just for our show, but for us as artists and human beings.

A truly kind and graceful woman, whose actions influenced our lives very directly. She started back up the Cabaret portion of the O'Neill. Those were the weeks we got to go and work on [tos] after Michael Bush accepted us to the conference with the help of our producers Kevin and Laura. The show really came to life and found itself at the O'Neill. So thank you Amy for your vision and contributions to this art form, and for creating a place where Jeff and I could become artists. I think you made the world a better place.



We are a Family?

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Thanks to Tosser Randy who sent this clip in. It's so very weird. I want to know who directed this. The performances are amazingly restrained, with the exception of Punky Brewster's performance, which is exquisitely embroidered.

Thanks, Randy!


Opinions are like...

Jun 11, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
buttholes. We all have one. Actually Susan changed that phrase to "like a bag of powder-sugar buttholes" I'm not sure how that came about but I like it because it is specific. So let's do this people. Last night continues my love/hate relationship with the Antoinette Perry Awards. Holy balls that show makes me spike emotionally but I am going to go on record on this blog and demand a revolution. Let me begin by saying I don't know jack shit shit about how an awards show is put together. I fully respect the loooooooooong ass hours people put in to make last night happen, and I'm talking from the producer to the interns and PA's who have to run and get "inset thing needed here". But, people I love the theatre soooo hardcore and when the one special night where we get to have an awards talent/show and it looks lame, I must blog. So with full respect I would like to call for change. I feel like last night's show is an example of trying to serve too many masters. Again my made up opinion, but last night feels like what happens when you want to be all things to all people. The theatre community is divided: young/old/old fashioned/new ideas. Prob mix in CBS and what their needs are: advertising, ratings numbers, agenda. Mix in the needs of the shows nominated and the ones that aren't: Who gets to perform? How long? When? First hour? During the Sopranos? Can we say fuck? Can Pirate Queen or Legally Blonde get some time? Then a dash of we need to respect Chita and Ben V and Angela L but the kids want to see Usher and Fantasia. All of it. Lots o' people to please and serve. I get it. But people we have to find a way to get along and make some choices so the show doesn't suck. Here are my humble thoughts and observations.

1. Eliminate all descriptions of categories. For example, I don't need kick ass people to come out and read some boring ass copy like, "The director's job is to inspire and combine elements of inspiration for the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Please cut this. I know what a director is and so does all of america.

2.Make sure all production values and the look and feel of the show are current. Introducing the presenters using that headshot/reveal gimick was 1983. (although special shout out to M Berresse for voice over work)

3. Don't put Ben Vereen near the end of the show in that 10:50 slot when you need to cut off at 11 sharp. I think he is gifted but possibly a touch crazzle and may not adhere to time limit rules.

4. Let Sutton present. Why the hell not. My feeling is let's start with the premise no one is watching. Maybe low expectations, but a place to start. So let's say we are shooting to get a new demographic so we want to lure people with "stars." I just think it is weird to think that having Ann Heche will make this huge difference in the numbers. So I kind of vote for 9 people's favorite thing. Maybe try to make it the coolest muscial theatre scene show and then others will stumble and watch. Right now it seems like in trying to get a bigger audience, they re still not watching and your built in fan base just gets bummed we have to watch the 8th replacement Sally Bowles. Newsflash, Sutton is hot! If frat boys are flipping through the TV and saw her, they would watch.

5. I love Tommy Tune. Legend. Talent. I don't want him to talk and sing a song with his head cropped at the botton of the frame while we do a slide show of who we lost this year. We need to find a better way to present this. And I am sad we lost Betty C this year.

6. We aren't the Oscars, Emmy's or MTV awards. Let't not try to be. Spring A rocked and it was all theatre people. MTV awards wish they could have a number like Spring A did last night. That was all straight up Tony s people and they didn't need a star or the cast of Big Brother. It was just smart and creative and new and I bet you an Obie Award any one flipping through at that moment stopped to watch that, and Christine E, and Mary Poppins, because it was us doing what we do best...what we love. Not trying to second guess what America might want to watch or what is in or hip. What is in and hip is what is smart and funny and good, and people can smell it a mile away when you are trying to fool them or get them to watch. And that includes the theatre lover in Iowa, or in a trailer in Georgia. They love the theatre because they love the theatre. They have the internet. The can download Grey Gardens on i-tunes, they read the chat boards. People are smart. They don't need to be told that "even my favorite movie and TV stars got their start in the theatre." Stop using that as a pitch. Make your awards show smart and classy and funny. Get Seth Rudetsky to write the show. Creation Nation. Jeff and I can throw in a few zingers. Suprise me. Remind me why I love this art form soooo much. Why I baked a cake in the shape of a Tony award. Why the memory of Angela hosting brings goose pimples to my arm. Maybe it was kick ass when I was younger because I was younger, but I still believe so much in this art form and I want the night we celebrate it to be awesome and non-sucky. And that is the night the lights went out in Georgia. Whew! (end of my Julia Sugarbaker speech)

Side note:

Julia: Excuse me, aren't you Marjorie Leigh Winnick, the current Miss Georgia World?
Marjorie: Why, yes I am.
Julia: I'm Julia Sugarbaker, Suzanne Sugarbaker's sister. I couldn't help over hearing part of your conversation.
Marjorie: Well, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was here.
Julia: Yes, and I gather from your comments there are a couple of other things you don't know, Marjorie. For example, you probably didn't know that Suzanne was the only contestant in Georgia pageant history to sweep every category except congeniality, and that is not something the women in my family aspire to anyway. Or that when she walked down the runway in her swimsuit, five contestants quit on the spot. Or that when she emerged from the isolation booth to answer the question, "What would you do to prevent war?" she spoke so eloquently of patriotism, battlefields and diamond tiaras, grown men wept. And you probably didn't know, Marjorie, that Suzanne was not just any Miss Georgia, she was the Miss Georgia. She didn't twirl just a baton, that baton was on fire. And when she threw that baton into the air, it flew higher, further, faster than any baton has ever flown before, hitting a transformer and showering the darkened arena with sparks! And when it finally did come down, Marjorie, my sister caught that baton, and 12,000 people jumped to their feet for sixteen and one-half minutes of uninterrupted thunderous ovation, as flames illuminated her tear-stained face! And that, Marjorie - just so you will know - and your children will someday know - is the night the lights went out in Georgia!

Ok enough of all that.

How bout them Sopranos?


We Heart Creation Nation

Jun 11, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
And Billy Eichner...

(Parental Advisory: If you don't like the cussing, this might not be for you)


Dixie Doodle Dandy!

Jun 09, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Last night, Hunter, Jeff and I hauled it over to Ars Nova to check out Dixie's Tupperware Party. I had found the NYTimes story quite interesting because a performer had found such a productive way to marry artistic development and wage-earning. So very clever.

Imagine my surprise when, before the show, THE Dixie Longate introduced herself and then said, "Did you spend some time in Dayton, Ohio? Let's chat after the show..."


We had a really wonderful time at the show. It's smartly directed by Alex Timbers (I want to work with you, dude) and stylishly designed (Jeff Croiter, are you ever not lighting something? Jesus, man! Get some sleep). I was completely open to the idea of a drag, interactive Tupperware party, but I was giddily surprised by the quality of the writing and the character. We laughed heartily throughout and tucked many of Dixie's little witties into our joke caddy for later use.

After the show, we waited around for Dixie. It was quite a hang because people were getting their Tupperware on (and who can blame them...that Dixie is a very persuasive saleslady). Turns out Dixie and I went to undergrad together in Dinkus McGinkus, Ohio (small world). She reminded me of the time that during mandatory auditions for A CHORUS LINE, I sang the theme song to National Geographic. (I had completely forgotten about that one. Let's face it, we all knew I wasn't gonna get cast in ACL, but we all had to show up and "hone" our "craft"*. Snar har.)

Dixie and I will be seeing each other soon to catch up. Plus I've got my eye on a cake carrier, a set of collapsible bowls and a can opener that we simply MUST have. See for yourself!

Now, run over to Ars Nova and check out Dixie before July 1st!


*Speaking of honing our crafts, last week, we went to see our director Michael Berresse at the 92nd Street Y. He was participating in a panel discussion arranged by the Actors Fund on The Life of an Actor (featuring Harvey Fierstein, Tonya Pinkins and Christian Hoff). What do all those actors have in common? They've worked consistently since they were youngies (i.e.: no offices or Tupperware for them). We gave Michael the following challenge: The judges would score him negatively for using any James Lipton-y phrases as "craft", "hone", "the work", "the process", "the piece", "training" and/or "genius". The judges would award him merits for using the following: defenestrate, poppers, elephant, jingoist and/or dingbat. Double bonus points awarded if he could incorporate all merit words in one anecdote. Final score: -1. Thanks for playing, Michael! Better luck next time!


Bad Timing

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We've all had cell phones long enough now that I imagine we've each had at least once incindent of a horrifyingly and badly-timed ring. My moment -- hands down -- was when I was sitting 2nd row center at the 10 year anniversary concert of Violet at Playwrights Horizons. At the penultimate QUIET scene with Lauren Ward and Michael McElroy (it was a scene/not a song - so no hiding behind orchestrations) my cell phone rang! Here's how it went down:

The lines are the monologue in my head which matched my subtle facial expressions:

Ring one:
Holy fuck! My cell phone is ringing. Don't move! Don't move. Holy shit...what the fuck? Oh my God...I'm dying inside.
Ring two:
(pretending it's not mine) Can you believe someone's cell phone is ringing? How rude. (not pretending) Holy god, please don't stop ringing. (pretending again) Ridiculous.
Ring three:
(stomping on my back pack) Stop fucking ringing! Don't bend down or the whole audience behind you will know it's yours. Just keep stomping and you'll destroy the phone and no one will ever know.Ring four:
(Still stomping and obvious to everyone that it was mine). Oh my god, why won't you stop...The whole world hates me...I'm the worst person that has ever lived...I've ruined everything on the planet by not turning my cell phone off.....(stops ringing, I continue to breathe heavily for the remainder of the show)

I can't tell you how much this moment destroyed me for about a month. It still makes me hot.

So yesterday during the voir dire, we were all of course instructed to turn our cell phones off before entering the court room. Don't worry - this isn't about's someone else's sad story. Anyway, I was one of the jury folks selected for questioning and I'm on in the box with my 11 other potential jurors - all of us pretending to be stupid/blind/deaf/racist/opinionated -- whatever we think it takes so we don't get picked. All of us scared of the baliffs and suit-wearin' law folk and all of us being all serious and shit.

And during one of the questions by the DA, this WHOLE cell phone ring happens:
Click here if you can't hear it.

Everyone was doing their best to keep face, but I caught the eyes of one of the law students in the back and he was practically in tears. The poor girl in the jury box fumbled for the phone for what seemed the entire duration of a heavy metal concert. After she managed to turn it off, I honestly didn't hear a word for the rest of the afternoon because Def Leppard was echoing in my head so badly. I was giggling like a 5 year old.

The girl was mortified, of course. And even though I didn't hear anything for the rest of the afternoon, I somehow fit the bill and was selected as a juror. She however, was not.

Note to self: Download ring tone before next jury summons.


Jeffrey Bowen, Come on Down!

Jun 06, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Greetings from the King's County Courtroom on Adams Street in Brooklyn NY where I am currently serving my first day of Jury Duty. It's around 11am and lunch ain't for another couple of hours. About 50% of the room has been called out to the empaneling room. Right now the remaining 200 of us are all somewhere between a nap and watching closed-caption CNN. Some of todays CNN topics are: That guy trying to jump in the car with the Pope. and Bob Barker's final taping of "The Price is Right". Let's discuss the latter, shall we?

Some folks close to me know that I was/am a huge fan of TPIR. I grew up with Holly, Janice and the pretty one and I was obsessed with many parts of the show. Notably, those time-travelling-themed showcase showdowns that they would do sometimes and the girls got to wear the fancy, shiny space suits and stuff. That was awesome. I also liked all the obscure games and scoffed at the usual suspects like the mountain climber gamer or the hidden shell game. My friend Christi Scott and I used to watch TPIR together over the phone during the hot-ass summer mornings in Florida. If you watch every day for about a month, you pretty much can memorize the cost of every item on the show and totally clean up while playing from home. Rice-a-Roni is always a fun item; as was the $30 Baby Layette. Hard to believe that today is the end of era for Mr. Barker.

Back to the courtroom. Hey, guess who I'm sitting right behind? This guy. That's right, Randy Harrison aka "Justin Taylor" on TV's Queer as Folk. See, serving in NYC means you could possibly be put on a case beside Bernadette Peters, Tony Soprano, or this guy.

I hope they call my name soon. I"ve waited my whole life to show the judge my "I HEART BOB" tshirt.


Last Week

Jun 05, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Why haven't I been bloggin'? Cause I've got a whole lotta livin' to do, people. I've attended some tres interesante events recently. Come...stroll with me:

We memorialized the day by having times in Brooklyn Heights. It's the first time we've all been together in quite a while. It was sweet (like this cake I made for Hunter's birthday). I like my friends.

After loving them at the NYMF Battle of the Bands, Hunter and I went to ArsNova to check out Old Springs Pike on Tuesday. We might have been the oldest, least-hipster people there, but it was all good. The Pike (that's what the kids are calling 'em...and by kids, I mean me...on this blog) was in fine form and we had a wonderful time. Though I am a tad worried about Johnny Gallgher's neck. All that headbanging can't be good for it. That being said, bang hard while ye may, little rock star. Check out their music here.

Hunter and I went to check out Nilaja Sun's NO CHILD. It closed Sunday, June 3rd after an extended run at the Barrow Street Theatre. I first met Nilaja back in the 90s at the Cornelia Street Cafe when we performed on the same bill in their tiny basement theatre. I saw her again a few years ago when I brought her in to perform at the Avant-Garde-Arama at PS122. It's been amazing to see her work progress in such significant ways over great spans of time. She's outrageously good in NO CHILD. Her characterizations were off the hook. I was so happy that I got to see it before it closed.

Steve and I attended the Ms. Foundation's Annual Gloria Awards. Every year, Gloria Steinem and her posse honor women who are doing amazing work in various areas and communities. Steve and I were invited by one of the honorees, Helen LaKelly Hunt. We met Helen and her husband Harville Hendrix when we took their course in Costa Rica. (You might recognize Harville from all of his appearances on Oprah...if you want to understand and solidify your relationship and communication, rock this course. This is the second time we've taken it. After the first time, I asked Whitey to marry me. Spoiler alert: he said YES!) Attending this gala was simultaneously humbling and inspiring. Gloria Steinem was eloquent, funny and thought-provoking. It's easy to take for granted how much positive change has occurred in her lifetime. The people at this event were movers and shakers in the feminist world (which is to say, the world). I felt honored to be in their esteemed company.

Hunter and I attended that Avant-Garde-Arama at PS122. In the plus column: the hosts were Justin Bond and Taylor Mac, there was a whole installation that featured the life and work of legendary performance artist Ethyl Eichelberger and Deb Margolin performed a piece that I adored (you don't know me, but I think I love you, Deb Margolin). In the minus column, some doofwad performance artist tortured and possibly killed a live goldfish on stage (more on that soon--I'm still collecting my thoughts).

All in all, it was a crazy week filled with lots of interesting events and people.

Naps, please.


You're Totally Fucked.

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So I got some tos-mail that I called "Totally Fucked" from Spring Awakening "You're Fucked" so I have updated and corrected. Good work to editor and [tosser] Casey in Cali, and thanks for keeping us on our musical theatre game. Is Numb3rs still on CBS? I might need some fact checking on that too. Keep us honest people. I'm not too proud to run a correction. It turns out "You're Fucked" was cut from Titanic. Seriously. The captain sang it to Alma Cuervo's character. No, seriously. Cut in previews. Really.


I gots to have a new blog damnit! or Who the fuck is Eve Best?

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Alright! Settle down. You're right [tossers]. Monday morning. You guys deserve a new blog. So with the Tony countdown on hardcore, and the Sopranos coming to an end, I know you all are trying to decide which to watch live next Sunday. "But Hunter" you say, "the Tony Awards! There's no choice! You love the theatre right? HBO will show the Sopranos on demand! And, CBS needs your support!" All excellent points. I do love the Tony Awards. And I think they are hanging like a kitten on a branch poster to their prime time CBS spot. I can only imagine the meetings with the Tony folks versus the network peeps who want ratings.

TONY folks: "We want to make sure Eve Best will have proper time for her speech."

CBS: "Who the fuck is Eve Best? Now we were thinking after Legally Blonde opens the show..."

Tony folks: "That show wasn't nominated."

CBS: "Beg Pardon?"

TF: "That show wasn't nominated. We were thinking of a tribute to Kander and Ebb. Debra Monk would enter and maybe start a medley with something from Steel Pier. Then Chita enters and does a song cut from The Visit."

CBS: "We understood the words "show" and "something" in that sentence. Now, we were thinking Fantasia could sing off her new album, then Carrie Underwood would do something off her album. I think we should have the cast of Numb3rs do a bit, then Jennifer Love Hewitt from Ghost Whisperer can introduce Legally Blonde again for another fun/hot/sexy dance number. Our people are trying to get Reese to sing in it. That would be great. We know they have a girl who sings it already, but it would be killer to get Reese. Maybe that guy from Frasier could say something, although it's tricky...most people identify him with Frasier, more of an NBC property."

TF: "What?" Umm...well let's talk about Angela Lansbury."

CBS: "OK. Well, that's also tricky. She means a lot to the CBS family, but to be honest nobody remembers Murder She Wrote."

TF: "There's a beautiful song from Dear World..."

CBS: "We thought instead of Jessica Fletcher, we introduce the new Survivor cast. Bruce Vilanch or maybe the South Park guys could write like a funny song they could sing. I was also thinking Adam Sandler..."

TF: "Um...we have to leave now."


Now I grant you, I'm sure there are some very smart and classy people at CBS just as there are probably commercial sell out peeps on the Tony side too. This was merely one stab at a fictional scene. But I digress. My suggestion is, start the Tony Awards then at 9pm, lower a screen, we all watch Sopranos, raise the screen at 9:55, pick back up with Spring Awakening's "Totally Fucked" Everbody wins. Except "Totally Fucked" has to be sung by former Amazing Racers. We gotta sell tickets people.

PS Judd Hirsch is on Numb3rs? Who knew?


John John

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Go Hoosiers!

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Hey there puzzle fans, I've posted a new Logic Problem on the toswords page. Go check it out. All you lawyers will find it quite easy, but the newbies might get stuck.


My buddy Steve Korte suggested that we try this out as a number for our next benefit. Lortel-nominated-for-[tos]-choreography, Michael Berresse will certainly have his work cut out trying to get Heidi and Susan to partner on the dance section, since Hunter and I would certainly be the 2 singing ladies...


NYMF Boot Camp

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It's been a long time since I blogged and I'm not even sure how this is supposed to work. I know it's good to be stay classy oops, I mean classy. Now I remember, this is classy.

Speaking of classy, the weekend before last I went through the NYMF boot camp for shows that were accepted to the 2007 festival. Yes, my writing partner Rachel Lampert and I submitted one of our shows to the festival and we were chosen! I can hardly believe it happened. So mark your calendars for September/October to see "The Angle of the Sun". Anyway, NYMF put together an information-packed weekend where we learned everything that you need to do to be successful at the festival. We all thought just writing a good show was all that's required. But no! You need staff and money and logos and websites and producers and money and sets and costumes and money... As each of the panelists were talking, I would feel greater and greater admiration for all of the things that Hunter and Jeff brought to the festival.

First, they wrote a show that they could be proud of. Second, they knew how to bring together a lot people to see their show and celebrate it. (Let's start a new game: four degrees of Hunter and Jeff. I would bet that you can link almost everyone in New York theatre to Jeff and/or Hunter in four steps.) Third, they talk to each other a lot about how shows present themselves - through logos and ad campaigns and interviews - so they always have great ideas for how to do that. Fourth, in the tradition of The Secret, they are truly interested in and enthusiastic for many other people's projects. They keep up with what everyone is up to and go see things. Finally, Hunter watches a LOT of television and Jeff watches a LOT of birds and that seems to keep them grounded. (I went from past tense to present tense in that paragraph but I can't seem to straighten it out right now, so there it is...)

One thing that Isaac Hurwitz said at the boot camp was that the festival was not only designed to help people's shows take the next step. It was also designed to empower artists to develop a mindset where they can promote their work and to martial the resources necessary to get your ideas out there. Jeff and Hunter learned that skill very quickly and my hat is off to them.


Do it Roosevelt!

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My brother sent this link to me. Further proof that Roosevelt Franklin is black, right? Purple and black. I love the rhythms on this chant. Jeff can we add a section in [tos] where we get loud and soft like this? Awesome. BTW doesn't his voice sound like Nipsey Russell? It wasn't Nipsey, was it? I don't think so. Researchers?

Don't tell me I can't teach.


In Da Club...

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Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, shorty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's your birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a fuck
cause it's not your birthday!

But it is my birthday 50 Cent! It is. That's right [tossers], Hunty rocks the beginning of his 36th year today May 29th! I share this day with Bob Hope, JFK, Patrick Henry, and Latoya Jackson among others. I think we all remember when Latoya made history shouting "Give me liberty or give me a sailor hat and a snake!" Oh yeah, I share this day with Lisa Welchel too. She's into Baby Jesus and home schoolin'. (Side note, my bro shares his birthday with Kim Fields, so we've got half of the gang from Eastland Academy covered.)

I always liked having my b-day at this time. It meant school was almost out. I sometimes had skate parties with my classmates Bill Redding and Thomas Davis . Thomas and I shared a birthday. Bill was in June I think. We were besties in elementary school. In the 80s, I can recall a time when we all three bought these matching shirt and short combos from JC Penny's that had an 1980s Olympic patch on them. We would carefully coordinate when to wear this ensemble so as to silently rule the day in 4th grade.

I was a decent roller skater but not great. Kristi Melvin was really good. She had her own skates. We just rented. The skate parties had all the elements of a good party: Pizza, Suicides (one part Dr.Pepper, one part Sprite, jigger of remember), going together and breaking up, and the Queen song "Another One Bites the Dust."

One of my favorite parties I remember, was when my mom made cut out Snoopy and Woodstocks and tacos and we went to the pool by our house. Good work mom. Pass the Old El Paso.

So, what wisdom have I gained in my 36 years? Well, I'm thankful for my family (shout out to my cousins, aunts and uncles who were in top voice yesterday singing over the phone!), my friends (shout out to my tossers who provided cake and eats this weekend), my health...that stuff. I look forward to [tos] opening on Broadway this year, my 36th year. (What? What have you heard? [tos] should not be on B'way! What theatre would it go in?)

But what about the wisdom part you ask. Hmmm. Good question. I've learned how to embed links on the blog so that sites open up in their own window. I've learned that Latoya's new album will come out...and to hang in there with all that. And, I've learned that stuff happens when you do it. When Jeff and I started dickin' around to create [tos], I did not, in my wildest dreams, think I would be getting to type some bs about my b-day on a blog associated with a musical that ran Off-Broadway and is transferring (What? Is it really? No it?), that has its own cast recording and go on and on, like this run on sentence. So, the wisdom part is again, stuff happens when you do it peeps. Nobody can sell your book if you don't write it. Nobody can sing your song at a college showcase if you don't compose it. Nobody can put a link to your home schooling website unless you're on Facts of Life and build it. And no vampires can swarm around your head as you type a blog at 5:25 am on your birthday if you don't wake up early and type it.

Stuff happens when you do it. Not sure if that makes sense, but I think it does.

Fi'dy, take us out:

Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, shorty
It's your birthday!


Pour a little out...

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for Charles Nelson Reilly.

We've lost a great one, people.


We're a cartoon!

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So kick ass [tosser] Sarah in VA rocked our world by creating and sharing this piece of excellence! Thanks Sarah. This rocks so hard it hurts! Enjoy!



Bawlmer, hon!

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I was born on a Monday morning at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland when Nixon was president and I have a fondness for the specifics of Bawlmer. Especially the accent. "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network is a good representation of the area and every now and then some of the locals are giving you full-blown Baltimorese. So are many John Waters films. Sadly, the musical Hairspray doesn't have so much as a inkilng of the Bawlmer accent. I heard they tried in workshops, but it was too damned hard to teach. Congrats to Claire Magaha who is the only person in the world that I've successfully taught this difficult accent to.

We tried like hell - or rather I tried like hell to get a Baltimore accent into the script of [title of show], but it never happened. You can however enjoy the accent on the cast album featured in the bonus track. I say "bewniss tragg, huns" and also Susan gives you a little bit on monkeys "frahd or broooled" -- translation: "fried or broiled" - a way of preparing crab cakes.

Here's some further Bawlmer fun I found on line.

"Natty Bo" is short for "National Bohemian" - a popular inexpensive beer in Baltimore.

Some kids from Baltimore made this. Not too much accent going on, but it's fun anyway.
Make sure the kids are in bed before you press "play." Mom, you shouldn't press play either:

And finally, here's the National Anthem for you to practice wiff:

Aoh say cam yew see ba duh daln's early lype,
Wud sew proddly we helwd ad duh twahlype's leyass gleemin,
Hews broad stryipes en bride stors, frew de pearlus fyeed,
Ore de rampards we wodched wer sao galwwandly streamin?
En de roggets' reb gleer, duh bonz burstim in eer,
Gabe proof frew de nype dat or flag was stiwl deer.
AO say does zat stor spangulled ban-ner-er ye-eb way-abe,
Ore de la-am ub duh free en da haome ub duh brabe.



I Sing Like a Canary

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I leave you with this tonight...

I got to go because Jesus is calling me. Thanks to the several tossers who have passed this on to us.

PS. I will give $5 to the first college or high school student who does that Libby monologue (without commenting) for their class and films it and sends it our way. And by $5, I mean you'll receive only an email saying "thank you" and we'll post that bitch.

PS. There's a new [tos]word puzzle up.


Cake and Idol.

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So Memorial Day weekend in the city which means sunny, Fleet Weeky, and me being lazy. This afternoon found Hunter enjoying my bonus EW mag American Idol 2007 Wrap up issue. I admit I was a little lax on watching this year at times, but this seemed like an excellent Sat afternoon read. I thought about cracking some James Baldwin, but there are no pictures in Notes of a Native Son (at least not in my Beacon Press edition). So I flipped through the mag watched an episode of Ace of Cakes, and then the mag inspired me to YouTube out some of their top ten Idol moment pics.

I like listening to that. And this.

This wasn't on EW's list, but I make jeff listen to this every now and then.

Ok, now I need to read some Baldwin.


I'm Back Bitches!!

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I got back from DC on Monday and I've been taking the week to get reacquainted with my favorite city and do a whole lota nuthin'. I start rehearsals for The Little Mermaid on Tuesday, so I've been treating this week in NYC like I'm on vacation, and you know what? This city is superfun! I've seen a coupla Broadway shows (Mary Poppins and Talk Radio. Fun-ish and awesome.) I've been tooling around town with friends and I've been enjoying the sunshine... I saw the [tos] kids last night at Ryan Hill's birthday party. (Happy Birthday, Ryan! Ryan is one of our awesome producers...) SO good to see my peeps. Like coming home. Susan, that was a supercute top you were wearing. Had a cosmo with Hunter and had a general awesome time at a fancy bar with good friends and very loud 80's music.

Even though the horns are honking and people can be cranky, I'm so happy to be home. I wish I were starting rehearsals for [title of show] on Tuesday, but that Little Mermaid will have to do for now. (It's gonna be fun! Unitards and heelys people... more on that later.)


Kids Korner!

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So I decided to start a new segment on the blog, called Kids Korner! And by start a segment, I of course mean I will do this once, lose interest, and never do another [tos] Kids Korner again. The idea for this came, because so many fans have been sending in mail saying that they love [tos], but how can they get their kids in on the [tos] fun. And by so many fans, I of course mean that no one has written in asking that. Although I do have friends with kids who say when they play the OCR, they have to constantly skip tracks because we felt the need to say fuck. Maybe one of the activities in the [tos] Kids Korner will be to de-fuck our album. The next activity is to explain what an album is to kids. BTW, did you notice on the pop up graphic that the "S" is all krazy backwardz!?!? That's so kids will like it. Also google image Kids Korner (with a "K") and see how many images come up. Why the hell are we teaching our kids to misspell corner? That's just krazy! Anyway back to [tos] Kids Korner. In this segment, we're just gonna have fun. Let's start with a recipe! Yay!!!!! That was fun and good for you!

Now every body to the Art Shack! Yay! Today, let's draw!

Here's a fun drawing!* Yay! Great job!

(*Note: Drawings do not reflect the opinions of tos tos,ltd. and/or any subsidiary of tos productions. The opinions of the drawer are his own.)

(Other note: I prolly, struggled for about ten minutes whether to post that drawing. I found it online and it made me laugh outloud, but it's one of those things that did conflict me creatively. Butthole? Gay? Rape? Am I just fueling the fire people? My mom isn't proud when I post shit like that. The [tos] blog should be fun and care free, and yet there you sit at your desk, surfing for a laugh or two, and then out pops some offensive (yet hilarious) cartoon. Vampires. Kids Korner vampires!)

Ok! Let's keep going with Kids Mail! This is one of my favorite parts of [tos] Kids Korner. It's when we answer letters that come to us from [tos] kids!

Dear [tos], Are you going to Broadway? I hope so, because I say to my parents every day that I dream of seeing [tos] on Broadway! I know my dad and my other daddy want to see Mamma Mia, but that show sucks and is boring (*Note: Opinions in Kids Mail do not reflect the opinions of tos tos,ltd. and/or any subsidiary of tos productions. The opinions of this little kid are his/her own) so I beg daddy #1 and daddy #2 to take me to see [tos] when it opens on Broadway. When I lose a tooth, I say, "I hope the tooth fairy will leave two tickets to [tos] and not Tarzan! Because that would hurt even more than losing a tooth...sitting through Tarzan that is. I mean I hear the opening to Tarzan is really beautiful, but it just doesn't sustain momentum, and that the score and book are weak. In theory it seems like a good idea for a family fun musical, but in reality, I hear it just doesn't have an emotional impact, and isn't that why we go to the theatre. I mean sure I want to be entertained, what with the conflict in the Middle East, gas prices sky-rocketing, and my fears that we will find ourselves moving backwards politically (reversing Roe v. Wade? So scary!), but I want to feel at the theatre too. Why can't I find a musical experience that makes me laugh and cry? Like [tos]!" (*Note: Opinions in Kids Mail do not reflect the opinions of tos tos,ltd. and/or any subsidiary of tos productions. The opinions of this little kid are his/her own) Anyhoo, I heart [tos]! (And Hannah Montana!)

Age 10

What a great letter Casey! We love Hannah Montana too! To answer your question, yes we are moving to Broadway! You'll just have to wait and see which Broadway I mean! Uh oh! This just in on our SUPER X-treme Kids Kommunikator web-mail site 2000!

To: [tos] Kids Korner
From: Ricky Age 11
RE: Casey's Letter

Hey [tos]! What the fuck kind of answer was that to Casey's letter? "...yes we are moving to Broadway! You'll just have to wait and see which Broadway I mean!" What the fuck does that mean? You either are moving to Broadway in NYC, like the Broadway everybody thinks of when you say Broadway, or you're not. Not that hard of a question. Simple yes or no will suffice.

PS I learned the word 'fuck' by listening to your cast recording. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Thanks for the e-mail Ricky! And keep 'em coming [tos]Kids!

Well that's about all the time we have for [tos] Kids Korner! We'll see ya next time and remember, no mother fuckin' parents allowed! This is [tos] Kids Korner!


Comics and Comics.

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So Susan and Hunty had a date tonight. We went to see our rockstar friends at Creation Nation. They make me laugh and their band rocks hard too. Special guest was TR Knight, which makes two TRK events I've kicked this week. The boys did their thing at one of our favorite theatres in the city, the Zipper. Dinner before was next door at the new Zipper Factory eatery. What's nutty is that that space used to be the Belt Theatre, where [tos] played during the Festival in 2004. Susan and I ate tasty food on the very spot where we did the show. Progress.

This blog is a little boring, so to really seal the did I never know that Beetle Bailey was Lois' (from Hi & Lois) brother. Discuss.



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So Heidi and Hunty got decked out and rocked the Obie Awards. Jeff, Michael and I were honored last year to receive Obie Awards. If you've been in a taco shell or just don't know, the Obies are sponsored by the Village Voice and reward peeps for good work off and off-off broadway. What I love about them, is that there is not really competition or categories. They just choose a handful of people, so it's just this evening that celebrates good work. I like that. The hosts for the evening were TR Knight and Cynthia Nixon. I like looking at fancy TV people in real time. They are pretty. Best part of the eve, other than free wine and times with Heidi, sitting in front of In the Heights rock star (and Obie winner) Lin-Manuel Miranda.
The ole bait and switch!

Good jorb Lin. Other tossers spotted, include our boyfriend Jeremy Shamos and his kick ass wife Nina Hellman ( who snagged an Obie too!) She is 'bout to have a baby, and that baby has a lot of pressure to win an Obie too.

So word up to the Voice and the Obies. It's fun to be Part of it All sometimes.



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This in from a [tos] fan. Thought I'd share with you all. Enjoy as you sip your Sunday coffee.


Battle of the Bands

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Last night, Hunter and Jeff did a little introducing at the NYMF Battle of the Bands at ye olde Zipper Theatre. I love the Zipper for so many reasons:

*The Zipper has the most comfortable seats of any NY theatre.
*The Zipper seems to be almost completely managed and staffed by my fellow Wright State Alums.
*When we did [title of show] at the 1st anual NYMF, we scrounged our chairs from the Zipper (and it's little sister the Belt Theatre...RIP). When we go to shows at the Zipper, we get to visit our NYMF chairs in the lobby. Memories!

It was late-night lunacy at the Battle of the Bands. Sarah Litzsinger and Kate Reinders served up their stylings as TastiSkank (Q: What if Kristin Chenowith and the Olsen twins had a baby? A: Kate Reinders), The Tom Kitt Band and Daphne Ruben-Vega and her band performed. Plus, I finally got to see The Petersons, and found them to be quite refreshing at 1am.

My very favorite band of the night was Old Springs Pike. Those punky little folksters were ideal combo: well-rehearsed and spontaneous, tight and loose, insanely energetic and constantly surprising. I highly recommend this band.

Jeff and Hunter invited me onstage to announce the winner (tabulation was very scientifically conducted by applause-o-meter). I took the opportunity to share this little anecdote: When Jeffy and I snuck into SPRING AWAKENING, I texted my friend (fancy LA actor Johnathan McClain) at intermish to tell him his doppelganger was onstage in the form of John Gallagher, Jr. Since both Johnathan and John were there last night, I took the opportunity to make them stand next to each other on stage sos I could look at them stand next to each other on stage. Johnathan McClain acknowledged that he looked like John Gallagher, but with less Tony award nominations. John Gallager looked skeptical of my comparison, but hear me out, John Gallagher. As I told the audience at BOTB, I envision a sit-com: John Gallagher plays the wacky younger brother, Johnathan McClain plays the middle brother (maybe he's a Madison Avenue type or an iBanker...I haven't worked it all out yet). And, as the eldest brother, Gavin Lee of MARY POPPINS! Come on!! The show casts itself!! (Let's look at that black and white).

Spoiler alert: Old Springs Pike won the battle. (Then, all other bands were executed, execution-style, on the stage at the Zipper. No one said a life in music would be easy.) I want to stress that, John Gallagher, Jr is a total rock star, and he's getting lots of attention for his work in SPRING AWAKENING, but it is the band as a whole that kicks complete ass. I recommend you check them out. Here, I'll help you:


Let's Rock!

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Hey [tossers]! So if you are in NYC tonight with nothing to do...come to the Zipper Theatre where Jeff and I will be part of a kick ass night for the NYMF festival. They are hosting a Battle of the Bands night which should be a blast. Tom Kitt, Daphne Rubin-Vega, and Spring A. cutie John Gallagher Jr.'s bands will be playing among others. We are just intro-ing some of the bands, but hopefully we will rock you hard too. Plus Susan and Larry will be in the house.

Click here for tix.

Oh yeah, and there's a rumor these guys will be playing!

So come on out to the Zipper!


Larry 2: Electric Boogaloo

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So I tried to give Larry props for his new show and misspelled Angle and typed Angel. It is not about Angels, it is about a woman's journey, relationships, and uses the idea of angles of the sun. Susan busted me and I got some fan tos mail correcting me as well (Brittany my friend got Lynne Truss on my ass!)

The Angle of the Sun is Larry's show.

This is not.


Wrens, Rain and Raccoons

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Today I spent most of the afternoon birdwatching in the park with a young spitfire woodsman named Chris who leads a double life as part nerdy 24-year old plant-loving-wildlife-conservationist and part fashion-model-corporate-flight-attendent to the Fortune 500 business stars. Our day of birding in Central Park was cut short by the arrival of a monster thunderstorm that opened up and left us stranded in Harlem for a bit.

We dashed for cover under some construction scaffolding at 110th street and Malcolm X Blvd where we joined lots of moms waiting for the bus, some school kids just getting out of school (they can't wait to hang out and be cool *), an hispanic fella selling snowcones, and one lone black man singin' his guts out to the group and to us two white boys trying to get out of the rain.

Here were the lyrics to his song:

'Da rain's comin' down, here it come
All you people with no shoes on gonna get your feet wet.

No shoes
Rain comin' down
All you homeless people livin' in the park need to get a raccoon
and get up under it
Get outta 'da rain.

Get a raccoon, get a raccoon, get a raccoo-oon.



May 16, 2007 by Hunter | 2 Comments
So a special shout out to our own Larry who plays Larry. He is being a modest violet, but his ass was just selected for the 2007 NYMF festival. You'll recall that's where we got our humble start. And it wasn't really his was his new show. Larry has composed the music for a kick ass show called The Angel of the Sun with his writing partner Rachel Lampert. So good jorb Lars. It ain't easy to get in to the NYMF. [tos] is proud of you. But, remember we own your soul and your firstborn. That's just how it goes. It's like being on American Idol. You can try and shake it, but you'll always be known first and foremost as an "American Idol."



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It is sad that I honestly forgot this morning about the Tonys. Or maybe it's a good thing, I don't know. It's more or less a habit to type in into my browser sometime during coffee and it was then that I thought, "oh yeah, the Tony noms are out."

Confession #1: The race of the potential nominees is always more fun to me than the actual award ceremony. Once that's over I don't really care anymore. Metaphorically, I like to watch the Olympics, but I'm usually changin' the channel when they start putting the metals on the peeps.

Confession #2: The last time I watched the Tony's was 9 years ago (The "Side Show" year). However, most award shows make me anxious and grouchy.... my fellow tossers might say that could be just about anything.

Confession #3: I've only seen TWO of the last SEVEN musicals to win Best Musical. I'll let you decide which ones they are.

Confession #4: Only if Spring Awakening wins this year will be 3 out of 7.

Confession #5: I only like watching the musical clips when some friend lends them to me a couple of weeks later. Well that and when there is a crazy acceptance speech to enjoy. Phylicia Rashad a few years back, for example. Good stuff.

Confession #6: There is a full version of "The Tony Award Song" in the vaults for [title of show] that we'll most likely be peforming on next spring's telecast. Set your vcr now, gramma.

Making theatre makes me too tired to GO to the theatre. I wish 't'weren't true, but 'tis Helga, 'tis.


Tony fever...catch it!

May 15, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So, today is what I consider to be a very important day..the Tony nominations were announced! Big news peeps! Of course the rest of the country refers to today as Tuesday, but I am a sucker for all of it. A few years ago, my good friend Tom and I made a cake in the shape of the Tony award. A wooden stick, black and white cookie...add some yellow icing and voila! (Side note: TV alert: Ace of Cakes...even Jeff B is watching and he hates TV! Anyhoo, we love that show! Jeff and I agree that it reminds us of [tos] a little. Just friends doing what they love and creating craziness together. Musicals...cakes, same dif.)
So we made a Tony cake to take to a Tony party. I would always get so excited to watch the Tony awards. It was like this crazy special night and it all seemed a million miles away. I didn't care if it was Starlight Express, or Grand Hotel, I was just glued to the tube. I think it's why sometimes I'm in shock that I actually live here and have, in the tiniest of ways, become a part of this community. That place I dreamed about, I actually live here. And, those people that seemed so shiny and like rock stars, I see them on the street, and even know one or two. There are times when I get feel jaded about this biz we call show, but even at 35, I popped up this morning to see who got nominated like it was Christmas. Is it political who gets noms? Sure. Do people get overlooked? Sure. Does it all make sense? Of course not. Will I be watching. You bet your ass. Because I friggin love musicals! I love seeing them, good and bad. I love talking about them. Dishing about them. Celebrating them. And now having gone through creating one, my appreciation for how an artist gets anything done at all, well it's huge. I think the Tony Awards are a crazy circus/party/political/interesting/talent-filled/gambly/fun/awesome game, and I still pratice my acceptance speech in the shower. It's awesome. Funny and moving for the record. Yes, I am a total weirdo. But a weirdo who is working on an awesome speech (btw more often than not the speech segues into me singing "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne and/or Sleepy Man from Robber Bridegroom. I hope they don't cut me off when I win so I can sing those tunes too!)

So will anybody watch the Tonys? Are you kidding? The Sopranos is on! But I'll be watching, and who knows...I may even bake a cake.


When it all Comes Together

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As a kid in Florida I was always jimmied up when dad would stop in at a 7-11 so I could pick up the latest issue of a Justice League comic. My love for the league was inspired by the most awesome tv show ever: Wonder Woman
At the 7-11 my brother would check out the baseball cards and I would buy comics and a pickled sausage. Did I mention that I was a bit of a redneck? I'm mentioning it now.
We usually stopped in at the 7-11s after little league practice which would get us home just in time for me to watch 3-2-1 Contact and a late-afternoon rerun of Barnaby Jones with my mom (PS. Happy Mother's Day).

Anyway, the music of my comic book youth was filled with classics like the 2 above tv theme songs as well as Burt Bacharach ditties and Casey Kasem's top 40 eighties standards like Cyndi Lauper's "She-Bop"

** What the fuck was that video?? **

Anyway, imagine my delight when I click onto youtube to watch an episode of the new animated series of "The Legion of Superheroes" -- which is totally awesome by the way. And I am met with what I consider the most exciting opening tv themes I've heard in years. If you've enjoyed the three tunes above, you'll see how the marriage of all three is so utterly delicious.

Almost as delicious as a pickled sausage or a mudfish sandwich.


For Jeff & Hunter

May 14, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Tiny moves...


'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

May 14, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment
This just in:


I am a huge fan of [tos] and was listening to the album while painting my apartment today... and I realized that there is one lyric which I don't understand... so I thought I'd ask.

In "Part of it All" what is the lyric immediately following "Part of Lunch with Bernadette" Part of: ???? I am saying "a cocoa marmosette" which I'm pretty sure is wrong, but I can NOT figure it out... and that's what it sounds like... take another listen.

So, if you'd let me know at your convenience, that'd be swell. Otherwise, I will be singing "part of lunch with Bernadett, part of a
cocoa marmosette" until the end of time.

Thanks! Love the show!!


ps. if Susan ever sees this, we both used to go to colleen's yoga class on sundays downtown!! wierd!

Dear Nellie:

Hi! Thanks for your fabulous email. I love little lyrical mysteries like this. When I was in 7th grade, there were a few John Cougar Mellencamp songs that I listened to over and over and over and over again to figure out the lyrics. John Cougar will slur a lyric, people. And this was pre-Internet, so if the lyrics weren't printed on the record (that's right, kids: RECORD) sleeve, you were f'ed. I was supes proud of myself when I figured out the following (bolded) lyrics to Jack & Diane:

A little ditty about Jack and Diane
Two American kids growin' up in the heartland
Jackie's gonna be a football star
Diane's debutante in the backseat of Jackie's car

And I still couldn't figure out these (bolded) lyrics last week. Honestly:

Theres a black man with a black cat
Living in a black neighbourhood
Hes got an interstate runnin through his front yard
You know, he think, that hes got it so good
And theres a woman in the kitchen cleanin up the evening slop
And he looks at her and says: hey darling, I can remember when you could stop a clock

Listen to Little Pink Houses again. It sounds like he's saying "starve a flower". But what sense does that make? Almost as much sense as "a cocoa marmosette".

(Speaking of Little Pink Houses, does anyone remember that contest where Mtv gave away that pink house? And John Cougar Mellencamp was all, "we're gonna paint the mother pank"? Anyone? No one?)

So, in answer to your question, Nellie, the lyric is "a coat of marmoset". Cause Hunter's been wanting a coat made out of these for a long time. We were trying to obscure the lyric so PETA doesn't protest our next appearance. I guess the marmosets out of the bag now.

And as for that yoga class...I need to get my butt back in there. I remember that I used to see this guy in that same class. Then he came to see [title of show] and I was all: "I recognize you, dude. But I'm used to seeing you upside down and through my legs". Which sounded filthy. But accurate.

Finally, here's an extremely well-organized web site on the subject of mondegreens.

(Mondegreens, huh? That's a pretty fancy work for the blog, huh?)


Did you...

May 14, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
call your mom yesterday? Hope so. Shout out to my mom and all tosser moms. Without you guys...well there would be no [tos] and no blog. And with no blog, you all would be actually working and not taking precious company time to look at this blog. Productivity would increase and there would be waaay too much getting done of stuff. That can lead to no good. So huzzah for our moms and this mindless blog

In other news, Sus, J and H took in some Spidey 3 this weekend. It isn't great but we all agreed that all of those people are totes pretty to look at on the big screen and sometimes watching a mindless summer blockbuster is so fun. Bring on the Pirates and Fab 4 I say! We also ate a lot of B-B-Q with our most excellent PSM and SM Martha D (who is currently keeping Vanessa Redgrave in line over at the Booth in The Year of Magical Thinking...remember to sing that to the tune of "The World According to Snoopy"...personal shout out to Talk Show radio host Brittany Brown at Marvelous Party who said she has been humming that tune when passing the Booth..good work Brit!..where was I?) Oh, yeah. we ate B B Q with Martha and the excellent Tom who is sneaking away from the Lion King to work out o town for a bit. We will let Disney and Joan Didion have these two for now..but when we open on Broadway..we're stealing them bitches back! Broadway...wait what have you heard?

So let's recap: Mom, Spidey, BBQ, Lion King, Joan Didion, [tos] on not working and reading this blog.

I think that covers it.

Now go look at something else not work related. Go ahead. May I suggest:


or this.

Or even this.


Hunter's bro b-day!

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So it's me bro's b-day today. He is most excellent.

In honor of his b-day, I have posted the transcript of this scene that we used to love. I think it was on Sesame St. or Electric Company. Here it is. Maybe you 'member.

PS if anyone has the video footage of this...share it up!

Scene: Wild-haired kid with big eyes walking back and forth next to the phone. Note, the words in quotes appear over his head.
Kid: "Happy Birthday, Miss --" ... uh ... er ... nah! "Why, hello there, Miss Jones, I ... " er -- er, no, that's not right.
A friend enters, (two seconds of traffic sounds). Friend is bald, with BB eyes.
Friend: Came right over, what's cooking?
Kid: It's my teacher. It's her birthday and I want to call her up. I want to tell her something special.
Friend: How about "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You"--
Kid frowns: Nah, everybody says that!
Friend: Welllll, how about "Roses are red, Violets are blue"--
Kid scrunches up his face in disgust at this.
Kid: Nah, I wanna tell her something different! Something, I'll think of something!
(begins to carefully dial. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.)
Miss Jones answers, in a low, sensuous voice: Hello?
Kid: "Happy birthday Miss Jones, you sure got nice--bones!"
Kid winces, CLICK.
Friend: Well, it was different all right.



Makin' up for lost blog time.

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So more Friday night bloggin. Not sure what it says about my social life, but I am watching Bill Moyers, and posting this pic.

Just because.



Prairie Dawn

May 11, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Jeff and Susan and I recently had a conversation about Prairie Dawn. Susan mentioned she met the voice of Prairie, and I worked with Mark Saltzman who told me he wrote a lot of her sketches. I was star struck.

Here is a reminder of some of her work:

I was talking about how my brother and I used to play with the Sesame Street Fisher-Price people. After Charles and Diana's wedding, we decided to have a royal wedding and unite Prairie Dawn and Roosevelt Franklin (who I still contend is black...even though he is purple....RF was straight up from the streets!) Anyway we set up the tape recorder and then taped a play by play of a royal wedding. I made a dress for P Dawn out of napkins. The entire Fisher Price village was there, it was a beautiful day. My bro and I could fill some time in our play room. He is a kick ass TV producer now, and I still make dresses out of napkins. I like to think those hours we clocked in the "blue play room" layed the foundation for our work today. We logged hours of tape. My bro doing play by play soccer matches ...(he was in Germany last year for World Cup!) Us taping game shows. We would set up the fisher price people....usually Susan and Gordon from Sesame Street, maybe Ernie...and sometimes I would do celebrity voices Marla Gibbs? Joan Rivers? I was weird. We took the trivia questions out of an old Password game and went to town. (I eventually would be on the game show 21 on NBC for a second...more on that on another blog.) But again, maybe those hours in the playroom paved the way for us to play now.

Word up to Prairie and Roosevelt.


Vineyard Business Ass

May 11, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
As you [tossers] know, the Vineyard theatre was our happy home for
quite some time. We love that place. They rock so hard that you
almost feel you don't want to be rocked that hard, but deep
do. You really, really do.

They started their online auction so that they can raise some bucks and keep
bringing you more kick-assness like [tos].

We have a couple of items. A signed CD ... signed bitches ... signed. And ... drum
roll ... a signed poster. These are rare. Rare like a unicorn. And, we signed it as well. So get out your c-cards, bid it up. I know you wanted to keep bidding on those Great Muppet Caper glasses, but come's [tos], the Vineyard, and a good cause. And like the pimp said to the traveling business man, "If you can afford some business can afford some business ass!" so bid high (dollar stoners!) and for gosh sakes don't let those Xanadu tickets beat us!

Here's the link: Vineyard Auction



This just in...

May 11, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Enjoy unicorn Friday!


More bloggin' damnit!

May 10, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
This is from one of our myspace tossers.



The blog is like my [tos] patch (get it? nicotine patch only instead of a lethal drug it's a witty musical...), knowing that I will probably never get to SEE the show reading the blog makes me feel like PART OF IT ALL! (Insert rainbow leprechauns here!)

But anyway you're probably busy and all and this probably comes off as rude but oh well.


Till then I am unchangingly and most fondly yours,

Fanny Dahvee

Hey [tossers]! So we have been a li'l blog-lite recently. Jeff is in full tilt spring migration boogie. Heidi is still being a DC rockstar, Larry is lazy, and Susan is picking up the slack. I, myself, went on a little vacation. After all of our spring projects, I needed to sit on a beach and read a book. So I got on the internet and flew down to Florida to put my toes in the sand and read. Upon arrival, I learned that my quiet reading weekend would have a little bit o noise as it was the annual Air and Sea show. What's that you ask? Good question. Basically it's when they fly overhead all of those Blue Angel fighter Jets, the Red Baron bi-planes (or bi-curious planes I thought in my head which made me giggle), crazy fighter jets, and then you throw in some fast boats. It all actually was totally cool. I don't know dick about fighter jets other than what "Goose" taught me in Top Gun. Watching them this weekend race through the sky as I stood directly under them on the beach was awesome. My favorite part of the Air and Sea show happened when after all these planes flew in formations, etc. a group of pelicans flew by in a beautiful pattern. The crowd began to clap and cheer. A guy next to me shouted, "Yo, that's the original air show, yo!" Classic. I was so happy to be in that spot at that moment.
So now back in the big bad NYC. I'm refreshed and ready to blog...

Hmmm..let's see what's on TV...Shear Genius rerun? Don't mind if I do.


Springtime in NYC!

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It's been an amazing springtime in NYC this year. Just stunning. Whitey took this picture in Central Park last week. Deliciousness, no?


Can you smell the smoke?

May 09, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
It's cause our brains are cooked.

We're just now recovering from our month of many appearances. Apologies for the quietude on the blog.

To tide us over until inspiration strikes again: My friend Sheila sent me these images recently. They are supposedly from various tests. They made me laugh. Especially this one.

(I also like looking at the teacher's that kid named Jathin?)

Jeff, Hunter and I were talking recently about what type of students we were in high school. I was quite miserable at math...and science...and history...and social studies. I definitely might have handed in one of these answers on a test out of sheer desparation to fill my page and fill the time. Just looking at some of these questions makes me feel wincey.



Potty Time!

May 03, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Susan and I often quote this commercial from our youth ...

P.S. I want that rug!


Honeymooners and Tenderloin

May 01, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
So last night the tide flowed back out to sea as we finished up event 4 of our 4 big events of the month. Last night was the Actor's Fund 125th Anniversary Gala at the Waldorf Astoria. It was fun to have a dressing room next to "Eddie" from "Frasier". He was well-behaved and followed the Equity rule of no vocal warm-ups after half-hour, so for that I was thankful. It was also fun to hang in the wings with tos-fan David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney before we went out to do our big fat original opening number, fully orchestrated and accompanied by John Pizzarelli and his All-Star Big Band. It was fun to wear a tux and eat tenderloin and be with all my [title of show] friends. I was proud of us and most-especially proud of Heidi for jumping on a train from DC, learning songs via mp3s that Larry emailed her and jumping up on a stage at the Waldorf Astoria like a total pro and making it come together without a hitch. I told my fellow [tos]mates that performing with them and having Michael and Whitey out in the audience watching and supporting us is really what makes it all worthwhile. Michael was happy that he got to see Joyce Randolph last night. She was an original Honeymooner, people. That's crazy.



Sick and Proud

Apr 29, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
I just wanted to say hi. And also say that while I've been in Meet John Doe jail, my better [tos] halves have been writing their brains out for all these wonderful events that we've been ask to participate in. There have been bonnets, pizza-ganzas, and about million other ones, but this last one, The Actor's Fund benefit, is this Monday and I'm sitting here in my DC pad learning the lyrics to an awesome new song penned by Jeffy, Hunter, and Susan with awesome arranging and music direction by Larry. (I actually shouldn't be bloggin' right now, I should be learning Jeffy's crazy-ass lyrics, so this is gonna be brief.) I'm just so proud to be apart of this family. You guys are funny and smart and lovely and loving and weird and there's nobody like you. And thank you for letting me show up in a cocktail dress and sing beside you.

And speaking of singing... This last weekend of shows has been brought to you by the drug prednisone. I have some kind of bacteria monster making a happy home out of my body and it's been truly challenging to be a singer at the same time. Not to mention sleep. Prednisone turns me into a sleepless super-hero. Does anyone need any heavy lifting done? Seriously, I'm so fired up, I feel like I could lift a car. It can't be right. Don't try this at home kids... Prednisone is for the few. The desperate. The actors with a five-show-weekend to get through.


Bonnets, Sondheim, my Aunt, and more

Apr 27, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Hey [tossers]. So Susan has been a good blogger about our adventures, and inspired me to throw in my 2 cents. I'll start with Bonnet. The feelings in my tummy before walking out on the big ole Minksoff stage on Monday were crazy nervous. I thought Jeff and Christopher (Gattelli choreo/dir.) and Larry and I had created a fun opening, but you just never know. Well I was scared, but it was a thrill being up there trying our [tos] stuff on a big stage, and the crowd was so kind and ready to have some fun.

The Easter Bonnet and BC/EFA raises some crazy funds and it was an honor to work with their entire staff. Being a part of it all is so rewarding, but as I sat in the theatre on Tuesday to watch the show, it struck me how amazing it is that there were all of these performers, musicians, union guys, and volunteers just working together to make the day possible. They raised over 3 million dollars. That figure is real and means real help for so many people. It was humbling and an honor to contribute our time and talents to a great cause.

Special shout out and thanks to Tom Viola, Michael Graziano, the whole gang at BC/EFA, Christopher Gattelli, Connor Gallagher, Julia Murney, Barrett Foa, Cheyenne Jackson, Carla Hargrove, and the entire company of singers and dancers who made the opening so crazy fun and good. Since Jeff and I were facing out for lots of the number, it will be fun to check out the DVD to see all the magic behind us.

Thanks again to all who helped make the Bonnet such a success!

Onto the Guild dinner. Fun to all be together and sing one of Jeff's awesome tunes. I was so proud of my writing partner as he stood before a room with Marsha Norman, Sondheim, Horton Foote, Harnick, Rupert Holmes, among others. Horton Foote made a great speech about just writing everyday. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment, so thanks Horton. (PS I admitted to Jeff at the table that when I was younger I used to always think of Dr Suess when I saw Horton Foote's name anywhere. I felt the need for full disclosure with you all.)

Special thank you to John Guare. We first connected with John at the Vineyard gala. It is because of John that Jeff and I joined the Guild, and because of him that we got to perform at this function. Nevermind that John is a rockstar writer, what I love so much is his enthusiasm for young writers and voices and his energy about us being there along with all those other fancies. Thanks for inspiring us John, and that chicken was yummy at that dinner as well.

On a personal tip, shout out to my Aunt Bootie. She recently made a speech at a woman's conference and talked a lot about her 'vampires' about giving a speech, within the speech. I am so proud of my aunt for slaying some vampires. she is a remarkable gal and has always been such a huge influence, supporting me in everything I do in the arts. Don't forget fans, it was in her basement that "Puzzling Obsession" came to life. Without her sense of spirit, fun, and encouragement, I'm not sure I would have the drive to have gone for my dreams, so thanks Bootie and I love you.

The day was also important for her and others for other reasons. My family lives in southwest Virginia and has so many connections with Virginia Tech. My aunt was one of the first female cheerleaders for Tech. She had planned to wear her uniform for her speech a while back. It is amazing how special and poignant her wearing it became because of the recent events at Tech. It has been a tough time in Southwest VA, and to know that Bootie's speech helped people to remember and maybe help people forget and think and laugh about other things makes me even prouder of her.

Good job Bootie.


[title of show] Babies!

Apr 25, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment
I wrote this back in May, 2006:

"...every time I see this certain kid on TV or in a movie, he reminds me of a miniature Hunter. If we ever do a live-action Saturday morning kids program called [TITLE OF SHOW] BABIES, I think we should definitely consider him for Li'l Hunter."

Well, we recently began casting for the role of Jeff and it looks like Cooper Artzberger deserves a callback!


In Your Easter Bonnet

Apr 25, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Yesterday, I was pleased as punch to attend the 21st Annual Easter Bonnet Competition at the beautiful Minskoff Theatre. For the uninitiated, the Easter Bonnet Competition is an annual fundraiser held by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Broadway, off-Broadway and touring companies present original skits that culminate in the presentation of an easter bonnet.

This year, I was outrageously proud as my BFFs Jeff Bowen and Hunt Bell starred in the opening number, which they created with Larry Pressgrove and Christopher Gattelli. Watching me besties perform on the stage of the Minskoff gave me such feelings of delight and excitement...we'll call the feeling delightment. And, as usual, they made me laugh. Carla Hargrove, Julia Murney, Cheyenne Jackson, Barrett Foa and the Easter Bonnet Dancers were all fabulous, as well. Delightment, delightment.

The cast of Company also presented a great piece that blended their musical talents with themes from Chorus Line. It was clever and funny and egregiously overlooked by the judges. You wuz robbed, Company.

A special shout-out to the people who created the costumes for the Wicked number. Elphaba and Galinda re-styled as Lorretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. I liked looking at that.

I loved the number created by the cast of Hairspray. Totes shaky-cam, but still worth a listen. We especially love the women who played the main narrator. That shit was tight.

My favorite number (after the opening, of course) was served up by In the Heights. When we saw Lin-Manuel Miranda at last week's Pizzaganza, he told me that he's had this idea brewing for a while: sort of a latin, hip-hop Tradition stew. I fuckin loved it. It made my bootie bounce and it made me laugh. That kid has MAD SKILLS. I love the sound of his voice. And his writing is sick. The following video is also totes shaky-cam, but I still love it.

(Lin, can you send me a proper recording of that song for my iPod? I know you're reading this, bitch. Don't front like you're not. My email is If I whine will you send it?! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?!)



Part of it All

Apr 24, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
It feels like we've been a little quiet on the blog lately. You know that when it's quiet, we're somewhere getting busy...and I don't mean that in a sexual way.

April has turned into the month of benefits and appearances: The Producing Office's Pizzaganza 2007...BC/EFA Easter Bonnet...The Dramatists Guild Gala...The Actors Fund Gala...I feel like there's something else I'm get the picture.

For three of these events, [tos] was asked to create original content. This is an excellent exercise to keep your pen moving, to turn material around quickly, to rehearse swiftly, to perform confidently with less prep time. But, as you can imagine, it can be challenging, too. For instance: yesterday afternoon, Jeff and Hunter performed the opening number at the Easter Bonnet, then departed immediately for the Hudson Theatre to join us for a soundcheck, then an evening performance for the Dramatist Guild Gala. The challenge is to stay in the moment, stay on your game, breathe and enjoy.

Here's a mini-recap:

Last week's Pizzaganza at John's Pizzeria was an industry luncheon hosted by the Producing Office for national road producers (these are the people who run the big touring houses throughout the country...they decide if the national tour of Wicked will be visiting your town). The last time the Producing Office hosted the pizza party, this happened. It was our task to create and perform a smart, funny number that addressed this and other issues relevant to these producers (plus incorporate Avenue Q's Trekkie Monster). It was a challenging little puzzle, but I think we solved it quite well. Our central lyrical theme was "We're not here to try to win a Tony/We're not here to try to sway your vote/We're just here to put the peace back in pizza/There's nothing this season for us to promote." It felt a little like performing at a plumber's convention*: there were wild reactions to specific references that are relevant to their corner of the world. It seemed to go pretty well...I remembered all my words, I didn't throw up on Hunter or Jeff and irate producers didn't pelt us with pizza and beer.

Last night, we performed at the The Dramatists Guild Gala. John Guare had seen us perform the Vineyard Theatre Gala and axed us to perform at his shindig. That alone was pretty f'ing cool. The theme was "The Right Song at the Right Moment". Six composers (and/or lyricists) introduced numbers they had created by talking about why/when they wrote them. Then the number would be performed. This was the bill:

Medley from Company - Introduced by Stephen Sondheim - Performed by Raul Esparza
"Nine People's Favorite Thing" - Introduced by Jeff Bowen - Performed by us
"Daddy's Girl" from Grey Gardens - Introduced by Scott Frankel - Performed by Erin Davie and Matt Cavenaugh
"What Makes Me Love Him?" from The Apple Tree - Introduced by Sheldon Harnick - Performed by Kristin Chenoweth
"Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind" from Spring Awakening - Introduced by Steven Sater - Performed by John Gallagher, Jr & Phoebe Strole
"It's A Business" from Curtains - Introduced by Rupert Holmes - Performed by Debra Monk and company

I loved watching from the wings as Sondheim introduced songs he had written for (and cut from) Company. I liked watching Raul Esparza sing those songs (it made me wish I had a big, fancy voice that I could do lots of stuff with...maybe in my next life...I gots other gifts). It was weird and fun to hang out backstage briefly with Raul and Kristin Chenoweth and Debra Monk (it's not a contest, but Debra Monk was my favorite). I didn't get to meet John Gallagher, Jr, but watching him perform confirmed that I am a fan of that bucket of sweet weirdness. I felt so proud to see Jeff Bowen take the podium immediately after Sondheim. And I felt happy and fortunate to perform alongside my favorite people again. And it made me want to do our show again.

Later this afternoon, we're to the Minskoff to drink in the splendor of the Easter Bonnet. Then rehearsal tonight for next week's Actors Fund Gala.

Part of it all, indeed.


*The Steve Martin Plumber's joke (for the record, I listened to this album about 37,000 times as a child)

So, I hear we have some plumbers in the house tonight - big plumbing convention in town this week - so I thought I'd make a special joke, just for you, the plumbers, so here we go. If you're not a plumber, please sit tight, laugh along anyway, the joke is hilarious even if you don't get it. Because you're not a plumber. But if you ARE a plumber, you'll love it. So, here we go. Big plumbing joke. (deep breath) So, these two guys are working on a golf course reticulation system (chuckles) and the first guy says to his buddy 'George, I can't get this flange backed off.' Well, old George looks over and says 'Jeez Pete, you need to use a 3/4" gangly wrench on a Hobson spigot'. (snicker). Pete says 'I am, pass me yours, maybe mine's broken'. So George... (guffaw).. George passes his tool across .. (snort).. and then Pete says 'GANGLY wrench? I thought you said DANDY wrench!!'.. (paroxysms of self induced laughter)...(looks offstage as if in response to a director's cue) ... Sooooooo, folks, there's a big plumbing convention starting TOMORROW apparently...

Good stuff.


[easter bonnet]

Apr 22, 2007 by Courtney | Add comment
I have to plug the [tos] boys' creation of this year's [easter bonnet] opening number! Since Susan and Heidi are both away, I am representing as the [tos] female and am singing ohhs and ahhs offstage at the Minskoff Theatre tomorrow and Tuesday. Hunter and Jeff (and Larry) have truly outdone themselves with this original and clever homage to easter bonnets of yester year, while still maintaining a specific voice that is [title of show].
yester year.
Anyway, it is a [tos] fan must see!


The cutest f'ing [tos] fan ever.

Apr 20, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
This just came in the mailbag from [tosser] John.

This is my brand spankin’ new puppy named Scooter.
He loves [title of show] and his favorite toy is a stuffed monkey named Bongo.
Good luck with all of your upcoming projects!

John in Boston

Thanks John. Jeff has a stuffed monkey too for the record.

Holy smokes that l'il thing is crazy fargin' cute! Scooter now is the cutest [tos]ser replacing this guy.

Now maybe if Paul learned to drink a pespi...he would earn his spot back until then...Scooter wins Paul...Scooter wins.


Sleepy but can't sleep...

Apr 19, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
So you know how when you have an early flight..or a big test...or any kind of big event that requires rest...and you find yourself on the eve of whatever event and ...BING! eyes open. That's me right now. We've all been working very hard in [tos]ville on various projects happening in the city. Two of them happen tomorrow. Well sort of. One event is a fun fancy pizza party for theatre folks from around the country who are in NYC for theatre folk things. A lot of these people are responsible for what the folks in the USA see on tour...road shows, etc. We're responsible for entertaining them while they eat pizza slices. So it'll all be fun I hope. We've been working hard writing, and learning our lines and practicing our steps. The other thing on the Thursday schedule is presenting material we've created for the Easter Bonnet Opening to powers that be. So that will be fun and nervous making too.

Also of note. We miss Heidi. She is still turning it out big time down in DC, but our band of happy players is minus one. She's fancy and she can round out the four part harmonies.

Hi Heidi.

Okay I'm gonna go get in the bed and run my lines and lyrics in my head. Wish us luck tomorrow!


excuses, excuses...

Apr 18, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
Ok, so I'm not in New York writing for all them benefits and galas that all them other bitches are writing, but I AM belting my taters off here in DC. Still, I haven't blogged in a while and I certainly have time for a quickie.

The cast of Meet John Doe sang the National Anthem at a Washinton National's game on Monday. It was freezing and raining and it wasn't the biggest crowd in the world, but we had super fun times and I got to eat the biggest hotdog on the planet, (that I'm still burping up), and I had a big ol' beer (which also made me burpy). It got me thinking about the cast of [tos] singing the National Anthem at a Yankee's game. Everybody take a sec and think about that. awe. some.

When I was little, I used to sing the National Anthem at Fresno State basketball games now and then. (Go Bulldogs!) I was probably about 8 or 9 and I was terrified. I'm not going to lie - singing The Star Spangled Banner in front of thousands of people on a mic with crazy slap-back is not my idea of a good time, but when you get to the part about 'o'er the la-hand of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee', and the crowd goes bananas, well, that doesn't suck, and it somehow gives you strength to really bring 'and the home of the brave' home.



Apr 18, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
A quick blog to say that we at [tos] always talk about how it's sometimes hard to come home and blog a quickie, clever blog for the fans when you've spent all day writing quickie, clever write-ups for other quickie, clever projects. We are all knee deep in spending all day to come up with witty material for Benefit #2 and Gala #5. I liken the state of mind I'm in right now to what it feels like when you arrive at the weekend fraternity kegger down by the St. John's river (and Carolyn didn't pick you up early enough in her white Ford Probe to get you to the parking lot in time for the awesomeness) and the line-up of slutty girls at the back of the Toyota pick-up truck is way too long because Carolyn drives like an old man and you're next in line at the keg and some asshole gives you a red solo cup full of foam 'cause that shit's all tapped out.

All I got is foam.


Pride & Prejudice

Apr 15, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Today, Whitie and I were watching the A&E Pride & Prejudice (not to be confused with the Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice).

Separated at birth: Mr. Bingley and our daddy-mack producer Kevin McKevin.



History in the Making

Apr 14, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Last weekend, we roadtripped down to see Heidi in MEET JOHN DOE at Ford's Theatre in DC. She was fantastic. Go see her. She's a star. And seeing a show at Ford's is a trip unto itself.

We hung out with a LOT of Lincolns. Including Elvis Lincoln. Hot.

I was never a stellar history student. The facts and dates seemed dry and lifeless to me. But nothing brings history to life like visiting the location of a profound event. Today is the anniversary of Lincoln's assassination. What a sad, strange, terrible event. I tip my pipestove hat to the memory of you, Mr. Lincoln.


Confidential to Dr. Bell: Did you know that Ford's Theatre was also the location of this? Let's take a closer look. Interesting, no?


To add to the fun, Jeff's mom made us all Easter baskets. I don't remember the last time I got an Easter basket! Thanks, Jeanie Bowen!!


And speaking of Bowens, I want to use this squeaky, imaginary rope and pulley system to raise up a sloppy bucket of love and congratulations to Bill and Amy up in Washington Heights. We are all so happy for you!!


What we were laughing about this weekend:

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The Browns going to the SuperBowl!


Everybody Wins.

Apr 10, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Only really time for sleeping, composing and emailing Broadway fancies to see if they're available to participate in the ten thousand events we have coming up in the next month. First up is the opening number to the Easter Bonnet Competition. Christopher Gattelli is directing the piece with Hunter and I writing - maybe we'll be in it, too. Larry Pressgrove will be conducting the orchestra as they blast out the festivities. Superstar Connor Gallagher will be assisting all of us and it'll be stage managed by the incomparable Tom Reynolds. -- That's a subliminal hint for Tom to bring us treats. mmm gooey.

In other news, me, Larry, Susan and Hunter loaded up in Michael's sports wagon (thanks, EmBee!) and took off for DC this past weekend to see our baby sister rockin' out the Meet John Doe at the Ford's Theatre in Washington. On our way there, we stopped off at my mom's house in Baldeemore, Merland for some crab cakes and fruit salad. She made Easter baskets for all of us and we ate lots of chocolate things as we continued on to DeeCee. Heidi has a swanky apartment down there. We had slumber parties and we went to see the show on Saturday night. Please note that we sat a whole 20 feet away from this. Talk about living in a history book. Heidi says sometimes she'll look up there to see if she sees Lincoln's ghost. She says she hasn't seen it yet, but strangely enough she has seen this ghost. Brrrr. Anywaah, Heidi was supes awesome in her show. All of us enjoyed it a lot. *** Spoiler Alert *** a spike mark near the edge of the stage that i could see from the balcony kind of ruined the ending for me *** end spoiler alert *** But the show was great and holy crap I was crazy proud of our Heidi. She's a star.

We all rode back in the car together and told stories - including everyone's "first kiss" story. Those are private so you'll have to wait until your a roadie with us before we can let you in on those delicious tales.

In other news, we got a fan letter from another awesome Heidi and she writes:

... a little part of me wants to get a shout-out on the blog... Is that even possible?I hate to sound like some rascal kid calling in to a radio-station to get a "shout out on the air", but it is what it is...I'm a little jealous of all these [tos] fans. I keep reading on the blogs about [tosser] Joe, [tosser] Sally, and [tosser] Whatchamacallit-from-small-town-kentucky-who-loves-a-good-[tos]-quote.

Heidi, I dont' recall us mentioning the tosser from Kentucky; I'll have to do a search for that. Your email was amazing and now you've officially been shout-outed.

Heidi's fanmail is a perfect example of one of our staples in collaboration: We at [title of show] pride ourselves on honest communication. We always say that you should ask for what you want. You may not get it, but sometimes you may. Larry just this weekend asked if he could get a club soda with a splash of cranberry and a lime wedge, but instead he got a club soda with grapefruit juice and no lime wedge. He didn't get what he wanted, BUT coincidentally that happened to be Susan favorite drink - so he gave it to her and everybody wins ... well except for Larry. But the point is to ask for what you want.


Fan Mail!

Apr 05, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Wow! It's been a while since Kevin and Shorty showed their dirty snouts around here. So we made them cats shove their cat faces out of their comfy, cozy mailbox to screen some fan mail.

From: Margaret
Subject: [tos] sighting!

Susan! You walked by me on the subway stairs last night and it took all of my willpower not to become a scary person running down 6th Ave screaming "Die Vampire Die!" I didn't want to bother you, but please know that you were being admired a la distance.

It was a funny coincidence to see you as well, because I have just discovered the infinite joys of listening to Internet radio at work, especially this kickass Broadway station.

...which delighted me by playing not one but TWO [tos] songs yesterday ("Nine People's Favorite Thing" and "A Way Back to Then") so clearly this station kicks ass for supporting your show. Save Internet radio!

The point of all of this is, I'm a big fan, and my friend Laura and I have on more than one occasion made the work day go by more quickly by emailing our favorite quotes from the show to each other. Like, a lot of quotes. Laura and her mum also quote the show every single time that they talk on the phone. So thank you for saving our sanity, one song and one one-liner at a time. Incidentally, Laura was once a [tosser] of the month for giving Jeff that copy of the "Ruthless" soundtrack the night we saw the show together.

So...we love you all. A lot.

Love and jazz hands,

Hi, Margaret!

Your email brings up a number of interesting points:

*We're so glad you like [title of show], and we're so very pleased that it has brought you pleasure and sanity. In many ways, it's done the same for us and gotten us through many a work day.
*Hi, Laura! Hi, Laura's mum!
*I'm not sure how Laura's mum (are you British?) got sucked into all this madness, but bully for the mum who can rock [title of show]!
*Thanks for the tip about Internet radio. So that's what the kids are listening to these days...
*Re: approaching v. not approaching people on the street. As long as people are generally kind, positive and sane, I love it when they introduce themselves. It's fun to connect with people, and let's face it, it's nice to have strangers say flattering things to you (Soapdish, anyone? Sally Fields at the mall...anyone? No one?) Ironically, I am one of the shyest people I know when it comes to approaching people I admire. It just never seems to go the way I imagine it...where they immediately see how totally awesome I am and how I'm the perfect candidate to be their new bestie. So, I usually just put my head down and move on. Now I'm talking out of both sides of my face...I enjoy when kind, positive, sane people approach me, but I'm afraid to approach others. Any therapists out there that have any insights on this? What the hell's my deal?
*Did I look nutty when you saw me on the stairs? Was I muttering to myself or making a mean face? Working a wedgie?
*Were you with a guy wearing glasses? Like Celine Dion, it's all coming back to me now...
*If you had seen me 30 seconds earlier, you would have also seen the incomparable Jeff Bowen giggling with me on the subway platform. Like little schoolgirls. Maybe next time.
*If anyone else would like to be considered for the coveted [tosser of the month] mantle, please throw your hat into the ring by sending us presents. Because we are gift-whores who can be easily bought.
*Jazz hands, indeed.

In closing, thank you for your email. And please introduce yourselves next time. Unless you are a stalker. Then, please seek treatment. But mail the presents first.



Check it out...

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Apr 05, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
It's no secret that I am an Altar-holic. That's why I was pleased to receive this. I share it it with you [tossers].



Paper Mill.

Apr 05, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So [tosser] Michael sent this in. This story had been on my radar, but thanks to Michael for suggesting we do a shout out. I did the ole cut and paste from his note from myspace. I think his words are much more eloquent than mine.

From Michael:

Hey [tos]!
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I saw the show with a couple friends back in August. Benj Pasek was there and we talked to Michael Arden on the phone. Remember? I remember that we talked about the Paper Mill Playhouse because my friends and I had been in their summer program and some of you guys had worked there. As I'm sure you've heard, Paper Mill is in a dire finiancial struggle and might have to close their doors. and the Star Ledger both have stories on this today I was wondering if there was anyway you could give the Save Paper Mill campaign a shout out on your blog and to all your industry friends. The Paper Mill needs any help if can get right now! It would truly be a shame to loose such an amazing place.

The campaign can be found here or here.

Any way you could help spread the word would be amazing!
Thank you!

So yes we remember you Michael! Benj Pasek is a rockstar and he and his writing partner will be buying and selling us all very soon.

Who doesn't love a celeb call from M. Arden?

And yes, I'd be happy to put a shout out on the blog and spread the word.

And you are right, the Mill does hold a special place in me heart. I was in a production of Rags a few years back. Nice score on that one eh? I had a blast working out there and would be sad to see that place go away. Where else are we gonna see Leslie Uggams in Call Me Madam?

Thanks again Michael.


Dedicated to John Blackwell

Apr 04, 2007 by Susan | 2 Comments


Nuh. Uh.

Apr 04, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment


Rainforest Wrap-Up

Apr 03, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
I'm back, monkeys! Our vacation was amazing. We've seen many things:

Our resort
The view from our patio
Look closer! It's cows!
Monkeys (Literally)
Froggies (Doesn't that look Photoshopped? It's totes real!)
Horsies (Ouch.)
Zip Lines (That little speck high above the canopy is me! I was so scared but I did it!!)
More Lizards
Monstera! Everytime we passed this (6 times I day), we'd scream "Mon-STARE-a!" like we were in a Japanese Godzirra movie. Good times.
More butterflies
Crazy plants
Crazy trees
Are you still paying attention?
Dirty Thatch


And speaking of dirty thatch, we got back in time to see our boyfriend Jeremy Shamos perform his last show of GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! Congratulations, Jeremy!


Hey, Jeff! Shouldn't "Old" be spelled "Olde"?


My Humps

Apr 02, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Marita just sent this over from Indy. I enjoy the backstory that I've created in my mind about Alanis Morissette fully committing to recording this song and filming this video. Way to follow through, Alanis. Love that Tori Amos vibe.

The original:

Alanis' version:



Apr 02, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
I'm doing some redesign work on the blog. Sit tight and enjoy the transition.



Apr 01, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
My bro sent this to me. We were/are such huge Muppet Show fans. Makes me think of it being 7pm at my grandparents house before dinner and we all watched and laughed.

The Muppets are also a huge influence on [tos]. Their combo of showmanship, comedy, and risk in what they created kind of rocks us all. So happy Sunday, and enjoy Beaker. This truly makes me laugh out loud.

PS Welcome home Susan!


What's Going On...

Mar 31, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
We're all out of sorts right now because our lives are giant, fabulous whirlwinds of fantasticness. Hunter and I have been collaborating on writing a bunch of events coming up this next month and that's fun. We'll let the press releases tell everyone what they are. Those publicists are mean to us if we break something on our blog before they get a chance to get it to the front lines. Plus, we always run the risk of getting fired, so we might as well keep our mouths shut until an event actually happens.

In other news, the spring migration is under way and today was a nice day to be in the park with fellow birder, Bri. We set a simple goal of seeing 5 sparrows and we achieved that with ease. Although the chipping sparrows eluded us all day.

Now that I've got you all in a deep sleep, I have to admit that I'm sickly fascinated by the whole "Vote for the Worst" campaign going on with American Idol. I really haven't watched it this season, but it's not uninteresting to watch FOX react to the whole idea that the worst singer of the bunch may actually win because of a campaigning group that wants to turn the whole reality show on its ear. The irony of the whole situation is - even though a group is trying to sabotage the voting outcome of the whole season, all they're doing in increasing the viewer share. People are tuning in more than ever just to see if their sabotaging is working. Genius on all parts. Everyone wins even if Sanjaya doesn't.


Where's Susan?

Mar 28, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
In Costa Rica, bitches!!

I'm writing this under a (dirty) thatched roof in the middle of the rain forest.

Just letting you know that I'm okay. I'll write more soon. And when I do, I'll prolly write about the following:

Zip Lines
More food

I gotta go visit the buffet.




Mar 28, 2007 by Hunter | 3 Comments
When [tos] comes back on to the boards baby, there should be more jump roping...for the Lord of course.



Mar 27, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment


Secondary Characters

Mar 27, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
is now available for you to sing at parties and weddings and bathrooms... Visit here for more info.


Mom's in town,

Mar 26, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
that's why I didn't blog on my day off, but Hunter made me feel guilty, so I sat Mom down on the couch with a glass of wine and her book and I told her I needed a minute to write...

OH MY GOD... I don't know where to begin. This crazy meeting of John Doe has worked my ass in a way that it has never been worked before. It's all good, but it makes for some tiredness.

We technically opened on Wednesday, but the critics arrived Saturday night and then kept coming until last night (Sunday) so we've had a big week. Acting like you don't care about reviews is an interesting business. I sincerely make the biggest effort not to care, but of course I do. When [title of show] was going through this whole thing, it was of course nerve-wracking, but in a totally different way. We were just happy to be invited to the party. We were always so grateful [tos] lived to see another step on the journey. Meet John Doe is different. This show is built to be big, with a trajectory straight for you-know-where, god bless it. If [tos] is a delicious small fry, Meet John Doe is a super-sized, go-large, Big Mac with a side order of another Big Mac. And honestly, I think the show is beautiful and in damn good shape, but you never know what the people are gonna say... you just never know.

Hey! Wanna know who was at my opening? Kathie Lee Gifford! Carolee Carmello! Sam Donaldson! What really? Sam Donaldson? Yes really! There were some other fancy DC peeps there as well. Senators... Congressmen... You know, the same [tos] demographic... It was truly amazing being in the Ford's Theater doing this dramatically politically charged show in the very place where Lincoln was shot. It was really mind-blowing. And you wanna know what else???!! (I gotta knock on a LOT of wood to confess about this one.) I'm not nervous. I can't explain it. I am not nervous. If I had to guess why, I think it has something to do with the fact that I leave the stage for about 5 seconds total during the whole show, and there just isn't time to spend any quality time in the bathroom. There is something about living a full life on stage that just requires so much focus and energy and there is no room for any vampires to twitterpate me. (This is all subject to change of corse now that I've jinxed myself...) At any rate, I'm grateful for the time logged out of the crapper and I'm really having fun on stage.

I want to send some love to super-[tos]-fan-friend Katie. She's in Florida and was going to make a pilgrimage to DC with other super-[tos]-fan-friend PJ, but she's under some bad weather and can't make it. You just get better Katie... I'm thinking about you.


Try this...

Mar 25, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
You know the song from Snoopy "The World According to Snoopy"? Sing that song, but substitute "The Year of Magical Thinking." Do it.

Now, when you're walking past the Booth theatre, you'll hum that tune.



Hunter and Jeff are Blogging Together

Mar 25, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
We're watching the final "You're the One That I Want" - it should be noted that we haven't seen any episodes except the first one. We just keep up by reading Seth's recap on We've decided that Austen and Ashley will be playing Jeff and Heidi in the first national of [tos].
What else? Um, we had grilled cheese for dinner. Hunter had a chicken parm sandwich. Larry just woke up from a nap. Some car alarm keeps going off outside. Michael's doing the Actor's Fund Chorus Line right now. Heidi's in DC meeting John Doe. Although it's her night off, so maybe she's watching TV too. She should be blogging, though. Susan's in a foreign country lookin' at monkeys. Courtney's got a show tonight for the bridge and tunnel peeps and Benjamin just got beck from down under. Martha, our stage manager is calling the Joan Didion show. Tom R is at Lion King and making us tasty treats.
We're getting hungry again.
So, now you know where everyone from [tos] is right now. We're going to to read Seth's wrap-up.



Mar 22, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So I went out to Jeffy's place the other day, and on the subway three guys with drums got on at one stop. Now there are days when I m like, "it's too f'ing crowded up in here" and in the words of DMX...

"Y'all gon' make me lose my mind
up in HERE, up in here
Y'all gon' make me go all out
up in here, up in here
Y'all gon' make me act a FOOL"...etc.

But for whatever reason, I thought..what if I just listened. What if I just chilled out and tried to enjoy.

The train wasn't crazzle crowded. The players on that particular ride included myself (white,red-head), sassy lesbians of color (one butch with athletic jersey, one femme with gold necklace with her name in cursive), older "nutty" looking lady with too many layers of clothes and too many bags, middle aged black guy drinking a 40, Asian girl writing characters in a notebook titled sideways, Indian man, white hipster kid (Williamsburgy...not colonial, but Brooklyn Williamsburgy..although I bet you could rock a tri corner hat in Brooklyn), and finally pretty black lady (post church?). Basically, we were a poor mans Benetton ad.

The one drummer made the speech about "positivity" and "young men doing something good through creating music." That they weren't pan-handling, but "just trying to create something to make our day better." And I know, I know...I normally am all eye-rolly polly too, but these guys, I can't explain it, they just had this awesome,kind energy.

They started to play.

The cynical NYCer kept bubbling up in me, but I tried to just relax some more. "Just listen." Don't try to pose or pretend I am too cool for school, or annoyed...or even look around and make my reaction match the reactions of the rest of the trian. Just keep really with my whole body listening...

...keep listening.

And the drummers...kept drumming. Now, I don't know if it's because they were good, or if it was a Sunday vibe..or what...but that train ride was nicer because they were playing.

At this point, the whole car was listening. The guys kept drumming.

You know how in the Grinch when they zoom in on his heart and it grows "three times that day"? I'm telling you...I just kind of melted while listening to these nice guys playing great music. That's what it felt sometimes-NY-grinch-heart melting.

I don't think I am too cynical, but, I think we all put on some armor here in NY. It happens. We use it to protect ourselves and for survival at times. It felt good, for like two train stops, to let down my guard in the city and listen to music with subway strangers.

They finished. We clapped, and practically everybody gave them some money.

At the next stop, the drummers got off. And we all went back to our thing. Bags. Asian characters. Drinking a 40. Lesbain hand-holding. Me looking at my reflection in the window but trying to pretend I'm looking at the tunnel and track so I don't seem vain. I wanted to stand up and say, "That was awesome you guys. Wasn't it? So cool! I'm going to write about this. You guys will make the [title of show] blog!" And in my mind the subway cast cheered. But I didn't stand and say that. Instead, I counted six rats and pulled out my little notebook to make notes about what happened.

I got out at my stop...High Street. Underneath the High Street sign was a smelly dude smokin' a fatty. The staircase smelled of pee and weed. "A dude smoking weed under a sign that said High St. Come on," I thought. I climbed the stairs and the tiny city icebergs that blocked in cars and made sidewalks smaller were melting. The city was melting. Not bad melting like I stepped in lava or Oz-witch melting, but melting like...spring...and less armor melting.

I like when New York melts a little..

...and of course when Miss Reardon drinks a little too.


Meet Heidi Doe

Mar 21, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
Happy Opening! We miss you. Come home soon. No. Seriously. Come home. Soon. Maybe?

In other news, Hunter taught me that The Catskills are also knows as "The Flannel Hamptons".
So I offer back to him that The Hamptons are also known as "The Lycra Catskills".


This Makes Me Feel Like I'm Six

Mar 19, 2007 by Jeff | 3 Comments
I thought I share on of my favorite clips ever of the belting master, Karen Morrow...

I find it nearly impossible to not smile when I hear her sing. She reminds me of several of my mom's friends that went to nursing school with her in the 70s (Miss Helen, Miss Millie, and Miss Jennifer). I was around 6 years old and I have great memories of them being fun and super nice and all very different. Don't know why, but watching this somehow takes me right back.


No crossword

Mar 18, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Sorry, but I couldn't make time for the xword this week. I am trying like hell to meet deadlines so you folks can have your sheet music to play at granny's house on the weekend. Granny loves "An Original Musical", doesn't she? I'd like to think that you make granny put on the sandwich board in lieu of her making deviled ham sandwiches and you act out the song and make her say the f-bomb a lot. Granny likes an f-bomb.

Hey, I have had time to read comics, tho. How's your 52 reading going, fanboys? How 'bout Osiris getting eaten up by that crocodile? That was upsetting. Yikes. And word to Ralph Dibny - I felt like he went out in style. Is it wrong that I was more upset about the death of Elongated Man than Captain America?

Anyway, more sheet music tunes will be coming out this week, so keep your eyes on the theatre link on the site.



Mar 17, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment
We had so much fun the other night when we crashed Seth Rudetsky's Broadway Chatterbox. Seth's guests were SPRING AWAKENING cuties Jonathan Groff and John Gallagher. Those boys were everything you want in a boy: cute, sweet, funny, talented, kind and gentle. I was reminded (again) how flippin' funny Seth is, and how crazy good he is at interviewing people. It made me want to see SPRING AWAKENING again.

After the show, we retired to Seth's house for snacks and chats and video fun. Seth and his excellent friend Tim showed us some very funny videos of very entertaining things (including some hot scene work from Princess Diana: The Musical). It was sort of like stepping inside DECONSTRUCTING SETH. So fun. I had to leave too soon cause I had to get up early the next day. Busted.

You can play along at home and imagine you were with us at Seth's. Just order up some sushi and watch this on your couch:

I can't explain why, but I'm mildly obsessed with this site. It's nuts but it makes me giggle. I mean...come on!



Mar 16, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
I'm so proud and excited for the Heidi I could pop. How 'bout this leadin' lady you guys!




Mar 15, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
[tossers] have overwhelmed us with e-mails, and the switchboards lit up (of course there are no switchboards, but if there were, they would have "lit up") in response to Dreamgirls youtube jam. This from one loyal [tosser]:

I love how the guy playing Curtis is all flat and just standing there like he's uncomfortable and waiting for the bus and "Effie" is doing the best she can to emote and sing her little heart out but it all ends up being mostly awkward because she can't quite fill the song with her voice. Exquisite. Plus, that green dress, mmmm. I want one, and I want it now.

It should be noted that our own Heidi who plays Heidi was on the national tour of Dreamgirls. Yes your instincts were correct...Heidi is black.


Promise me...

Mar 14, 2007 by Hunter | 3 Comments
two things [tossers]:

1) You'll watch the whole thing.
2) We'll discuss color blind casting after



Broken Doll

Mar 12, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
This just in from Interlochen cutie John Q:

Hey Susan,

I hope you read Seth Rudetsky's weekly recap of "Grease: You're the One That I Want" because you got a pretty snazzy tip of the hat this week:

"Then there was a salute to Rob Marshall where everybody sang and danced "All That Jazz."...At least the choreography was really fun and, tip of the hat to Susan in [title of show], very broken doll."

Happy flattering day.

-John Q

Thanks for the heads up, John!

Thanks for the shout-out, Seth!!

It's these unexpected little things in life that deliver so much enjoyment.



Mar 10, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Lots of tossers ask if we would ever add drums to the score of [title of show] and I usually say..."we could, but that would mean that the show would have a new character called, Drummerguy and Hunter isn't too keen on adding more characters and I don't want to have to share dressing room space with another dude. so, it's most likely not going to happen. BUT, if you decide to do it someday at your local church, feel free to stick said-drummerguy into the show."

But then I got to thinkin', why not? Surely there's somebody out there that's qualified enough to play the show and could rock with our fuckity-fuck banter. So we're auditioning this fella (submitted by his agent Robb Brooks) and we're still trying to decide. He might just be a little too old....

PS. Holy shit! This kid is FOUR! I could barely hold a crayon at that age.


Monkeys and Playbills the Ride!

Mar 10, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
Susan's waterslide blog inspired me to make this rollercoaster ride set to the tune of "Monkeys and Playbills". Those of you who usually encounter nauseau from ride-simulators should take caution before viewing the video. The rest of you non-wusses: throw your hands in the air and have a good time.
Ride on!


Patty Griffing!

Mar 08, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
As in, to jam on Patty Griffin's music.

Used in a sentence: It took a few listens, but now I'm totally Patty Griffing to her new album.

That's right, kids! Patty Griffin's got a new album.

And she's coming to the Beacon on April 19. Got your tix? We sure got ours!!

This just in from our man Tom Reynolds. Thanks, Tom!!

If you haven't listened to Patty before, may I recommend these albums?

See you at the Beacon...I'll be the one down in front.


Back to Schlimmer...

Mar 07, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
I went back to see Gutenberg and took Jeffy with me this time. So very enjoyable. Jeremy Shamos is going to leave the show at the end of March. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend checking out his performance. It's a beautiful thing.

In case you can't make it to the show, here's the megamix for ye!



Mar 07, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
We had a fun brunch the other morning featuring Hunter B, Michael B, Whitey B, Susan B, Jeff B and Foa, B . One of our discussions at brunch was about what we like to think about to help us fall asleep. Berresse puts himself in very complicated gymnastic routines, I like to imagine myself really tiny running around shelves of knick-knacks that are as big as me, and Susan likes to ride around in a waterslide at night. So for her, I've designed this....Enjoy, Sus...


Too long.

Mar 06, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
It's been too long people...hasn't it?



So just start typing…anything…anything…correctly or not…anything…

Mar 06, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Many people ask...what are you guys working on next...truth is...many things...but this was my writing day today:

So just start writing...just start typing anything, anything at all…I am tired I feel weird today...kind of shaky almost and like I am in a box…I m looking around for the door but I do not see a door…it's cold out but I wish my head was out and not in this box…see when I am in the box it doesn t feel like me or that there is room for me..there is room for my ideas and my thoughts…
Just keep typing...

See where it leads...

I am finding without structure my life doesn’t have well..structure…I am finding that I need deadlines and that it can be difficult for me to create those deadlines….they seem to need to come from an outside source to be real for me.

4:30 this is due…or I need this on march 7th…at 4:30….why 4:30 I wonder?...i wish I typed better..i always joke that I type biblically…seek and ye shall find…I took typing in high school…Mrs. Spears...a pretty black woman who had rules was my teahcer. And if you did not stick to the rules, you had to come in and type extra things. I liked that class…Structure. I remember her stating, “get your palms of the frame.” She was AB…all business…but under that I sensed this amazing sense of humor. And she did teach us to type. If that’s the case why am I hunting and pecking now…interesting. I liked the rhythm of a s d f j k l ; a s d f j k l ; …it was like some sort of game.

A few years ago, I bought Mavis Beacon's typing tutorial to brush up my skills. I think I’ve looked at it like twice maybe. I like the look of Mavis. She looked like Mrs. Spears, so there was a familiarity or comfort to her. The CD consisted of some basics and then some tasks, and if I remember correctly a few games where space ships would fly across the screen and you had to type the right letter so the aliens would not take over the world. I like the stakes of that idea…that if I miss-type something, an alien will land and enslave me. And ironically make me type something for him…her…it…

Mrs.Spears also had a son who was an excellent football player. On Fridays, game days, she proudly wore a button that said my son wears # ( and I can’t recall the actual jersey number of her son, but let’s say 43)….4:30…apparently I can find the 4 and the 3 key.

Her son’s name was Kenny, and Kenny was a great ball player. I liked seeing Mrs. Spears at those Friday night high school football games…which in the south, are…what's the word...Important. The whole day at school leads up to the evening. And, although I did not play sports, I liked going to those games. My friends cheered, I knew a couple of guys on the team. I liked watching the other teams’ bands. We played a lot of all black high schools, and well…their bands rocked that shit out. Our high school band felt boring too me…I preferred when tri-Cities high busted out some Michael Jackson or Earth Wind and Fire. (Lately I have been into watching Stepping competitions. I think there is a connection between the two. Not just because it is black schools kicking it out, but there is something about rhythm life community …the movement is free and not safe…it’s almost a little messy...and it’s just exciting to watch.) Anyway it was always fun to see our strict typing teacher in the real world. Wearing jeans…oooo!....eating a hot dog…ahhhh! She was real!

I remember pop typing test days and the feeling of whether I had mastered the particular letters or not. Typing was just one semester, and I remember thinking how wild it was to say if I applied myself, then after a few months, I wouls be able to type. By the way, I juts wsithced over to trying to type “correctly” and … well..enl=joy the results.

So I am back to hunt and pecking. I made up an excuse that it was the touchpad mouse. Sometimes my palms would hit it when I was typing for reals, and make the cursor do wacky things. Interesting if I kept “my palms off the frame” I wouldn’t be hitting the touch pad. Mrs. Spears was way ahead of her time apparently. There was one computer in my typing class. Some huge thing in the back of the room. Mrs. Spears said one or two of us could choose to work on it, but I was all, ”Computers! That fad’ll pass!” My friend Cathy choose to work on the computer. She is a doctor, I look at internet porn and hunt and peck, need I say more.

So, will I ever commit to “real” typing? Maybe. I usually first write on my legal pad…with a pencil…just feels better to me. Then I transfer that scratch…or Jeff does…into the computer. He types very fast and so does Susan. I think fast. Now, I just have to get ideas out. On paper. On the screen. Out of my box.

So just start typing…anything…anything…correctly or not…anything…


checkin' in

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This is my life -

Wake up.

Go to Starbucks and get tall coffee in grande cup. Fill with milk. Go back to my apartment. Drink it.

Look at script and try to remember all the places I fucked up the day before.

Call husband and friends.

Go to gym.


Go to rehearsal.

Come home, watch tv for a hot second.

Somewhere in there I eat some stuff a coupla times.

Fill my humidifier. Turn it on and listen to NPR and play sudoku until I pass out.

That's it people. That's. it.

This week we move into the theater and I'm excited and scared. I'll have better stories for you soon. I will say that I feel like a little bit of a [tos] traitor being here in DC making another new-show-baby, but nobody's mad at me, right? Guys? Susan? Jibbs? Hunter? Larry? It's a meaningless fling! It doesn't make me feel the way you do! It just happened! Who can explain these things... You're going to replace me, aren't you? With a younger, prettier Heidi who can belt higher than me, aren't you??!!! Just say it! SAY IT!!!!


I Swear to Jesus This Happened at My Office Today...

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Music to Clean By, Part II

Mar 05, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Upstate Dave suggests Neko Case:

(I actually met Neko Case at a writers retreat. She was nice and could write rill good, too! Now I'll be shakin' out the rugs to her!)

He also suggests Sarah Harmer for sorting through boxes. This actually has some cleaning imagery in it, so it's pretty apt:

This song makes swiffering swiffertastic:

My friend Marita says the Black Eyed Peas are lame-ass try-harders. Marita needs to suck it, because this song gets the winders warshed:

This song is educational and motivational when dusting electronics:

More suggestions, please. The booty-bouncing-er the better.


Lady Eighty Eights.

Mar 05, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
[tosser] Larry will be a little hipster tonight in Todd Buonopane's shizzow at Ars Nova.

Check the kids out tonight if you don't have Monday plans. And if you do, Tivo them there plans and come on out to see Larry at the keys. Come on people! Who doesn't want to see Larry smiling at the piano? Good fer what ails ya!

Here's link.

Here's Link.


This made me laugh...

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plus it features Hunter's boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal:


Cleaning the Bathroom

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Granted, I'm a granny with no free time, so I'm always about one year behind what's what. With that in mind, here's whats been rocking my iPod when I'm scrubbin' the tubbin:

Okay, this video looks like I made it in high school, but the song rocks my ass when I'm rockin the toilet brush:

Here's me polishing the mirrors:

Here's me washing towels. Vicki Clark blows my mind when she sings this song. Around 1:36, my head starts to pop off and I end up drying my tears with a dryer sheet:
(Spoiler: If you haven't seen LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA and you don't want to know the ending, don't watch the following.)

(I love living in a world where Adam Guettel and Chamillionaire can live side by side in harmony.)

Here's me swiffering the floor. Patty Griffin is my very favorite singer/songwriter and no cleaning day is complete without her:

If anyone has any fantastic music recommendations, cough 'em up. I gotta clean the kitchen.



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One of our favorite games is making up drag names. No matter what we're discussing, or how serious the conversation, we have a little filter running in the background that's scanning our language for drag names. We interrupt each other regularly with this nonsense. It's a sickness.

Here's a typical exchange:
Susan: Y'all, my grampa passed away.
Hunter: I'm so sorry, Susan.
Heidi: Oh, sweetie. I'm sorry. Are you going to go to the funeral?
Susan: I'm thinking of flying out tomorrow night.
Larry: Where's the service?
Susan: Near their home....Urbana Champaign.
Jeff (a la Paris is Burning): Let's bring to the stage: Champagne Urbana!

Here's some recent favorites*:

Tiki Hut
Carol Svoracure
Coco Van
Cass Cade with Sheeting Action (her back-up dancers)
Ginger Lee
Parma Jean Cheese
Spencer Gifts
Rusty Trombone

*Some of these may already be in use (I didn't bother to research). If so, I doff my cap the proud men and women that went before us.



Mar 04, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
I was going through my pile of old notes tonight and saw that "Monkeys & Playbills" was written exactly 2 years ago from today. Happy anniversary, quirkie little 4th number in the show. Here's how I wrote it: Thanks to ibdb, I did a search for short-lived musicals and made a long-ass list of them. There was some rhythm from some song I heard that inspired the feel, but I can't remember what it was. I'm sure some arbitrary 60s tune I was listening to on the radio. Probably something MamasandPapasesque or The Association-like. I had just gotten back from a boating trip, I have a shitload of old playbills and Susan likes monkeys a lot and well, the rest is history. A few folks that saw [tos] were in those shows including Chris Sarandon from Censored Scenes From King Kong, a fella from It's So Nice to Be Civilized, Ruth Williamson and Veanne Cox of Smile, and Lonny Price and Ann Morrison from Merrily We Roll Along. If I left anyone out, let me know.



Mar 02, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
This in from our pal Lin-Manuel (and Shockwave) who is keeping it on the rizeal tip down at 37ARTS. Me likey.



Mar 01, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Hi tossers. So it's finally happening. Slowly, but surely the sheet music will be available as we assemble the completed, shiny, cleaned-up ultimate [title of show] vocal score. In order to get to the numerous requests, we're going to shell some of the tunes out early so you can get them ASAP.

Right now, available songs are

"A Way Back to Then"
"Two Nobodies in New York"
"What Kind of Girl is She?"

Contact Vince Scuderi for inquiries. $10 per song. Check/money order accepted (sorry - no cash/credit or paypal).

Checks payable to: "Williamson Music obo Invisible Jet"

Send to:
Williamson Music
1065 Avenue of the Americas
Suite 2400
New York, NY 10018

I'll keep you posted here on the blog for additional songs.


Soapbox blogging***

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Nice entry below, HB. It's 10:30 am right now and I hope you're having sweet dreams about your cast of Coast of Utopia.

I just want to get on a soapbox for a second about something and it is of my biggest pet peeves about the theatre is when someone says this after seeing a musical..."I just wish they'd write a catchy song that I could hum on my way home." REALLY? You do? Seriously? I need you to really think about that. If that's true, for you folks who are looking for a sophisticated score with some catchy tunes, I propose the following sophisticated catchy songlist for my next musical that I'll guarantee you'll be humming out the door...

1. "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider"
2. "It's a Small World After All"
3. "Feelin' Hot Hot Hot"
4. "Knick Knack Paddywack"
5. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
6. " Macarena"
7. "The Love Boat Theme" (ok, this is actually a good song with 75 kind-of key changes)
8. "YMCA"
9. "Conga" by the Miami Sound Machine, not Leonard Bernstein
10."And Bingo was his Name-O"

***Inspired by the video blog below that features a beautiful song that I know you're going to be humming all day.


3:13 AM

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I have been unable to sleep somewhat lately...thus the 3:13 AM entry. 3:13 is not a complete stranger to me. I actually get a lot of writing done in the wee. I know many of you wake early in the morning to create, but I find the wee to be free for me. I will not eat them on a plane, I will not eat them in the rain. See, the late night free association led me from my rhyme to Seuss...would that happen in the light of day?

I used to feel guilty about my weird hours. For the longest time, I had this vision in my mind about writing professionally...whatever that means. (I kind of think we are all professional creative types. Just cause I have packed a book box or two, or you are at an office dying inside right now reading this...doesn't mean you aren't a profesional artist. Continuing this tangent...many people e-mail us, or came up to us after the show and would say. "I'm in the's just community theatre but I like it." No "just" about it [tossers]. If you're doing theatre're doing theatre. That's what inspired a lot of what we created in [tos]. In my book, a high school production of Snoopy or your community theatre production on Lend Me a Tenor is as important and noble as Coast of Utopia. Seriuously. Especially the state of the world now. Me thinky theatre important. So no apologies. Eliminate the "just." Next time you come see [tos] (Why? What have you heard?) Come up to us and say, "Hey, I'm in theatre too." )

Where was I? Oh yeah 3:13. I used to have idealistic ideas about what my days would be as a "pro" writer: Wake at stuff..write...dinner...see Phantom...drinks with Phantom cast...journal the great works..sleep...repeat...instead it's more often like this: sleep...sleep...wakey...stretchy...pee...check NY1 for weather...cold!brrr...back under email....some business...check yoga schedule...pave road to hell...subway eat fresh...write calls to Jeffy and Susan...write some other crazy calls to famille...go see drinks with Phantom cast...come of it chex mix...TV....inspiration...wee writing.

Now is one better the other? Well, in my mind the first version seems more normal. But maybe the second version is okay too. In fact, recently when I let go of the "ideal day", I got a hell of a lot more creating done. Interesting. So, it is is possible I may sleep til noon...and eat pepperidge farm cookies for breakfast...and I think that might just be okay.

It's now 3:31. Trash truck outside. I have a vision of someone going to the airport. Most people up this early I think are trying to get to the airport. Just a theory.

Back to writing in the wee. Well this actually was writing in the wee wasn't it. Writing continued...



Mar 01, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
Thanks to [tosser] Dave from upstate NY who said he is busy doing [tos] with sock puppets. We'll need to see that Dave. This hypnotizes me. And frankly any blog that has this, crossword puzzles featuring Ann Harada, a discussion on Schmidt & Jones, and an update on a former Young and the Restless star...well it's important people.

Hasta la vista baby.

This also is the kind of thing your cubicle neighbor will HATE you for playing.


The Young and the Restless...squattin' it up!

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This just in from our pal and tosser Jake. Now we don't know the whole story mind you, but it does give a new twist to her beauty and fashion tips.

From Jake:

I’m sad to admit that I read the news about soaps, but when I read this about poor Brenda, I had to let you guys know, since you’re fans of her video and all. Maybe she can give us all a tour of her fabulous jail cell.



Heart Massage.

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So I had the good fortune to check out The Fantasticks revival tonight. My date was the amazing Dale Davis, and after some soup before, we headed up to the Snapple Theatre. Now, I have a lot of fond memories of Sullivan Street. I am sure many of you do as well. This show was the first off- Broadway show I saw in high school when my theatre troupe came to NYC. Also on the bill that trip, Penn & Teller. I thought we were so hip and cool! Downtown...seeing off-Broadway! Many years later I went with Jeffy and Dale to check out our dear friend and tosser Christine Long play Luisa. She rocked btw. So tonight it was weird to go someplace new, but I overheard someone in the lobby after the show say, "It was like getting a heart masssage." And, I agree. I happen to think Jones & Shmidt are pretty remarkable. Tom Jones lyrics and book are poetry and Harvey's delicate and beautiful. To say that these two are an influence on [tos] is an understatement. Maybe you don't see or hear it directly in our score or book, but these two cats were experimenting with the form way before our four chairs came along. Sure The Fantasticks is known to be the longest running and one of the most highly produced shows, but go back people...check it out. It's beautiful and creating beauty and a world of ideas with nothing. A wooden moon, some streamers, a curtain..come on. I feel more when I watch this show and hear this score thank five Tarzans put together. (Was that out loud?) And sure there was I Do! I Do! and 110 (come on us right this spring!)..but they also were not afraid to give you Celebration....Philemon...Colette...The Bone Room! Come on people. They were out there! And I love it! Don't you just want to get in a time machine and check out what was going on creatively at Portfolio their theatre workshop? When they were just experimenting and trying out shit? Sure I'd use the time machine for good stop wars and assasinations and such...but there's be no harm in swinging by a gypsy run of

So thanks Janet Watson, fancy choreographer, and thanks Tom (who by the way is giving one of the best performances in the city right now as Henry, the old actor...go see him now!)...and thanks Harvey. You guys inspire us all.

Yes it's at the Snapple Theatre... I miss Sullivan Street too. But go, and get a heart massaged.


Why Only Four Chairs?

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Many people ask us, "Why just the four chairs?" Well truth be told it wasn't always that way. Jeff and Hunter's first entrance was on Model T Ford, but that got cut in previews. and after this...I think we made the right choice.


A Hat on a Hat!

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The Blackwells have been busy creating! Here's the latest:

Ohio news: Fred "me dad" Blackwell, kept himself busy this winter by making 50 (!) hats on his lap loom. My folks sent a box to NYC with instructions to share the hats with the people of our fair city. That means that [tos] is all hatted up for the winter!

Here's Jeff and Michael modeling hats that my dad loomed out of steel cut oatmeal. It's a special patented method that dad's developing...

Here's the kids in their new Chapeaus by Fred. It's a rainbow coalition of hats. I wish I could show you me in my lilac grey chenille hat-n-scarf combo. It's exactly what I wanted. But I aint got no picture of that. (I'll work on it, Dad.)

Hats off to Fred and Nancy for the awesome hats!


On this coast, Hunter, Larry and I whipped a little skit for the QSAC benefit, which we performed last night at Ye Olde Dodgers Stages (aka New World Stages). The theme of the evening was "My First Time". Lots of folks were talking about their first Broadway show (Mary Testa, Jeffry Denman, Anita Gillette), the first show that made them want to perform (Hunter Foster, Ann Harada), their first love (John Tartaglia), the first song they ever wrote (Jeff Blumenkrantz) or their first audition (Ed Dixon).

Hunter and I created a piece about the first Broadway shows we ever saw (Hunter = ANNIE, Susan = ANGELS IN AMERICA) and how hard those shows rocked our asses. Hunter and I developed the writing, while Larry developed the kick-ass underscoring. It provided us with an excellent excuse to create a new piece and we were pleased with the result. (Though I'm such a freak that even as we were performing last night, I was thinking about what additions and edits I want to make to the piece. Cause I'm just. that. obsessive.)

We didn't get to watch the entire show (at a certain point, we had to head backstage and get real nervous), but I really enjoyed what I did see. Ed Dixon and Mary Testa have delighted me twice in seven days (first at WORKING and again last night). Jeff Blumenkrantz was as charming as ever. Ann Harada and John Tartaglia were awesome as always. Eamon Foley was a sweet little biscuit. Rick Crom made me laugh, laugh, laugh. Then the Center Stage Players came out and sang Seasons of Love and they KICKED ASS! If you're reading this little dudes and duderesses, you kicked ass!

I also learned things I didn't know about autism. Like there is no known cause or cure, and for some undiscerned reason, it seems to be on the rise. Puzzling, no?

I want to give a special ass-grab to Derek Collard (producer), Igor Goldin (director) and David Andrew Rogers (musical director) for all of their kindnesses. I felt proud to be a part of last night's affair, and genuinely thrilled to even be asked to perform, to be part of it all.




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Settle down, tossers. There was no puzzle last week because I was on vacation. If you've been reading the blog, you would know that and be understanding.

Puzzle will be back this weekend. Sunblock rules! Vacation blog soon to come too.


Now and forever.

Feb 27, 2007 by Hunter | 2 Comments
I know sometimes we get a little You Tube heavy...but its 2k7 people...that's what it's about..sure we could all be reading more James Baldwin...I myself rocked a few pages of Notes of a Native Son earlier...but I balance it out with this video blog entry. It also balances out Susan's classy modern dance video. Things I like about this video are the total lack of vampires along with total commitment. I also think it's a good thing we didn't have You Tube when I was wee, because I know this would be me. Seriously, I have the audio tapes to prove it, so I can only imagine what the videos of me would look like. Sure I have video tapes, but I'm talking the late night... I need to tape myself and film myself singing Starlight Express and post it on the web moods. So I applaud this young cat. Rock on little weirdo kitty...rock the f on.


Pilobolus Rocks

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Dreamgirls on the Roof!

Feb 26, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
I like that Jennifer Hudson. And no disrespect but what the hell was up with Jennifer Holliday singing on the roof in Hollywood on E!. Wow.


Frog and Toad

Feb 26, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
I'd like to give a shout out to tosser John and all the awesome students from Interlochen. I had the good fortune to get to see their production of Frog and Toad. I had a great time and thought the work was outstanding, so congrats you guys. The show was also directed by a dear old friend of mine who I went to college with at Webster University. Go Gorloks! (a Gorlok was our college mascot..scary..especialy when he is raking leaves in the fall? What the hell?) Anyhoo, Bill Church my pal from college now teaches and directs at Interlochen and they are lucky to have him there. Good jorb all around. And here is a pic from the day.


In the pic is me, Antony Drewe (Mary Poopins, Honk!), John Q. (tosser who rocked hard playing "Toad"),and Alan Menken looking off into the distance. 'Cause that's how I roll bi-atches!


Everybody Benefits

Feb 25, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Hunter, Larry and I are putting the final touches on the original piece that we will be performing at tomorrow night's benefit for QSAC.

Right now, I'm s'posed to be learning my lines. Instead, I'm typing this blog entry.

I guess I'm only cheating myself.

And everyone who comes to that benefit tomorrow and sees that I'm not off book.

And those little autistic kids who were counting on me to deliver a professional, fully-realized performance.

Guh. Now I feel guilty. Guess I better go learn those lines.

See you tomorrow night!


David Bell and Patrick Lee are Famous!

Feb 24, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Two of our favorite bloggers are supes fancy in tomorrow's New York Times!!! Check it out!

Congratulations to David and Patrick (and their two new competitors Aaron and Christopher) on gracing the gray lady. We look forward to 2007's race!!


Vamps and underscore

Feb 21, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So I have a quirk. I love underscoring and vamps. I went to see Sunday In The Park in DC at the Kennedy Center and I was just so happy anytime there was scene change music or anything that's not on the cast recording. There are times when I'm at a show and I just want them to stay in a safety or vamp forever. I also like underscoring in films and on TV shows. This is on my mind, because I am watching a Sex in the City rerun. It is in the last season I believe (where Carrie meets Mikhail Baryshnikov), an episode called "One." There is this really interesting music underneath a scene in an art galery and then throughout the show. I am such a dork (without DVR) that I just scrambled around to get a VCR tape. (yes Grandpa has a VCR) to tape the episode so I could listen to that music over and over. Different.

So then I go to the internet, and they have an episode guide. And find this.

And that leads me to a music breakdown and then to i-tunes. I don't find my underscoring, however I do like discovering artists, Regina Carter and Fila Brazilla. Cool.


Alone and Friendless

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Okay, that's a little dramatic. I AM alone, but I'm certainly NOT friendless... I'm just being a big girl all by myself in a city I don't know that well doing a new play with people I don't know that well. Yet. But they're all quite talented and nice, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I throw over my [tos] posse for new "Meet John Doe" bffs. j/k...

Y'all, I'm really writing because I just got done crying my eyes out from reading the new pages that we're doing tomorrow in rehearsal. And to be clear, the crying was because I was feeling it in a good way, not the opposite. This play is, how shall I say it, ... dark. It's not the usual Heidi fare. I'm usually the wacky best friend, or the wise-crackin' neighbor, you know, the secondary character... If you want to see me do other things, come on down to DC and see me take a whack at this... Should be interesting. Lots of kissing. (Boys this time.) Hitting. Crying. You know, it's a musical.

The poo has begun to flow but I'm managing it with deep breathing and my vampire sweatshirt. So far, so grood.


Haps & Times

Feb 20, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment
Where to begin...

Last night, we went to a benefit concert of WORKING at the Zipper. The cast included Celia Keenan-Bolger, Mary Testa and Merle Dandridge. I had done WORKING in summer stock at the Weathervane Playhouse in beautiful Newark, Ohio (Can you find me in this picture?) so it holds a special place in my heart. Some of that music is so beautiful. I was especially loving Ed Dixon as Joe and Lovin' Al. Good stuff.

I want to give a special shout out to Ryan Hill and John Johnson for producing the event. I'm so proud of you bitches. I also want to say wha! all the people from my alma mater that currently work at the Zipper! Wow! It's like Wright State's east campus over there! Finally, I want to shake my booty in the general direction of Ryan Mekenian and his lovely girlfriend Britney. Have fun doing CABARET, Brit!! Break a leg!!!

We had a great time at the opening of MARY ROSE at the Vineyard. Much like PETER PAN, it's now a period piece, but with none of the usual stuffiness. I love plays that give you the ghosty creepies. I found the performers to be immensely engaging, especially Paige Howard as Mary Rose. This was her first professional role and I think that she's going to be a big star.

We did our final performance this past Sunday. I'll miss my castmates, the buckets of sexual addiction and the fine people of the Atlantic theatre. I will not miss sitting backstage stewing in my juices for 2 1/2 hours before making my first entrance. I will also not miss this blouse (doesn't that look like a photo from McCalls, circa 1979?).

By the by, if there are any ladies out there looking for interesting monologues to work on, check out ANON. Seriously. There's about 12 million to choose from.

Til next time...


Remember Rosie's Talk Show?

Feb 17, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
It's really been 10 years since this?? How is that possible? This was always my favorite number from Chicago...

See if you can spot [tos]'s director shimmying around.



Feb 17, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
So, thanks to my S.O.S. on the blog, [tos] fan Gregory pulled through for me and sent me to a shady passport dealer - complete with overcoats, cigarettes and other stereotypical shady images. Seriously, it was in the back of a Liberty Travel. They set me up with a passport and set me back a pretty penny, but now I'm able to leave the country next week no thanks the the government's slow system. Special shout out to K. at the Lexington/45th post office who was so helpful and friendly, I had to hit my knuckles against the counter a few times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. -- For you non-NYC readers, the post offices in New York are usually utter torture. Thanks for saving the day, Gregory. Say hi to all the fans in L.A. and keep killing your vampires.

Susan's hand paintings inpired me to call up my neighbor tonight and have her bring up her little baby so I could paint this on them.

And speaking of superheroes, our pal DCathro (aka Shaggy Guy) sent us this awesome pic. Nice work, 'ro. I can't tell you how happy that picture makes me. Especially that I'm Batman. FYI, that's really me and Hunter. Lots of people ask us that. The original photo was taken by none other than Mr. Michael Berresse in Brooklyn Heights. We were running down the street on one of the most beautiful afternoons of the summer of '04. Never did we imagine that it would end up on a CD or a poster or a playbill or Time Magazine...a couple of those things may not have happened.....YET.


Hi, my friends! I like you!!

Feb 16, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment

(Note: Larry's not in this picture cause he was playing piano down the hall for Epatha Merkerson and Cheyenne Jackson. That's how he rolls...)


Guido Daniele

Feb 16, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
My friend Ramona shared this with me. I'm not sure of the source, but hats off to the artist, photographer and writer of the following:

When Italian artist Guido Daniele was hired by an advertising agency to create body painting of animals, he loved the idea. "I researched each animal in depth to see how I could transfer it to a hand, and then set about bringing it to life." The hardest part of his job is watching his creations disappear down the drain after they're photographed. "I'm getting used to it," Daniele shrugs. "At least I get to start each day with a fresh canvas." Guido Daniele lives and works in Milan.


I Torture Because I Love

Feb 15, 2007 by Larry | 1 Comment
I am about to start a blog that will be a kind of torture because I saw "I Love You. You're Perfect. Now Change" and I want to praise Courtney but she finds it excruciating to get compliments. But I can't resist. Courtney was really FANTASTIC! First of all, after the initial entrance in a robe, she strips down and sings the first song in her underwear! Courtney is truly a babe and for you straight guys and gay gals, it's worth the price of admission to see that. The gay guys - well think of her body like a beautiful statue at the Met. No I mean a statue like this. And then she sang so beautifully. I love it when a woman can move from chest voice to head voice effortlessly. Courtney gives you all that. And also she is funny and smart. Her video dating scene is funny AND moving. (I realize now that I probably ruined the show because whenever you tell an actor that you liked something specific they start trying to recreate what they did and then the moment is ruined. Maybe we should start complitmenting the worse parts of performances and then we'll only ruin things that already stink. I'll do that with Courtney. I'll compliment only her awful stuff.... Wait, I can't think of anything awful... Now I've ruined her whole show. Oh well.)

I can't say that ILYYPNG is my cup of tea. Some of that straight stuff is so silly to me. But now that the gays are marrying and having kids, maybe they'll be a gay version of the show. It will star Tony Danza, Ted Danson, Sharon Stone and Rosie Perez. I have to sign off now because I'm day dreaming about that production.

Great job, Courtsknee.


Be My Tossertine!

Feb 14, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
So my pal Bradley sent this out on Valentine's Day. Well done. And now, I share it with you tossers to celebrate the day where we covered shoe boxes and crammed small slips into those decorated shoe boxes. In 3rd grade, I gave SuSu Barnes a box of chocolates and she gave me a dollar taped to a piece of notebook paper with glitter glued around the dollar bill...true love.



Attention blog-readers in High Positions!

Feb 14, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
I need a powerful person to help me.

1. I am going on vacation on the 19th.
2. I sent my passport in the mail to be renewed and they have no record of it.
3. They suggested I go in person to a passport office but the next available appt in Philly, Boston, New York, or CT isn't until 2/21.
4. Because of their stupid suggestion, saying that it would be fine to just mail it in, I'm going to lose out. Then, their suggestion was to cancel the trip. My suggestion to them was much harsher.
5. Who out there can get me an appointment to one of those offices on 2/15 or 2/16???! Put out calls. Call everyone you know who works for the government. Have them email me at and tell me what to do.

I look forward to a super-hero saving the day!


Second Cousin or Nephew? or How I Stopped Working and Surfed Wikipedia for 15 minutes

Feb 14, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
So surely most of you are aware of and how it's a never-ending almanac filled with tasty information for all of us curious nerds. I thought I would retrace with you some Wikipedia journeys tonight:

1. Today I saw the word "shirtwaist" and was reminded of the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.
2. So I wiki Triangle Factory. 80% match leads me to Triange Shirtwaist Factory. Read a bit. Get depressed.
3. I link away to find the actual address of the building (which still stands). It's the science building at NYU.
4. Back to TSF. Read some more. See that it was inpiration for the musical RAGS. Click.
5. Read about RAGS. What I think is Strouse's best score - just my personal opinion -- Superman is a close second. Maybe I'll bring that to work tomorrow to listen to.
6. Back to TSF. What? A 1979 movie about the factory? Hmm. Click.
7. Oh look Tovah Felshuh was in that! Click.
8. Hey, Tovah has her own website. Click. Great flash into. Back. Back.
9. Also in the movie was Remington Steele's Stephanie Zimbalist. Who knew? Click.
10. Stephanie must be related to the Efrem's,right? Confirmed. Oh, wow. Didn't know her dad was all about "Jews for Jesus". Interesting. She appeared on the "700 Club." Okay, gettin' bored with her. Back.
11. Oh and David Dukes was in it too. Didn't we just lose him? Click to a playbill article about his early death. Sad. Back.
12. Tom Bosley was in it too. Click. Wow, do I click away to Fiorello? Nah, let's click "Happy Days". Hey, where's "Potsie?" Aha -- Anson Williams! I had a crush on Anson when I was a lad. Click.
13. Oh my God, I didn't know that Anson Williams is the nephew of Henry Heimlich - famous for inventing the "Heimlich Maneuver". Click. Hmm, on Heimlich's page, it says he is the second cousin of Anson Williams. Which is it Wikipedia?
Back to work.


Slap Happy

Feb 13, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
Hi Bitches!!!

Well, I'm through my first week of rehearsals here in DC and aside from having more lines to memorize than I can shake a stick at, things are going very well.

One way that Meet John Doe is different from [title of show] is that today I spent a couple of hours in my very first fight call! (Can you imagine a fight in [tos]? Who would it be between? Maybe me and Susan in What Kind Of Girl Is She? Like a dream ballet with lots of shoving and hair pulling...)

So, I'm the only girl in a sea of principal men in this new show and I'm not used to the staged boy-violence. (Spoiler alert) I really do get the snot slapped out of me in this play, but I give as good as I get too. My slap partner is the nicest guy in the world, Patrick Ryan Sullivan, who's playing the meanest guy in the world, D.B. Norton. Patrick has made a career of playing bad-asses like Julian Marsh and Gaston. It was fun getting knocked around by him today. So bizarre hitting and being hit under the watchful supervision of a fight-master. Newness...

Next time I'm going to tell you about my costumes. Suffice it to say that I'm spending more time in the gym than ever 'cause I wear some killer, unforgiving, silk masterpieces, and there's also a mink coat involved that I got to help pick out at a furrier in NYC. I felt fancy. Mean to the minks, but fancy.

OK, I'm tired and I gotta study all them lines. More later...


The sun comes up...

Feb 13, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Well tossers. Jeffy and I were where all of NY was on monday night...we rocked some Follies. That shit was supes fun. Our dates were B'way stars Todd Buonopane and Barrett Foa, and Broadway radio host Brittany Brown. Jeff started off the evening with a rousing game of, "Name a Song cut from Follies." We were off to a good start.

Let's start with a huge hooray for Casey Nicholaw. Good jorb CN! he rocked us hard on this?!?!? Crazy crazy talent. I am thankful he is part of it all to tell stories. Victoria Clark...she s crazy good...and even though there used to be a [tos] joke about Donna Murphy...she can f'ing act and sing. I just want her to keep it in the chest voice...but she rocked too. One More Kiss with Lucine Amara and Leena Chopra was beautiful and much better than when I tried to sing it in a college voice lesson and juries. One for the "what was I thinking" pile. That leads to the second game at pre Follies dinner which was, "What Did You Sing to Get into your College Theatre Program?" I sang "If You Could See Her" and something from Big River...range people ....I gave you range. E-mail us what you sang at your college audition and we will print our favs.

The other half of the [tos] family was cheering on tosser Courtney B at her show. I will let those who attended blog on that, but word on the street is that she was amazing in her skit. The two groups met for post show times, having a blast, and missing Heidi as well. Hi Heidi!

Shout out to all the kick ass [tos] fans who gave love to Jeff and me at Follies last night. We like seeing you guys and knowing ya'll rock the OCR and keep on truckin' with our show.

Also spotted in the crowd, Jeff Whitty...word. Michael Riedel, Nathan Lane, and Jeff Bowen.

Oh and I almost forgot...props to tos lighting guru K Billington. And did you guys spot the Side Show dresses in Follies. That show had everything!

Finally a tos welcome to my newest family member Amber Lindsey Wells, daughter to rockstar parent John and my cousin Lindsey. Note: Lindsey was in "A Puzzling Obsession" for you hardcore [tos] fans! Congrats to the proud parents! And here's to the next generation of Bell Players!


[tos]word 5

Feb 12, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
The new puzzle is up...


An Open Love Letter to GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL!

Feb 11, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
To Whom It May Concern:

Last night, The Whitey and I went to see GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! at the Actors Playhouse. We had first seen Jeremy Shamos and Chris Fitzgerald perform a fantastic exerpt from GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! at the NYMF benefit honoring Kevin McKevin. When I saw that, I was all, "Cheese and Rice! What is this? Who are these people?!!" And I've been meaning to see the show ever since. Then I received a GUTENBERG! postcard in the mail with the quote, "...funnier than DROWSY CHAPERONE and [title of show]". I was all, "Really? I'll be the judge of that, my good postcard."

So, we took our braggadocious postcard to the box office and purchased some very affordable tickets to GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! Those kids had their work cut out for them: I had had a shitstorm day and had the mean reds. And then the show began...

This show and these performers pulled me right out my monkey funk. I found the book and lyrics to be consistently funny and surprising, the direction smart, clean and inventive, and the performances strong, distinct, warm, nuanced and FUNNY. Whitey and I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. In fact, we're still laughing about it today.

During intermission, I was stretching my chicken wings when I realized that Mary Louise Parker was sitting directly behind me (she was also laughing her ass off during the show). I'm trying to be braver in talking to people who scare me (which is mostly all people), so I introduced myself and told her that during the recent Vineyard gala we had honored Paula Vogel with a spoof musical number from (HOW I LEARNED TO) DRIVE! THE MUSICAL! and that I had played her role and that I had recently done a show at the Vineyard and that it was nice to see her sitting there behind me at GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL!

I think it was all too much information for her to take in. I had clearly taken her off guard and my complex little introduction must have sounded like the ramblings of a lunatic. She was all, "Yeah, I was supposed to go to that but I couldn't go." I was all, "Yes, I the...skit..." I felt totally awk. At least I tried, I guess.


So, after the show, I thought about staying to introduce myself to the cast, because I wanted to tell them they were ridiculous and awesome, but I got scared because talking to strangers hadn't gone so well with ol' Mary Louise. So, instead, Whitey and I went to dinner and tried to remember all we could from GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! to make each other laugh some more.

In closing, I'd like to ask the creators and cast of GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! to marry me. You can move in with me and Whitey and entertain us each night by performing your twinkly show in our living room.

In closing closing, even though there are similarities in the themes of DROWSY, [tos] and GUTE!*, comparing them seems like apples and oranges (and table lamps and giraffes) to me. I'd like to think there's room for all of 'em, right? In the words of Rodney King, "Can't [all the deconstructed, behind-the-scenes musicals] just get along?"

In closing closing closing, I'd like to encourage all the people reading this bloog get off your muffets and head down to see GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! Tell them Susan Blackwell sent you...

They'll be all..."Who?"

Stalkingly, but not Threateningly,

Susan B.

*If [tos] Superfans are tossers, are GUTENBERG! Superfans called Gutenbergers? Are Superfans of Steve Guttenberg** already called Guttenbergers? If so, we might have some legal issues on our hands. We'll let the lawyers work it out...

**I didn't realize how ripped to shreds Steve Guttenberg was...I might have to become a Guttenberger, too! We'll meet once a week to watch this...and this!


A Tale of Two Shows

Feb 09, 2007 by Larry | Add comment
I've gone to two wonderful show two nights in a row. On Wednesday night I got to see Encores! production of "Follies". That is a VERY difficult show to do well because everyone even the "supporting" characters have extremely difficult songs to sing. I've seen a couple of productions before this and usually you end up having some stellar moments dispersed between some big yawns. (Except for that amazing concert version which was electric from start to finish.) Well, I thought this production was wonderful. I'm an even greater fan of Vicky Clark. My review would say something like "Not since Barabara Cook has a singer so effortlessly wedded technique with intention." (Who knows what that really means but it will fit on a marquee.) Seriously, Vicky Clark can SING but also make you feel like she's just talking....

My other star of the night is Casey Nicholaw. I thought the staging was beautiful, musical and effortless. And that choreography for "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow/Love Will See Us Through" was INCREDIBLE. We all know that Sondheim is a puzzle freak and the intricate way that he wove together those two songs is similar to combining a crossword with a suduko puzzle. You can listen to it and not realize the complicated choices involved in the comoposition. Well, I feel like Casey's staging let us SEE the structure of the songs. It thrilled me on many levels.

Last night (Thrusday) Hunter and Jeff and Benjamin and I got to see "In The Heights" at 37 Arts. Wow, those cats can sing and dance! There are so many wonderful musical moments in that show that it's hard to single out one song. And that band (of only seven people) was HOT! They were so tight and free at the same time. I loved Acme Sound Partners' sound design. I talked with Nevin Steinberg (Acme hottie) about it at the party afterwards. He kind of put the band all around the space in various pockets of the theatre so you were surrounded by sound while hearing the voices right in front of you. There are some BIG voices on that stage and I love the way he accomodated the big sound without overpowering you.

Here's a technical discussion for you. When a singer has a big voice and they approach a loud note everyone has to be careful because if the sound guy has you cranked up for the beginning of the phrase your big note will pop out and knock everyone out of the theatre, like Wiley E. Coyote bursting through a cliff wall. To avoid this effect a certain amount of compression needs to take place. Now a certain bit of this compression takes place electronically, which I can't begin to understand. But there is also manual compression. You see it when people hold a mic in their hands. They come to the big note and then pull the mic away so they can sing big and loud and not blow us through the cliff. (It's funny to see deluded singers pull the mic away for the big note, when they really aren't singing any louder than before.) Anyway, when you are wearing a body mic you can't move the mic away for the big note without ruining your "do". So the guy running sound (in this case Brandon - from [title of show] at the Vineyard) will "compress" the loud note for you by turning your mic down a bit for a second and then restoring it. It takes a lot of finesse and it's why you always want the sound guy on your side because he can make you sound great or awful... Anyway, when someone has a big voice in a midsize house like 37 arts, you can sing so loud that basically the sound guy has to turn the mic "off" to keep you from blasting through the system. And then you have a problem because your sound was through the system for most of the song and then suddenly it becomes acoustic. What I'm trying to say is that this never happened on Thursday night. Nevin and Brandon (and Hugh) were making magic that night and most people didn't know.

Finally, Lin Mauel Miranda accomplished a great feat. He is a charming performer and wrote a killer score. Hat's off to him. It looked like he had a dream come true last night.


A matinee, a Pinter play...

Feb 08, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So my Wed treat was getting to see Wicked. I have never seen that show. I know...I know. You know how it is, I was like, well it 'll never close, so what's the rush? (Word to my man Barrett Foa for the tix hookup. Nice jorb dude.) I had fun. That show is as big as [tos] is small. It is a known fact that one monkey costume would finance a ten year run of [tos] on Broadway..seriously that's a fact. Look it up. But my main interest in seeing the show was this fancy gal.

Julia Murney rocked some shit out you guys! She's got mad singing chops and acting chops too. And for the record Winnie Holzman's book I liked a great deal. It's big, it's splashy, but they're trying some stuff up there, so join the people each night who fit in the Gershwin and check out Murney. She rocks.

And she's a [tosser].


Body Fusion

Feb 08, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
We found the specificity of this enjoyable -- from SNL last week...



Feb 07, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
certain things just make me laugh.


Vineyard Gala

Feb 06, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Go over to our press page to check out some clips from the gala last week. There's a link to the NY1 feature. Some fun stuff on there -- tho, not too much. Some old timey b-roll happening too.

PS. B-roll essentially means "film footage" to all you media newbies.


Bye Guys

Feb 05, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
Today I start another adventure. I'm going to the Ford Theatre in DC to do a really great new musical called "Meet John Doe". I'm farty and nervous 'cause that part is BIG and I'm gonna be the new girl and I won't have my [tos] family with me. Deep breath...

[title of show] is bananas. Since becoming apart of it all, as an actor, there is [title of show] and then there is everything else. And to be clear, everything else it awesome too, but [title of show] is home. It's like a battery for all other work for me. I can get all [tos]-charged and then go and be me and kill vampires in other shows. Still, I'm nervous and I've lost 2 perfectly good nights of sleep because my heart is racing and I keep making mental lists of all the shit I need to take. Personal steamer... oh yeah, extra stamps (like they don't have post offices in DC), pilates DVD, oh yeah all my vitamins, oh tweezers! Just stupid...

My [tos] family sent me off in high style with a lovely brunch yesterday morning. (And it was cold people - yikes. Special thanks to Mr. Blackwell, aka Susan's dad, for making us awesome knit hats that doubled as take home party favors. I got the red one!!) I love you guys so much and I can't stand the idea of being away for so long, but it's because of [tos] that I get to go do this job and I am so grateful. It feels so weird to leave the nest again. Life is nuts in other shows in other cities. You suddenly have a just-add-water-family and you live in this vacuum and you have ONE thing to do - your new show. That's exciting, but not exactly like real life. What the hell am I going to do without my husband and my dog??!! Remember when I went to Goodspeed last year? I got to take Olive with me so I felt a little more grounded. This time, I'm flying solo and I got the jitter bugs.

OK, so I could keep rambling but I think this might be getting boring. I'll be blogging about all this madness in the weeks to come. Today I'm setting this goal for myself - take a deep breath, calm down, and get zen on that train on my way to new life for the next 4 months. Let's all take a deep breath together.

In. Out. ahhhhhh...


[tos]word 4!

Feb 04, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
The theme this week is ! -- musicals/events/revues/plays that use exclamation points in their title. I've eliminated the word numbers at the end of each clue because I think you can handle this week's without them. Enjoy.

[tos]word 4!


The Air Up There!

Feb 03, 2007 by Susan | 2 Comments
Did you know that we have a performing motto? Here it is:

"Why leave the house unless you're going to be fabulous?"


"Don't leave the house unless your shit is hella tight."

Variation to the variation:

"Don't leave the house unless you're ready to rock the house."

The definition of fabulousness and hella-tight-shittedness is up for interpretation, but you get the idea: don't commit to something unless you're willing to give it your all. The cast of [title of show] are a bunch of perfectionists, so this isn't always easy or painless. But it does make for a good benefit performance.


Last Monday, we hosted a gala benefitting the Vineyard Theatre at the glamorous Rainbow Room.

Have you ever been to the Rainbow Room? It's the definition of a twinkly, old-skool New York glamour.

Due to our hectical schedules, we didn't have much time to rehearse, but we managed to pull it together. (Fear of making an ass of yourself is a tremendous motivator, plus we had to try to live up to the motto). Jason Moore (AVENUE Q, SHREK) directed. Jeff and Hunter wrote the material, including two completely new numbers: 25 YEARS AGO was the opening number, a tribute to things that began 25 years ago, including the magical day when Barb Kreiger founded the Vineyard. Playwright Paula Vogel was being honored, so Jeff wrote a number from the imaginary musical DRIVE! (based on HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE). Lots of dirty driving double entendres in that one (Sample: "Put your left hand on the three, and your right hand on my nine..."). In addition to all that, we got to introduce lots of fancy people who (in turn) introduced more fancier people: Julianne Moore, Paul Rudd, Lili Taylor, S. Epatha Merkerson, Judy Kuhn, Cheyenne Jackson, Patricia Clarkson, Oliver Platt, Tony Roberts, Penny Fuller, John Guare, Lewis Black. It was pretty crazy to be on stage performing and then look out and see those people, and then look past them and see the glittering New York skyline.

Adventures, people...I'm addicted to adventures.

A few recollections:

Getting ready and hanging out in Suite B of the Rainbow Room. Deco-rific.

The view from up there. Looking down on that makes your realized how tiny, insignificant and totally dink you are.

The little foil 25 that Vineyard staffer Rachel Ayers made for the event upon our request. Inspired by a stonehenge that is in danger of being crushed by dwarves, we tried to incorporate this into the opening number. It got nixed, but Rachel worked hard on it, and I think it deserves to be seen. Twice.

Having Epatha Merkerson wake you up from a nap. Q: Could she be any kinder, funnier and down-to-earth? A: No. She is 100% mexellent.

Our ASM Tom. Just love him. He really keeps our heads from popping off. I don't know what we did before we knew him.

Running our new numbers over and over again in an attempt to remember our lyrics and lines. PS, this is a hard line to memorize: "You know what else is hard, Heidi? Trying to run a not-for-profit Off-Broadway theatre for 25 years in an ever-changing political and socio-economic climate and balancing artistic integrity with some kind of creative appeal. That's hard, Heidi." I thought that line was going to be the end of me. But, when the H was O, that line travelled up from my butt and popped out of my mouth just fine.

Those who know me well know that if I could, I would always perform barefoot. It's my #1 jam. (My other motto: "Fuck shoes".) It felt extra decadent to perform at the Rainbow Room (and to run around Rockefeller Center) nekedfooted. At the end of the night, my feet weren't just normal grubby...they were Rainbow Room grubby...Magical.

We were serving up faux Golden Globe introductions for the stars ("She's a Desperate Housewife and he's less famous"..."She's a movie star and I'd like to have sex with him if he ever came out"...that kind of thing). I had the great pleasure of introducing Lili Taylor and (our secret fantasy boyfriend) Paul Rudd. Hunter (our own little Bruce Villanch) wrote this fabulous line: "Ladies and Gentlemen: She's fucking awesome, and fucking him would be awesome...Lili Taylor and Paul Rudd!" I was all bold and confident when I said it, but as I saw them approaching the stage, I ran off like a embarrassed schoolgirl.

Sometimes famous people scare me. I'm such a puss.

All in all, it felt like a big success. We performed our pieces without crapping ourselves live onstage and the Vineyard made a bunch of money so they can do more plays.

And that shit is, indeed, hella tight.



Feb 03, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Have y'ins ever seen this?
I like Benj's take on "Vampire Hunting Guide!" Deliberate oversinging is funny!


Get Out The Map!

Feb 03, 2007 by Larry | Add comment
Ok there are two good reasons that I’ve been out of touch… First, my computer was in the shop for almost two months! Luckily I bought the Best Buy extended warranty and got the computer in the shop just before it expired. The motherboard was bad and the CD drive had to be “reseated” which I won’t even comment on…. The other reason I’ve been out of touch is that I was writing another show in Ithaca called Comfort Food. Here’s a link to a review. Maybe you’ll see it sometime. Right now, however, I’m sitting at my desk listening to Nickel Creek and Frou Frou and Ben Folds and trying to catch up on my blogging.

I worked with some great people in Ithaca including my dear friend Rachel Lampert who runs the innovative Kitchen Theatre. It’s a great environment for trying out new works because there are so many smart and interesting people in Ithaca. There are lots of intellectual nerds who work at Cornell and are subscribers. In fact, it’s not unusual to have one or two Nobel Prize winners in an audience (seriously!). As a side note, one of the stars of Comfort Food is a great actress named Norma Fire. (She knows her s***.) Anyway, she was late starting rehearsals with us because her nephew WON A NOBEL PRIZE for science and she had to go to Stockholm for the ceremony. You can watch the ceremony and lectures here:

Besides Nobel laureates, Ithaca also has lots of lesbians who go to the theatre. And then there are just regular folk as well. So if you want to try out your new show, go to the Kitchen Theatre…..

What else? Oh yeah I got to play piano at the Rainbow Room for the Vineyard’s benefit which was amazing. I had only been there once before. Many years ago, after my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, she and my Dad decided to come to visit me in New York for a diversion. They had never seen the city. When you live on a farm in Kansas, people are always quoting The Wizard of Oz to you and it’s annoying, but the truth is that New York City can seem a lot like Oz and the Rainbow Room seemed like the Wizard’s palace to us. When we got there the gay maitre d’ was really snotty to us just like the gay guard at the gate of Oz. I’m sure the three of us did not quite meet his fashion sensibility (my mom was wearing her white cable knit sweater and her $20 cancer wig – in gray). But I insisted and he sat us at table almost behind the band. Even though I knew it was supposed to be a “bad” table, Mom was thrilled as she watched the couples dancing around the floor amidst that amazing view. She was so happy. Well, I thought a lot about Mom while playing at the Rainbow Room Monday night and somehow a circle was completed… And not a bitchy maitre d’ in sight…

And it didn’t hurt that I got to play for S. Epatha Merkerson and Cheyenne Jackson. Those are two pretty people who are also really nice…

Let’s see, what else? Oh, tonight a typo in an e-mail I sent to Hunter created a new word. “Untilities”. I’ll let all you send in your ideas for the definition. I think it's a noun. I just like the music of it…

Speaking of music, now I’m listening to “Get Out the Map” by the Indigo Girls. Wait a minute… I have to listen to that again! (pause) That took longer than I thought it would because I had to find the lyrics online and then listen to the song two more times. And then I had to listen to “Galileo” and then “It’s Alright.” You get the idea…

Now I need to talk about what it’s like for people who take the personality quiz and turn out to be me. I know that it might be disappointing if you are expecting to be aligned with one of the shiny actors but every endeavor needs behind-the-scenes facilitators and organizers, right? Among the people who have turned up as “Larry” are Rob Preuss (Associate Conductor of Mamma Mia) and Ben Morris (Production Manager of the Vineyard). These are two kiss-ass get-stuff-done people. So to all the Larrys out there – stand up and be counted!

That’s probably enough for now. I don’t want to get a brain freeze from blogging too fast too soon.


A day late...

Feb 03, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So I meant to post this yesterday, but anyhoo Happy Groundhog Day tossers. I always liked this "holiday"? Is it a holiday. It just seemed like the perfect elementary school thing. You could talk about it. Draw a groundhog. Talk about weather. If I was a teacher, I'd be so happy for Groundhog Day because it would fill up a lesson plan. On a side one who enjoys a good nap, how much would it suck to have some old guy in a top hat wake you out of a deep, deep sleep and then raise you to the sky in front of the world. Punxsutawney Phil (the's like the pope long do they live?) must be so pissed and sleepy. But here was his prediction:

6 more months of this!

Word Punxsutawney Phil...word.

For one to grow on check out this!

To note:
That Japanime lookin' groundhog down in the corner. Hip.
The items available for sale. Why do I want some of that crap. I should be saving for real estate!
And this recipe:

Groundhog Cookies

2 cups sifted flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground cloves
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 cup soft butter
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup molasses
1 egg yolk
1 egg, slightly beaten
Currants or raisins

Sift together first seven ingredients. Set aside. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Blend in molasses and yolk. Stir in flour mixture and mix well. Form into a ball.
Wrap in plastic wrap. Chill overnight, several nights or freeze.
Place small amounts of dough on a sheet of plastic wrap, and cover with plastic wrap. Roll 1/8 inch thick. Cut out cookies with lightly floured cutter.
Place cookies on greased baking sheet. Brush with slightly beaten egg. Decorate with currants or raisin eyes. Repeat until all dough is used.

Bake 8 to 10 minutes in a preheated 350-degree oven. Cool slightly before removing from cookie sheet. Makes 72 or more medium-sized groundhogs.

Put on your gaypron Jeff and start bakin'! I want some cookies.

Wow! Makes 72 cookies!

Okay..okay. Weed was not in the original cooking instructions...but it made me laugh to put it in there. Hugs NOT drugs kids! and stay in school.


[tos] Inside Other Bodies

Feb 03, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
Recently, several of us tossers were recruited by Baldwin-Wallace college in Berea, Ohio to give the students advice about showbiz and the Big Apple and to teach them theatre stuff (aka "Master Class"). We met some great people and we were all very impressed with the talent pool at BW. Vicki Bussert is their leader out there -- she has directed Hunter many times and she's worked with Larry as well. She was also the director of the Tommy that Heidi and I did in Brazil. So, she's connected to [tos] on many levels. We had such a great time and one of the highlights was teaching the seniors the opening number of the show for them to use at their showcase this spring. This is a clip of the first time they ran it in rehearsal. We were all a bit emotional because none of us have ever heard anyone sing this song other than us.
Nice work, seniors.


Our Dinner with Chris Smith!

Jan 30, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
We recently had dinner with Chris Smith. Chris was the high bidder on a Vineyard fund-raising auction lot that entitled him to have dinner with us.

For those of you who are blog-savvy, you'll recollect that Chris won this auction back in November. It took Vineyard staffer Mike O'Neill about 57 emails to find a night when we could all attend (good jorb, Mike). And Chris Smith (god bless his heart) flew in all the way from Burbank!

That's in California, people!!

Our dinner (provided by the fine folks at Shades of Green) was a hoot and a half. Jeff and I had the lambchop special with mint jelly, while others enjoyed cheeseburgers and other delights. There might have been a deep-fried cheesestick hootenanny was all such a whirlwind.

Chris, our guest of honor is a writer, raconteur and receptionist, originally from West Virginia. We discussed the musical he is currently writing, the gift his sister gave him for Christmas, dying pets, credit card debt, near-death experiences and soap operas. We answered a list of questions Chris had prepared (Q: What does 'pull a train' mean? A: Too filthy to print). Chris even videotaped portions of our conversation, which I hope get edited into some sort of insane Christmas video for his family.

Thank you for travelling so far to hang out with us, Chris. And thank you for supporting the Vineyard. Please enjoy these pictures until yours come back from the FotoMat.


Oh My God You Guys...

Jan 30, 2007 by Heidi | Add comment
There are so many frickin' things to talk about, I don't even know where to start!!!

We saw Swassie in her play, "Anon" at the Atlantic. She was awesome of course...

We did a master class in Berea, Ohio @ Baldwin-Wallace College to a gaggle of the coolest, most talented, down-to-earth musical theater students we've ever met...

We hosted the Vineyard Theatre's 25th Anniversary Gala at THE RAINBOW ROOM!!! (Some of the sparkly celebs included Patricia Clarkson, Anna Paquin, John Guare, Paula Vogel, and [tos]'s communal boyfriend, Paul Rudd.)

I got cast in a new musical that's being done at the Ford Theatre in DC called 'Meet John Doe' with one of my best friends from my 'Full Monty' days, JIm Moye. Awesome...

and... I got cast in something else, but I can't tell you what yet...

So with all that awesome-ness happening, here's what I am going to tell you about - Alex, who's out on the Hairspray tour found me on MySpace and wrote this to me:

Just wanted to let you know that tos has quickly become one of my favorite shows. I listen to the soundtrack almost daily now on my ipod... and just today I started to learn how to knit on the bus and truck!

That's awesome Alex! Keep up the good work!

Do y'all get that? If you don't, give a listen to "9 People's Favorite Thing" and you'll hear the connection...

And about all that other stuff, I'm sure we'll be expanding on all those topics in the days to come. In the mean time, knit one, pearl two!


Dreams Do Come True

Jan 29, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Here's a letter I received recently:
I am a huge crossword geek and I can't tell you how you've made my dream of being an answer come true.
Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Kirsten Wyatt
86 down

Glad we could serve up a dream, Kirsten.


[tos]word 3 is up

Jan 29, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Cash Tunes I don't think I'm going to rate them any more because everyone has an opinion about how hard they are. I'll just know in my heart that the puzzle is awesome and you'll have to do your best!

Enjoy. We're up to our necks in the Vineyard Gala and we have so much to blog about. Stay tuned!


Bubbles in me bonnet!

Jan 25, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
I believe this is a song from the musical Charlotte Sweet. Nice score on that one. leads me to our [tos] field trip last week to this!

Our pal Matt Murphy hooked us up for a sneak preview of what is the nuttiest and potentially the hippest evening in town if they market this puppy right. The Gazillion Bubble Show was totally strange yet we had a blast. Susan and I won a free bubble making machine- so now Susan has two bubble making machines. I am reminded of an incident with Susan and Whitey in a tent camping-he smelt it, he dealt it...dutch oven...but I digress. Bubbles were made...crazy lip-synched monologues...jazzy music...slides that told us to "please enjoy this happy making show for joy times and clapping"...this show had it all

Then this happened. If Jeff and I went to the prom and if the theme was bubbles...

It made me think of this site.

And it made me think we should add bubbles to the dream sequence in our show.



Jan 24, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Paul Broussard at WTUL in New Orleans wrote to us and suggested the name "[tos]words" for the puzzle I've been building. I told him that I felt foolish that none of us came up with that. Nice work, Paul. He also sent along this logo design. Again, nice work. I've officially changed the name of the puzzles to [tos]words because it's just impossible to ignore the idea at this point.

Some fans are challenged, some are asking for even harder puzzles. What to do? I'm working on an easy 2 or 3 puzzle for Sundee.

Who's coming to the Vineyard Gala on Monday? Anyone? There's no way we could afford a ticket, so thank the lordbabyjesus they asked us to host.


Tossin' it GLAAD style

Jan 22, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Hi folks. [tos] was nominated for a GLAAD media award for OUTSTANDING NEW YORK THEATRE. Word. Here's the list of nominees.

I must say that I am happy to be on a list with the comic book, Y- The Last Man and Hunter is happy to be on a list with the Scissor Sisters.


New Crossword is Up

Jan 21, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Hey nerds... Click here for Week Two's puzzle titled: "Songs For All."

Please note that my editor, Michael Berresse has changed the difficulty level of week one to a five. He requested that I make this week's a 3.5, but I told him no decimals, so I rounded it up to a 4.

Good luck. Any suggestions or comments you can click on my name below and send me your thoughts.


I know, I know...more YouTube...

Jan 21, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
I thought this was generally good advice on writing/creating. Brought to you by my secret fantasy boyfriend, Jon Stewart:


That's Talent...

Jan 21, 2007 by Susan | 1 Comment
While Hunter rocks SPRING AWAKENING, this is what I can't get out of my mind: Act II of GREY GARDENS. Brilliance.

Perhaps Elaine Stritch puts it best:


Money well spent!

Jan 21, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
There is nothing better than getting a new OCR! (Thanks to tossers for submitting this pic!) I see the ole Ghostlight ocr of tos in well as my newest jam. My latest nano i-pod jam is Spring Awakening. Come on people. Beautiful stuff. Susan and I are going to be on the bill at an upcoming benefit with [tos]'s new boyfriend Jonathan Groff. Jonathan is pals with tosser Courtney B. (who by the by is tearing it up in I Love You, You're Perfect...Now Change) Go see her! Anyway Court and Jonathan both stood by for the leads in the Broadway production of In My Life. So you see, we are just one degree away from proper stalking. I hope J Groff is ready for some proper green room time. That's why I'm doing the benefit. To meet him. Oh yeah and to raise awareness for autism. That too.

No seriously, our pal producer Derek Collard is putting together a great evening for a great cause. So get your tix tossers!

Fun night.



Jan 21, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
A shout out to all the peeps who give love to us on myspace. This recently in:

Good work jillybeaners on being inspired by the blog to send us this photo and comment:

"Well, hello there. I just back combed my hair for this soft look and added some very very dark orange rouge. Aren't I dramatic?"


To tosser Joel who is working his ass off on Jeff's crossword. Keep at it.

And a welcome to new tosser Adam in England where tosser means something totally different yet exactly the same thing. What?

We likey hearing from you guys on the myspace.


I'm in a PLAY!

Jan 21, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
Hey, everybody! Look! I'm in a play that isn't [title of show]!

Seriously, though, I can't front. My part is only about four minutes long. Seriously. No joke.

I want to know who at decided to attach my photo to that article. I'm flattered, but I also feel kind of guilty. Because Caroline Aaron has learned a lot more lines than me. And has done way more Woody Allen movies than me.

To assuage my guilt, I offer you this photo of Caroline Aaron:

Now that I've got that off my chest, I want to thank the employee who attached my picture to that press release. I hope you don't get fired for it.

And if you have been dying to see me perform a 4-minute part in a play about sexual addictions, now's your chance!

See you at the Atlantic!!

(PS: We actually start previews on JANUARY 24. As one smartyhead pointed out, Februrary 31 doesn't really exist...)


In case you were wondering...

Jan 20, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
Since Susan's blog about secrety santy was posted, a lot of fan mail has been coming in asking what we all were doing on the day baby jesus was born, since we had to exchange gifts so late. (And by a lot of fan mail...I mean no fan mail inquiring about this).

Maybe this will answer your non existent letters...

Ho. Ho. Straight up Ho'.


good work tossers!

Jan 20, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So after I fantasized about a tos casting reality show...some loyal tossers sent this:

Five nobodies.

Nice work guys.


Part 2. Let's do this.

Jan 19, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
So the lipstick/kissing tip may help Heidi and Susan when they make out hard the next time we do [title of show].

Even the frozen image promises so much goodness...a turban...a pinapple...just a bounty of treats on that table...where would you put your plate? I guess you eat "buffet-style" and then go sit under the giant picture of Brenda in the living room next to a gold dalmation statue.


clean intentions

Jan 19, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So when I typed "Sometimes the best gifts come in your box at 2:35 AM" I truly typed that innocently. Only in reading Susan's comment did I read over that phrase and realize the double entendre. Susan is dirty.

On a different tip...kudos to jeffy for always being there with the full story. Peel the onion Jeff. Good research work. I am fascinated by the plays. And I want to know more about working with Gordon Jump. I also vote for her to be on Desp. Housewives. I don't have an audience with Marc Cherry, but I make my support of that casting choice public here on this the 19th day of our lord and also my Dad's Happy b-day dad and good luck Brenda.

So I guess at the end of the day this blog celebrates my dad's diamond bday...happy 75!

Now who's jonesing for part 2?


Jan 19, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
I must admit that as cynical as I think I am, I am just as intrigued and delighted with the video below. As always, it's never enough for me to just enjoy, I have to devote too much time to online reading...


PS. I love that she's in full beat when she starts applying makeup with a "clean face." She's got more eyeliner happening on her "clean face" than a Quiet Riot tourbus whore.


Jeans and snake.

Jan 19, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
Sometimes the best gifts come in your in box at 2:35 AM. I am up late trying to write and kill vampires and my friend Barrett emailed the link to this. Now don't let the 9:22 running time scare you. It's've got time. So, kick back and take it all in. There are so many quotes, where do we begin.

Seriously. What the f'ing f? This shit makes me laugh so hard.

Oh yeah...there is a part 2!



tos approved!

Jan 16, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
The Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad is most enjoyable and it is lead by tos family member Dickie who is sups cute! Enjoy!


Secret Santy

Jan 16, 2007 by Susan | Add comment
We recently held our 2006 Secret Santy holiday gift exchange. Due to scheduling tsuris, we usually have our Christmas gift exchange some time near Valentine's Day. But this year we got our acts together and rocked that shit in January!

The rules are simple: you can't give to your partner, and bonus points are awarded for creativity. For a couple years now, names have been assigned and distributed by our friend Liddy. We used to have our friend Liz do it, until the year she accidentally created a scenario wherein I got TWO presents and Hunter got NONE presents. I thought it was great, but Hunter didn't seem to care for it. Different strokes for different folks, I reckin.

Some of us get sort of spaztoid about the whole Secret Santy affair. Some of us might draw up charts and matrices to track whose zoomin' who. Some of us need to settle down (Jeff Bowen).

This years exchange was held at Union Hall in Brooklyn (y'all know it's my favie). Here's a little photojournalism for ye:

Heidi: Wrapped / Unwrapped!
Hunter: Wrapped / Unwrapped!
Jeffy: Wrapped / Unwrapped!
Whitey: Wrapped / Unwrapped!
Susie: Wrapped / Unwrapped!
Laura: Wrapped / Unwrapped!
Michael: Wrapped / Unwrapped!
Robert: Wrapped / Unwrapped!

Heidi was gifted by Whitey. Her gifts included the kicky Olive tote bag pictured.
Hunter was gifted by Heidi. His gifts included festive underoos.
Jeffy was gifted by Robert. His gifts included books that boys like Jeff like (plus, check out that fantastic wrapping paper that Robert designed!)
Whitey was gifted by Jeffy. His gifts included a photo of Whitey and his boyhood hero, JP Patches.
Susie was gifted by Michael. Her gifts included a sophisticated, Susanesque, lipstick red backpack.
Laura was gifted by Hunter. Her gifts included a sparkly vintagey cocktail purse stuffed with balms and salves to satisfy her well-documented lipgloss fetish.
Michael was gifted by Susan. His gifts included shadow boxes containing tiny replicas of [tos] memorabilia.
Robert was gifted by Laura. His gifts included hand-made Superman cups and saucers.

We had a fabulous time. Strangely, all girls present received some type of bag. Plus, we got to hang out with Andy.

Merry Christmas everybody!


Theatre Crossword Puzzles

Jan 13, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
All right, hard-core/die-hard theatre nerds, the time has come for me to begin posting (once-a-week, at least) a new Theatre Crossword Puzzle. Here's the page where they live...


Good luck and enjoy. Be sure to bookmark the page.


Bishop to rook...

Jan 12, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So is anybody else intrigued by the ice chess match between Britain and Russia. Anybody? Nobody?

Ice Chess

I think it looks awesome! I am a nerd. Furthermore, I challenge Spring Awakening to the first ever innermusical ice chess match next to the new TKTS booth. Let's do this! Jeff's pawn6 to Jonathan Groff's knight. Word.


What do you wear to a protest?

Jan 12, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So Jeffy and I were a'havin' lunch today, and somehow the topic of protesting came up. And, we were discussing how someone like a crazy-ass klan member or those nutty "God Hates Fags" folk have to get ready for their day just like you and me. They set their alarm, have a little breakfast, maybe make some small talk with a spouse or get the kids dressed for school...all the while mind you, before they go protest. Then, they have to shower and stare into the closet. "What should I wear to hate today?" Then you get toothpaste or deodorant on your shirt...have to change shirts, because you can't have that when you shout "Burn in hell." (BTW I had to just looked so weird) Then you have to pack those awkward signs in the car...backseat or trunk? Then there's the parking! Oy vey. I am just fascinated by the mundane I guess, and that the same routines happen for the guy who works at Starbucks as for the guy who stands screaming in front of a clinic or at a homosexual's funeral. Only one makes grande lattes and the other is vente crazy.



Jan 10, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
Here's a sampling of an email I got from Hunter today...

can you call my cell phone..i cant find it



block blog

Jan 09, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
There are those days when I have the blog vampires. When looking at this screen is as daunting as a parachute jump. What to it clever...will people like it or judge it...why bother bloggin'...who cares? Daily dose of vampires. Well one way to combat the blogpires I decided is to go back to our old pal Lynda Barry's flow writing methods and "type-chi." Just start. So I am starting...I am letting my fingers click and clack on a beat up lap top borrowed from Susan. This lap top now has the passport street cred of touring through Germany with my brother who was there this summer as a TV producer for World Cup, so it's seen some miles. He wrote eloquent tales of his travels and about the games and the people he encountered. When we were together over the holidays, he showed me pics of the games and of Germany. Those pics struck me. Vivid green fields. Nervous world-class athletes. Thousands and thousands of fans gathered from all over the world to cheer for their team. And all this from our mom's digital cam she loaned to my bro. My bro has been fortunate to work all over the world, sometimes with World Cup and other times with the Olympics. I had the good fortune to be at the '96 games in Atlanta and had 'lympic-fevah! I tried to see as much as I could. Handball...fencing...swimming...anything...and I loved it all. One day..actually I believe the day after a pipe bomb exploded at the Olympic Park, I went to the stadium to watch some track and field. Now I don't know jack about track. I was on the track team in middle school and ran the 440 and did a relay. I didn't really like running, but I wanted to do something and I think I liked the idea of holding that baton...go figure. On this day at the games, it was a lot of qualifying heats, no medal the stakes were high but you saw a lot of athletes that weren't the fastest...some were just there to represent their country doing the best they could. In one qualifying heat that seemed to go on and on and on...a longer race...there was a very young female runner. She was in last place and quickly was lapped by all of her fact, several times over. Everyone finished the race except her. But...she kept on running.
Track and field is like a three ring circus...lots of events happening simultaneously, so most fans' focus shifted to other events. But this girl kept running. So tiny and tired...running. After many slow laps, she apparently reached her final time around the track. As she did so, the crowd slowly just started standing. They stood and started cheering. There was no announcement, no cue from a speaker or jumbotron...just fans choosing to stand for this girl's final lap. There was no way she would win...she would not even come close to qualifying, but she wanted to finish her race. Each section she passed...stood. The cheering grew louder and louder and louder and the other events seemed to stop to focus on her as well. It was as if someone had just pressed pause for the rest of the games and a spotlight illuminated this girl.
There we were, a full stadium, cheering. I had the goosely-pimples. She could have quit. She clearly was in pain, but I just thought in my head about this young girl who came to the games to run...and promised herself that she would finish the race. I loved that. It wasn't about a medal. It was about finishing the race. And she did. She collapsed as soon as she crossed the finish line. And the stadium errupted. The cheers seemed louder than any I heard for gold medal winners on their podiums. She just finished the race. When she gathered strength, she took a victory lap and the stadium cheered even harder.
I don't really have a joke or a moral or even a one-liner to end my story...but I'm glad I sat down to write, because that memory was locked away somewhere and I love it. Type-chi. Just start. Let your pen flow...your fingers flow. No medals...just finish the race.

(PS Swarm of vampires about how corny this blog is...too sentimental...too this...too that. Die Vampire Die.)



Jan 08, 2007 by Hunter | Add comment
So my bro sent me an e-mail to remind me that today is Shirley Bassey's b-day. 70 years young check out her cover of Pink's song and rock it til the end when she belts it out.

Crank this at your job and make a martini!


Approach the bench...

Jan 08, 2007 by Hunter | 1 Comment
So Hunty has been summoned for Jury Duty...I'm still in the midst of it all so I don't think I'm supposed to blog about that...but I can blog about TV. Gay, Straight, or Taken? Anybody rockin' this? I can watch some bullshit, and Jeffy thought I would like this show...but this may even be too crappy for me. That being said I am seriously considering texting my vote. And speaking of votes, I watched that crazy Grease reality show on NBC. That's a crapfest worth taking in as well! It has inspired me to pitch to the networks a reality show where America decides who will be in the Detroit production of [title of show]. Contestants first must sing 16 bars...then a monkey...then they will swim out to an island...on that island will be a buried that chest is a key...that key will open a series of locks which are on Heidi...unlock Heidi and then unscramble the letters written on Heidi's ass...that's round 1. I haven't thought about round two yet, but I'm convinced America will pick the right Hunter, Jeff, Susan, Larry, and Heidi.


My blog about mucus and Dreamgirls

Jan 07, 2007 by Courtney | 1 Comment
I had to play hooky from my play yesterday and today. I am striken by the sickness that has attacked all of NYC (due to the fact that global warming is causing winter to be summer and summer to be fucking hot). You know those mucus cartoons on tv? They build a nesting spot in your head and hang up pictures they drew and stuff. Yeah, they are currently hanging a rainbow and sunset all over my head and stealing my voice like that scary octopus lady in the Little Mermaid did to Ariel. I am feeling a little better today, though still voiceless, so I went to the Zeigfeld to see Dreamgirls. It was super crowded and I had to nestle in the back with my tissues and cough drops but it was worth it. The movie was good but more than that, I went alone. I didn't want to cough all over someone I love so I went all bundled up by myself and ate popcorn and drank soda and coughed all over people I didn't, I was heavily advil cold and sinused up, so I was only mildly disturbing to others. I have never seen a movie alone before and I have to say I think it is pretty awesome. So the moral of this mucused story is, see a movie by yourself.


It's All About Who You Know

Jan 07, 2007 by Heidi | 1 Comment
Well, we're 7 days into the new year and I have some truly delicious news...

Get ready. It's really good. My head popped off when I found out.

I booked a series regular on a PBS animated series for pre-schoolers called Word World!!! I am Sheep, the sweet, stammery, girlie-girl in Word World who has a an active imagination and loves to watch cooking shows. I can't show you a picture yet 'cause the show doesn't air until the fall, but can you believe that? (I wanted to say, "can you believe that shit", but now I feel I have a responsibility to my future preschool fans to watch my mouth.)

OK, here's how it all went down. My snazzy husband works on Word World as a story-director and writer and they brought me in at the last minute to read for the awesome role of Sheep. AND I BOOKED THAT SHIT!! I was shocked, to say the least. My huz has worked in children's television for a long time now and I worked with him once before on another super cute show for Nickelodeon called The Wonder Pets. I played Mamma Swan and this was my big line, ready? "My son! The dancing swan!" Up until now that was as far as the nepotism got me, but all that changed when Heidi met Sheep. ROCK ON!!!

Tomorrow is my first day to record and I'm nervous. What should I wear? I have to pick just the right ball cap. I want to look casual and cool, but not sloppy... I gotta think about that. Perhaps a Juicy sweat suit. Wait, I don't have one of those. Come to think of it, that's trying a little too hard...

Life is crazy. And fun. And crazy.



Jan 06, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment


"HOW WELL DO YOU [title of show]?"

Good luck!



Jan 05, 2007 by Jeff | 1 Comment
So I'm going through the webstats of our show this morning (he says adjusting his bifocals), when I discover a referrer from The blog is maintained by Jaime and I was laughing my ass of reading her blog entries. I like your style, Jaime. Not to mention that she has this to say about [tos]. And this. And this.

Thanks for being a superfan. Also, I had fun perusing Isaac's blog "He Who Laughs" this morning. His recap of the night he spent at [tos] warms my heart.

Keep listening, tossers. There's more to come.


Happy 2007

Jan 03, 2007 by Jeff | Add comment
Well, we're three days into the year and it's been a great year so far. The great thing about being only three days in is that is way to early to call this a shitty year. Y'know. I think you have to wait 'til about August before you can really designate the current year a "shitty one". So, anyway, it's a good year so far.

Here's a picture that superfan Michael Lee sent us from downunder. He was walking through the center of Christchurch, New Zealand when he spotted it. He pointed out that it was on the side of a council ute which is how they say "Garbage Truck" in New Zealand. Somehow they are encouraging consumers to not be "tossers" and that's absurd. We are in the early process of drawing up a legal cease and desist order on the ute refuse company.

Hey, what's this?

If you guessed an "Uta & Ute ute", you are correct.